‘Simpsons’ actress stirs up Springfield with schools program linked to Scientology

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 9, 2011.

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    SPOILERS, mutherfuka! Do you use them?
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    Getting Huffpo login hassle, says my user ID doesn't exist, but when I try to create it I get an 'already in use message'. So could someone that can get in point out, aside from the indoctrination issues, those TWTH booklets are a money maker for $cientology. They cost pennies to print, but "donation drives", e.g., heavy regging, raises thousands that go straight into Cof$'s pockets.

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    Hope their childrens' names, addresses, email, phone, and other personal info are not gathered by these happy sci program folks. sci's must be desperate for NNCF stats (New Names to Central Files). Once you're in Scientology's files, they will track you down for the rest of your life and even when you die. Think leeches.
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    I posted on HP but don't yet see it. In case it gets lost somehow, I'll post here for safe keeping.

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    thx for doing something
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    Huffpo was having probs with one of its feeds so nothing worked for a while. Works nao.
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    thx for doing
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    Info seems to be seeping in.....

    Another article from the Chicago Sun-Times:
    Bart Simpson voice actress still coming to Springfield, even though her kids program isn’t

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    zomg ^^This is awesomeness, and pure WIN!! somebody send Dave McKinney a big delicious cake

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    I came.
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  19. Thank you, everybody, for your hard work and help with this. Lest there be any doubt about whether we're making a difference in this whole effort, the proof is right here in front of us. We've come a long way from the total fluff pieces of 2007 that the CoS used to get in Chicago to today, where a lawmaker went on the record to make a comparison of Scientology crap in public schools being like having KKK lessons taught there. Another couldn't backtrack fast enough after getting called out on this, and he even threw in "cult" and "Kool-Aid" references.

    I am proud of you guys.
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    OHHHH, YEAH! *crashes through wall*
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  21. I know, right? Scientology totally got Kool-Aid rolled by this latest article.

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    You guise are awesome.
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    Interesting and encouraging how this story did a full 180 over the course of an afternoon, no doubt due in part to hive efforts. I think there may have been a different outcome if Scientology didn't attach a celebrity to this effort. Nancy Cartwright's presence turned this from a local story into a national story, which national backlash probably spooked the state senators. Of course, it may not have gotten as far as it did without a celeb being attached.
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    Wonder how many of those Senators bothered to check TWTH foundations Form 990's to see who they're paying licensing fees to, and who they in turn pass the bucks to?? Wonder if a fraud (claiming no connection with Cof$) or money laundering case could be made on this TWTH->ABLE->RTC=$cientology thing??

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    I love you bastards. Well played, faggots.
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    they pulled it in
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    Question: should local Anons be prepared to enturbulate/educate at the hearing in case she does show up? Could be full of win!
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    It probably won't be a bad idea to show up.
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    That video seriously makes my stomach turn. I'm literally queasy right now after watching it. The whole program obviously reeks of ulterior motives.

    Right, because teaching kids directly out of a Scientology book written by L. Ron Hubbard is absolutely NOT evidence (read: PROOF), to the contrary. /sarcasm

    What a douche.
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    I would question why Fox hasnt sued but.......there are too many ties.

    Put on tinfoils but, "I do so declare!"<Kathy Bates>
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    I thought that kids were just really old thethans stuck in young bodies. That's why the SeaOrg has no problem making kids work 60 hours per week - after all, as Tommy Davis said "Scientology does not discriminate between children and adults by virtue of age".
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    Happy House vid is in serious need of satirical mockery for countering that lard ass's cult lackey crap!
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    Nice update on the article for this. needs new category for Nancy Cartwright / HHGC maybe?
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    yes yes THIS plox 4 <3 of Xenu, YES. and dont forget this for mixing....
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