نظام الارهاب تستعد للتحرك آخر Iran's last move حرکت آخرین رژیم ترور

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by حمید, Feb 19, 2011.

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    The so called self-nominated, self-selected leaders of terror in Iran have on many occasions been talking about closing the Persian Gulf and now it is clear that the terror regime has intensions of passing through Suez Canal which is in fact not quite surprising in accordance to the new strategies from the regime of terror. Ahmadi nejad has as usual addressed some whose identity is not known to any single being on the earth but him and his company, and warned them that the smoke of this fire will hurt their own eyes. This is also not a surprise as once the terror has shown intension of closing the Persian Gulf, the have certainly capacity to commitments such as preparation to be close to the option of closing Suez Canal too. The surprise is the decision of Egypt to let them pass the Canal. It will be very sad if Egypt has accepted offers from a regime of terror hoping to silence the obvious natural noises from humble people of Egypt demanding for service from the responsible. The Army has already expressed itself not to be tolerant with continuous strikes, obviously being army minded not able to show capability of find the appropriate solution. This surprise is going to jeopardize the effort of every single being in hope of harmony, and experience the smoke Ahmadinejad mentioned. The regime of terror has shown that its survival depends on being steadily on the course of war and they prolong it as long as they feel themselves being threatened, this time from the humble people of Iran, The terror is imposing a war to Iran from outside, As Khomeini imposed it from Inside.

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