1 Iranian Embassy in North America! - Imagine Iranians from everywhere. Camp with me?

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jukeus, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Jukeus Member


    This is not for everyone. I truly appreciate the sporadic protests going on all over North America but I want to see us mass up and stay put.
    I was thinking Ottawa - Iranian Embassy there the point of focus for all Iranians able to come and mass up there.

    People are dieing and I can do more. Can you?

    If your a seasoned camper and interested in joining me in Ottawa to organize this thing, please speak up. I can raise funds and setup a website to organize us as we grow in number for funds, food, flags and more tents as we grow. we can then coordinate with other protesters from other cities to join us in shifts as they did in Ukraines velvet revolution.


    All Peaceful Iranians are welcome. No flag wars. No commies.


    Too tamameh America va canada, faghat yek dooneh consool hast.
    Iraniaee keh meetoonan - va haazeran ba maan jolooyeh Consooleh Iran dar Canada (Ottawa) jaam shim va aanja bemoonim hast eenja?
  2. Sol Mann Member

    This site is for organizing peaceful protests, so there is no need to set up your own. Please check out the activism forum to organize a protest.
  3. Jukeus Member

    I said peaceful and respectfully your protest planning area is devided in the Americas. I want feedback from users (not planners right now) if they are willing to mass up in 1 location.
    please leave this thread so i can get an idea. if nothing happens i'll make several posts in the planning section. Thanks
  4. No it's not

    just I don't understand if anyone has even been as far as decided?
  5. soviette Member

    Aww, but I'm a socialist :[

    Can I still be there in spirit :3 ?
  6. Petermo Member

    No commies?! So I guess if someone go there with red flags you will kick him out with some punches in the mouth?! And this in a pro-democracy protest?!
  7. I could be wrong, but he may be referring to the People's Mujahedin of Iran who are a very very sketchy Islamic Socialist group. Supposedly involved in several human rights abuses, they've been designated a terrorist organization in several countries.

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