02-27-2011 NYC Anon 'stress test' table at Kostume Kult Alt.Oscars Party

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by conatus, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. conatus Member

    NYC Anons first made common cause with the good people of Kostume Kult when they were kind enough to divert their immense Halloween Zombie walk past the Times Square org during our October '10 monthly raid, which you may recall from this thread.

    Despite the recent drop-off in availability of flubless Class V auditors, we were able to scare up enough of a posse to prove them with a spurious 'stress test' table at their recent Alt.Oscars party. Hilarity ensued . . .


    More pics and info at: Mother[CENSORED]
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  2. Anonymous Member

    This photo has so much potential...
  3. conatus Member

    We are also now in a position to disclose the obtaining of the highly-confidential auditing question list used during these exclusive sessions. Heretofore only known about in whispered rumors passed between flustered SO members on smoke breaks, this is believed to be the so-called "South Beach Sec Check" most notoriously utilized to break Agent Pubeit. While the list appears to be incomplete, we have confirmed that the original document is in fact in LRH's own, if shaky, handwriting.

    What flavor tea would your bathwater make?
    Would you like to pontificate on the subject of dwarves with me for a minute?
    Which way do you rub a doorknob to make sure you don't get possessed?
    How come your hair is up there?
    How many legs do you have?
    What would you do if you woke up with a ghost sitting on your face? What if it was Queen Elizabeth?
    What if your boner wasn't there?
    If you could have your father's beard for 10 minutes, what would you do?
    Do you think you could extract fear out of a clown?
    If you saw a piñata shaped like a bee hive would you be scared it was full of bees?
    It WAS full of bees! Gah!
    What if only your left aged?
    Who would you call if every time you touched a phone it caught on fire?
    What if you could switch your legs?
    How would you feel if you found out your best friend were secretly a broom and they were hiding it from you this whole time?
    How many horses do you think you could ride at once?
    What happens if I’m you?
    How many pubes sprinkle your toast?
    Do you think your dad could beat up my dad?
    What if a ghost only haunted you when you were cumming?
    Why do British people put the U in colour?
    How long would it take you to make out with a camel?
    Would you feel more comfortable sleeping on a tempurpedic mattress or a camel’s back?
    List 5 reasons why chairs work
    Would you let your dad throw up in your mouth for a million dollars?
    Why aren’t there more wizards?
    If you were at a costume party what would you do?
    What would you do if you found out you were born out of your mom’s asshole instead?
    What kind of dinosaur would you most like to fight?
    What is your favorite ethnicity of professors?
    Was your Grandfather for or against civil rights?
    Who would win in a break dance battle between Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt?
    Would you train a robot to schtup your face?
    Would you rather eat a pasta sandwich or a butter burrito?
    If a train leaves New York at 3pm going 50 miles an hour going west and a train leaves Chicago at 20 miles an hour going east then why doesn't my Mom love me?
    If you’re addicted to placebos do you have to stop?
    Would you drink a you flavored milkshake?
    What if your cable box turned into the car from knightrider… but it was still just a cable box?
    How many licks does it take to get the hair off of Robin Williams’ back?
    Would you punch someone in the face while riding an elliptical?
    How many tits can you fit in your shirt?
    What happened to Alex Trebek’s mustache?
    Where were you when you first heard the song “Do The Locomotion”?
    Describe the color blue
    What would you brand onto Bigfoot?
    Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?
    Why didn’t my uncle touch me? Am I not attractive enough?
    If you had to name your kid a STD’s name what would it be?
    How many of your nipples can I see?
    What if you woke up and your vagina was a working beak?
    Approximately how many times do you think you’ve seen Sylvester Stallone's chin?
    Did Vikings kiss?
    What if all your electronics turned into spaghetti?
    How do they make fake sand at the beach?
    How do they keep the ocean filled?
    What the heck are pants made of?
    Why don’t beavers sue anyone for stealing the idea of a dam?
    Who invented the beard?
    Why do fat people wear shirts in the pool when they’re clearly not hiding anything anyway?
    What’s the best word?
    How do you spell?
    Do you think your parents would like me?
    Why are there so many bald kids in hospitals?
    Can you give me a massage?
    Has Tony Danza ever played a character not named Tony?
    Want to come back to my apartment for a very professional photo shoot?
    Would you like to draw me naked? I mean you draw me while you’re naked.
    How old is too old for a nose job?
    Can you get Abe Vigoda to come to my birthday party?
    What the hell is an Argonaut?
    Can I crash at your place tonight?
    Can my dog friend you on facebook?
    What kind of kid screams the least?
    Do you think Barack Obama shaves his ass?
    Why won’t Joan Rivers accept my sumo wrestling challenge?
    When did you lose your virginity?
    When did you stop showering with your parents?
    Did you ever catch your parents having sex?
    Did you ever catch one of your parents having sex alone?
    Did you ever fantasize about one of your family members sexually?
    How about taking your top off?
    Do you say barf, throw up, vomit, or puke?
    What would be your least favorite super power to have?
    Did you polish your head in the shine-o ball-o?
    Whatever happened to Bobcat Goldthwait?
    How many hamburgers can you fit in your pockets?
    Did you ever trim your pubes with someone else’s buzzer?
    How much longer would your arms have to be to slap the tallest person you know in the face?
    What is the smurf’s native language?
    How do you spell W?
    How come every time I sneeze my grandma dies?
    When you get in the bath does your ass get wet or does the water get ass?
    Would you go down a water slide for nudists?
    If the twin towers were ice cream cones would it be that bad?
    How big do you like your asses?
    What if you could see out of your dick?
    You’re black, right?
    Would you rather be homeless or eat the homeless?
    Why is my girlfriend/boyfriend such a bitch?
    Who would you most like to punch?
    How many elephants would you fight with your car?
    Would you have a lemon fight with Henry Kissinger?
    What’s the weirdest bowel movement you’ve ever taken?
    What’s the angriest you’ve ever been while wearing a snorkel?
    Would you hit a girl with glasses?
    Do you think Mike Tyson likes the taste of ear?
    What if you got boners in your elbow instead?
    What color are your fluids?
    If you could live anywhere in the whole world how come never call me to hang out anymore?
    If you could meet any celebrity, why did my parents commit suicide?
    If you could own any car, why did my uncle sodomize me?
    If a man was being beaten on the street, would you help me?
    Do you ever want to have kids with me?
    Do you sleep on your back or do you hate children?
    How many roads must a man walk down before he gets to your house?
    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, do my parents still hate me?
    What is the sound of one hand making pancakes?
    If you lead a horse to water, would you push it in?
    Why does it hurt when I pee?
    Why is it always uncles?
    Want to join a cult?
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  4. OTBT Member

    ^ fucking lol
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  5. AnonLover Member

    Absolutely hilarious!!! nobody does the lulz quite like mother fokkers inc.
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  7. girlcat Member

    I love yer guys humor- shit- thought I was twisted!!!!
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  9. WMAnon Member

    This is what NYC does best. Well played, gentlemen.
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