​​EmPowerUth - Another UK Scientology Front Group

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2013.

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    It appears EmPowerUth* run by scientologist Emma Seel is another scientology front group requesting donations and volunteers.

    Here's a site for Em Power Uth -
    Emma Seel and Em Power Uth:

    Advertising for unpaid work:
    They are not a registered charity.

    There is an Emma Seel in the completions database.

    The group makes no clear reference of it's connections to L Ron Hubbard and Scientology on it's website but there are pictures of people holding up scientology literature 'The Truth About Drugs' etc..!gallery/clcz


    EmPowerUth appears to have been established in December 2012 shortly after other scientology front groups were reported on and banned from UK schools.

    Again, as with scientology front group 5MARTZ they appear to be targeting the young black community in London.

    Their contact details are:


    48 Hampden Road, Muswell Hill

    Originally discussed in this thread here:

    * Not too worried about this scientology front group recruiting anyone because they have a very silly name and look a bit ridiculous in the pictures.

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    London Mayors Office are promoting London Scientology Front Group EmPowerUth on the Mayor's Volunteer London Website:

    Recruitment via The Guardian Newspaper

    Sort by: Most recent Salary
    Voluntary work

    You’re classed as doing voluntary work if you can only get certain limited benefits (eg reasonable travel or lunch expenses) and you’re working for a:
    • charity
    • voluntary organisation or associated fund-raising body
    • statutory body
    I'm not sure if it counts as any of those ^

    Pay and Work Rights Helpline on Tel 0800 917 2368
    EmPowerUth ads were posted recently:
    This one - - posted July 8th/13.

    This one - - posted June 20th/13.

    The grouping above in post #95 shows postings in late June or early July 2013.
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    Some media write about these guys, and pronto in Wikipedia they go!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    The job description is rather telling, i think they are going after the nasty and evil psyches.
    Discovering facts by investigation.

    Research includes:
    • Ways of funding
    • Local funding schemes
    • Up to date funding news
    • UK Human Rights groups
    • Human Rights bills passed by the UK law
    • Business news to progress the company
    • Human Rights violations in the UK
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    Private Eye has this covered - page 14 current issue - 1345 - cult corner
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    Some relevant quotes?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Private Eye page 14 - issue 1345

    Cult Corner

    No sooner had the Team London volunteering website removed Scientology front group 5martz, which was peddling it's L Ron Hubbard-inspired anti-drugs message in schools (Eye1340), than up popped another.

    EmPowerUth (sic), run by performing artist Emma Seel, is advertising on the site for well-meaning volunteers and funders to help her take human rights talks to schools and youth groups.

    However, the leaflets distributed by Seel include the now familiar "Truth About Drugs" Scientology booklets; and in a video on her website she describes how she uses "a lovely lesson plan and DVD" supplied by Youth for Human Rights. Youth for Human Rights is a Scientology organisation.
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