“The Islamic Republic Should Know that Until the Fall of This Regime, Mitra Kahrom Will Fight.”

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. iraniam Member

    Posted on August 21, 2011 by missionfreeiran

    mitra-kahrom-mfi.jpg?w=250&h=300.jpg Mitra is in detention in Sweden, on the verge of being deported back to her torturers in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We do not accept the illegal deportation of Mitra Kahrom by the Swedish government. Join us in demanding Mitra’s human right to live free of both political and gender-based persecution by reading her words and signing her petition.
    “I, Mitra Kahrom, have been beaten by 32 years of Islamic tyranny because I was born a woman. These bastards have taken my two children from me and prevented me from seeing them because men have rights and women are slaves.
    These satanic bastards are owners of each and every part of my body. I have been arrested and psychologically tortured on numerous occasions because of my hair style, my clothing, my nails, because of not knowing the shari’a laws of Islam. They wanted to force me to be the Muslim they wanted me to be.
    In protest against this thuggish and bloodthirsty regime, I actively participated in the 2009 protests. Side by side with millions of freedom-lovers tired of tyranny and violence, I shouted “Down with the Brutal Islamic Regime!” and “Death to the Dictator Khamenei!” I was recognized in Iran; my picture was in the hands of security forces from Ministry of Information.
    They summoned me to the Revolutionary Court so I, like thousands of other innocents, could be sentenced to prison or ultimately to the gallows. And with beatings and batons and torture, they forced me to confess. They forced me to inform on my friends. But Mitra Kahrom was not a person who could keep silent in the face of violence and injustice. God helped me so I could, despite all difficulties, flee from the country and enter the so-called humane country of Sweden. But my asylum application has been rejected, and my verdict to be deported to the Islamic Republic has been issued. And this means that they have sentenced me to death.
    In Sweden, I have not been silent. I have actively worked against the Islamic Republic. I, Mitra Kahrom, am a member of the Solidarity Council of the Iranian Freedom Fighters’ Front in Stockholm, and I am in charge of public relations with television and radio stations in the United States as well as with local radio stations. All of my interviews are on YouTube, and my face is known to the Islamic Republic.
    I don’t know what it was that we wanted besides freedom, democracy and respect for human rights, that we should be treated this way.
    They prevented us from living, from being alive in our own country. And they don’t allow us to live here either. Where are human rights? Why are our voices not heard?
    There is a country known to the whole world as the terrorist regime of Iran, and I don’t know why they want to return me to that regime.
    The Islamic Republic should know that until the fall of this regime, Mitra Kahrom will fight. I will not kneel in front of injustice and force, even now that they want to send me to my death.
    Long Live Freedom
    Down with Dictatorship”
  2. iraniam, why was her asylum app denied? Do you know of any English reportage of this case beyond the sites fighting her deportation?
    my google fu is weak :(
  3. iraniam Member

    Unfortunately, I don't know. The Swedish Government categorically rejects some application for asylum and Mitra was one of them. Let's hope her appeal process works and she does not have to return to Iran.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to pursue this but want some more info first. And certainly can't ask anyone else to take any action without it. If you stumble across anything further send me a pm or bump this thread. thx
  5. amaX Member

    Signed petition. Please keep us apprised of what happens to her. Thank you.

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