10th Anoniversary Protest - Los Angeles, Saturday February 10th, 2018

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by yourgay, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. yourgay Member

    Save the date!

    Saturday, February 10th, 2018

    Come and celebrate 10 years of Chanology with us at the Scientology Testing Center near Hollywood & Highland!


    Starting around 11 am or a little later; expect to be there a few hours.

    As always, Chanology supports only peaceful, lawful, and non-violent protest. Please observe all applicable laws and do not violate the peace if you intend to protest with us.

    The two-week weather forecast says it will be sunny and in the upper 70s, but who knows? Plan accordingly

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  2. the anti Member

    I miss protesting these guys, hope i have time to join in.
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  3. I'm hoping too
  4. Tell me where (in LA area)...I'll
    Be there! :)
  5. Yaaaaaay!
  6. Will Pink be there?
  7. the anti Member

    If anyone has connections to some other socal anons still, let them know of this party coming up. I miss protesting these jerks, and it will be nice to see a lot of you people again.
  8. yourgay Member


    OP updated with start time.
  9. Most of us will be there.
  10. More!
  11. the anti Member

    i'll post my photos later today. just giving the heads up.
  12. the anti Member

    Alright, here are my photos.









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  13. sallysock Member

    Nice! Loves guys.
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