中南海和白宫的绝密 Zhongnanhai and the White House's Top Secret

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    CCP vivo removal of the internal organs of political prisoners, the Obama administration even help the CCP to conceal crimes against humanity! Obama administration and the Chinese Communist Party to unite persecuted me, they use electronic mind control weapons! As long as this top-secret documents public, the Obama administration and the CCP will collapse! This top-secret documents, including the fax I sent to the White House, but also includes suggestions I sent to Zhongnanhai. I beg you to help me! Save my family!


    December 30, 2012 e-mail sent to the Japanese Embassy

    As long as Japan has a strong strategic nuclear strike capability, Communist spies will no longer dare to insult the Japanese ambassador.

    Dear Ambassador wooden temple:
    Hello! No strategic nuclear weapons, Japan has not truly global power, Japan will suffer contempt other nuclear powers, or even insult. Therefore, Japan must join the nuclear club. If the other nuclear powers trying to stop developing nuclear weapons in Japan, the Japanese completely open to the world, "I send a fax to the White House." As long as public documents, the CCP dictatorship will collapse, the Obama administration will probably fall.

    I know the United States has been a painful experience for the Pacific War brooding. I hope that the United States recognize the reality, and now Japan is the freedom, democracy, constitutionalism, the rule of law country, is Western civilization has undergone the baptism of the country. The Japanese believe in universal values, absolutely impossible to make any harm to the United States to do. In sharp contrast, the CCP not only the massacre of tens of thousands of patriotic students and Beijing residents, but also committed a series of human organ harvesting atrocities against humanity. Such an oppressive dictatorship not only has a huge number of nuclear arsenals, and the escalating nuclear strike capability. Since even the CCP can have nuclear weapons, and that Japan Why not have nuclear weapons? As long as Japan has a strong strategic nuclear strike capability, Communist spies will no longer dare to insult the Japanese ambassador.

    Here I talk about Japan to develop nuclear weapons to note a few questions.

    First, confidentiality and ambiguous policy. Japan in the development and production of nuclear weapons in the process, must be strictly confidential. Confidentiality is intended to reduce unnecessary trouble. If I came to power, Japan has no need to be kept confidential. Who is opposed to Japan to develop nuclear weapons, and I'll get anyone. In public, Japanese neither admitted possessing nuclear weapons, nor deny it. Japan's position is "no comment." "No comment," the words eloquently, is itself a psychological deterrent. The main role of nuclear weapons is to deter.

    Second, the nuclear test site. No matter how powerful supercomputer in Japan, but also for several real nuclear tests. Japanese mainland certainly inappropriate, in the Pacific is not very convenient. Israel and South Africa have teamed up to provide nuclear test site in South Africa, Israel, South Africa, gave several nuclear warheads, was later destroyed in South Africa. Japan and Brazil together can, Brazil and Japan are just as eager to win the respect of the world, but Brazil's industrial base and scientific and technological level is still insufficient to support Brazil's ambitions. Brazil could provide nuclear test site in Japan, Japan should help Brazil develop nuclear weapons. Historically, Brazil has accepted many Japanese nationals, Japan and Brazil friendship pretty good.

    Third, nuclear warheads and delivery systems. Japan has a 500 to 1,000 nuclear warheads more appropriate, all thermonuclear warhead. In order to ensure the reliability of strategic nuclear deterrence, Japan should develop nuclear strike capability Armed Trinity. Japan must have at least six strategic nuclear submarines, of which at least three strategic nuclear submarines remain in combat duty status. Japan can have 50 strategic bombers, strategic bombers should have a supersonic, long-range, large-scale, some stealth and other features. The integrated use of a variety of advanced detection means can break stealth technology, it is not necessary to develop a comprehensive Japanese stealth strategic bombers.

    Without further ado, I hope, Mr. Prime Minister, immediately proceed to develop and implement Japan's nuclear weapons program. Fight within a decade, so that Japan's strategic nuclear strike capability comprehensive than the Chinese. By that time, Japan will become so that all Japanese people are very proud of global power, becoming a multi-polar world in a major power centers.

    Why I support the Japanese development of nuclear weapons? The main reason is to compete hegemony. The so-called US-Japan alliance, the United States on the one hand with the Japanese forces to contain China, the other is to strengthen Japan's control, to prevent Japan's military comeback. Although Japan is an ally of the United States, but the United States to Japan often dictates. 1980s, the United States forced the yen appreciates sharply, hit Japan's export industries. The early 1990s, the Japanese real estate bubble burst, the Japanese economy has caught up to twenty years recession. Japan succumbed to the United States on the surface, but in fact the Japanese to suppress discontent in the heart. If the new China actively soliciting Japan, let Japan more independent as possible get rid of U.S. control, not only conducive to promoting a multipolar world trends, but also to break the U.S. strategy of containment in the Pacific region. China's modernization is inseparable from Japan, China must learn from the Japanese. China's economic and social development level of at least four years behind than in Japan, nearly two generations. Japan is the only one of the countries affected by the Chinese culture, the Japanese can be made to do, why can not China? China's political reform, social reform, education reform, etc., should learn from Japan's successful experience.

    Sino-Japanese territorial dispute culprit is the United States. The early 1970s, the United States ignored China's opposition, unilaterally handed over the Diaoyu Islands to Japan. In 1972, when the Sino-Japanese diplomatic normalization talks, Chinese leaders deliberately avoided the territorial issue, the objective for the current impasse lay hidden. The purpose of the United States that year to do that is to be placed between China and Japan in a bomb too close to avoid the two countries. This is like the British colonists in China and India drew a McMahon Line, resulting into a long-term Sino-Indian border dispute. Because France and Germany to achieve a settlement, so the EU to be able to be born and grow. In many cases, the relationship between the U.S. and EU competing. America certainly do not want to appear a Japanese community.

    Added: September 2010 Diaoyu Islands collision, the Chinese Air Force Su-27 missiles hung out with the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force fighter F-15 fighter in the fierce fight over the East China Sea, the two sides each with a radar lock fighters, but no fire. This air battle eventually forced Japan to release Chinese captain. This proposal is dispatched fighter I first put forward.













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