1% scandal -college admissions for rich people

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    “Mr. Singer would instruct parents to seek special circumstances for their children to take the SAT or ACT, the required standardized tests for acceptance to four-year universities.

    Parents would use medical documentation to claim their children had a learning disability. The students would then be given a chance to take the tests in a room with only a proctor, and sometimes over two days. ”
    “Parents paid between $15,000 and $75,000 to Mr. Singer’s company so their children could be helped in one of three ways: Someone else would take the SAT or ACT exams for the student; a person would serve as the proctor and guide the students to the right answers; or someone would review and correct the students’ answers after the tests were taken.”

    “According to the documents, Jane Buckingham, who owns a boutique marketing firm in Los Angeles, agreed to pay $50,000 to Mr. Singer’s company so that someone other than her son would take the ACT. But the proctor would need to write the essay portion in a handwriting that mimicked her son’s.”
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    “University coaches and administrators were paid to secure admission.
    According to the charging documents, after the exams were scored high enough so that the students became competitive applicants, the parents paid bribes — structured as donations to the university and funneled through The Key — to university coaches, who would identify their children as athletic recruits.”

    “Students’ faces were photoshopped onto athletes’ bodies.

    A doctored image of the daughter of Agustin Huneeus Jr., the owner of several vineyards in Napa and elsewhere, was edited onto a picture of a water polo player, and described as a varsity athlete who had earned a team M.V.P., according to the charging documents.”
    “Athletic accomplishments were faked

    In many cases, bogus achievements were added to college applications. In one case, the documents showed, a teenage girl who did not play soccer was identified as a star player. In her application, she was described as the co-captain of a prominent club soccer team in Southern California and was accepted as a recruit for the women’s soccer team at Yale.
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    Colleges involved are Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, USC, UCLA, University of Texas

    Rudolph “Rudy” Meredith: head women’s soccer coach at Yale University from 1995 to 2018
    Charges: conspiracy to commit wire fraud and honest services wire fraud and honest services wire fraud

    John Vandemoer: head sailing coach at Stanford University
    Charge: conspiracy to commit racketeering

    • Gordon Ernst: head tennis coach at Georgetown University until January 2018
    Charge: conspiracy to commit racketeering

    Donna Heinel: senior associate athletic director at the University of Southern California
    Charge: conspiracy to commit racketeering

    Jorge Salcedo: head men’s soccer coach at UCLA

    Jovan Vavic: water polo coach at USC
    Charge: conspiracy to commit racketeering

    Michael Center: head coach of the men’s tennis at the University of Texas at Austin
    Charge: conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud

    And a whole bunch of rich people
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    Loughlins daughter, who got into USC because of her parents bribes,
    Someone else lost their place to her.

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