“Beloved and Popular” Mr Ahmadinejad Wants to See You in New York!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Nedjarsan Member

    Like always Ahmadinocchio does not know what he is talking about
  2. I'm wondering how well they plan to screen those visiting amafraud.

    LOL, my capatcha is "law unloose". It is a sign!
  3. Visionary Member

    Iran: “Beloved and Popular” Mr Ahmadinejad Wants to See You in New York! | Enduring America

    Is the Sheraton actually going to be letting that bastard use their hotel? :mad:

    I hope someone craps in his soup.
  4. Just get a buch of eggs ready for the visit. And make sure they are green and stinky as well!
  5. Ahmadinejad’s delegation fears protests at UN niacINsight

    beloved and popular indeed!
  6. WantFreedom Member

    Ahmadinejad will never make it to New York. That is Sept 22. Iran will explode before then and Ahmadinejad will be disinvited by the American Govt. (for his own safety, of course).
  7. why in Gods name is the US and anyone else validating this sad psychopathic delusional fruitcake-basically saying your ok and we validate all your murderous acts good people....
    there sure as hell aint any humor in this thread and for many souls who have been on the receiving end of this dictators delusions.......
  8. Don't blame the US. Ahmadinejad got his invite from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon directly. The US is just the hosting country, and needs a good reason (like that mentioned in WantFreedom's post) to turn him away.
  9. Beloved and Popular HAHAHA

    Please if if if if he "Monkey" visit New York please someone throw eggs at him or everyone take eggs to throw at him and show the monkey man how much we love him
  10. He may just get his wish but instead may run into a crowd of protesters, mainly Iranian-Americans at the UN.
  11. Nedjarsan Member

    throw bananas then
  12. The chance of that terrorist making it out of New York alive is less than 0. I'll be somewhat surprised if anybody extends him a visa to the US.
  13. Nedjarsan Member

    wonder if he even would make it to Teh-airfield. Shortly before the airfield all security around him should leave and disappear so he can directly feel the love of his countrymen.
  14. akuma_river Member

    A lot of people of are hoping he will come.

    Because there will be massive demostrations against him and that should help fire up the Free Iran and Solidarity with Iran feelings once more in the states.
  15. I say moon him.
  16. Ariss Member

    Or some GREEN fruits or vegetables.
  17. green Jello?
  18. two words:

    green paintballs
  19. A while back, someone posted a link to a plan to put green paint in the roads, so that cars would run through it and spread it everywhere. Anyone have a link to that site?

    This is one, of many, things we should do in New York. If AN came rolling up to the UN in a caravan of cars with green tires and green paint flipped over the sides of the cars, I would love that. This is the perfect place to do this.
  20. The last I heard, a McDonald's cup full of green paint wasn't a terrorist weapon, and can't be taken away by the police. Green cups for AN, anyone? We can offer him some green tea, whether he wants it or not.
  21. Shoes with fresh green paint that will smear on them thrown at him would be nice, too. I'd love to see green shoe prints all over him and his stooges.
  22. hmm. a good old-fashioned shoe-throwing!
  23. "don't paint me, bro!"

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