10th December, 2011 -- Manchester

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Waffle~ Member

    Does it exist in the kitchen too?
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  2. Profanity Member

    Yes. I may be a woman, but I made sure my kitchen had the best internet connection in the house.
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  3. KiRiku Member

    You're a woman?? I thought you were just a guy with an epic set of moobs.
    now back on topic
    Now prof while you're in the kitchen make me a bacon sammich like a good woman.
  4. Waffle~ Member

    I was tempted to post a reply involving ballsyfag.

    Back on topic;

  5. strobe Member

    It must not be working atm.

    Waffle - Nice sinks, wrong thread.
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  6. Waffle~ Member

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  7. Profanity Member

    1. You check out moob guys' underwear and try to sit on their knee?

    2. Only men get sammiches.
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  8. WhiteNight Member

    Even the PM system crashed under this level of faggotry.
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  9. Dragononymous Member

    and to think that I didn't even cause any of this...
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  10. Fuckeye Member

  11. Dragononymous Member

    It's almost as if...
    as if...
    as if ballsy became me after the raid
    inb4 magic handcuffs
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  12. KiRiku Member

    1.Yes I do.
    2. I am a man.
    inb4picsorgtfo ;)

    Anyway apparently I am bringing some tits next raid. So prof I don't need you anymore, White can have you.
  13. Profanity Member

  14. WhiteNight Member

  15. Dragononymous Member

    Hmmm, tempting reply is tempting
    Meh, would be mean
    + both involved are cute <3 (not you ballsy)
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  16. WhiteNight Member

    Succumb to temptation (Prof did)
  17. Profanity Member

  18. strobe Member

    Camera, around about now would be an awesome time to save this thread by posting pics.
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  19. Fuckeye Member

    I'm going to regret this:

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  20. Waffle~ Member

    Why. If pics, this thread needs to be domed.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    If pics, ballsy gets b&. I mean-
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  22. WhiteNight Member

    Unreliable faggot is unreliable
  23. cfanon Member

    Considering I'm still at work and only just got internet today...

    Also it's gonna be a little longer even, my desktop has taken a short trip and is currently 15+ miles away.
  24. strobe Member

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  25. Fuckeye Member

    Because dems da rules.
  26. Waffle~ Member

    No, as in why did you do that. I suppose there is a positive. If he does post pics any OSA won't come here anymore.
  27. Fuckeye Member

  28. Waffle~ Member

    Ballsy is never going to leave. There is only one other option.

  29. Dragononymous Member

    Maybe I should borrow some money and go to manc
    We redo the raid and I shall take pictures
    Then I will travel back and upload them for everyone
    Maybe that works.
  30. Dragononymous Member

    I call lies.
    I'm so with you on that
  31. cfanon Member

    *shrugs* If I don't have my desktop, then you're out of luck. You'll survive.
  32. KiRiku Member

    Currently debating whether to post pics or not.

    Also this profile picture thing is really getting confusing.
  33. cfanon Member

    inb4 probably faster
  34. Fuckeye Member

    That'd probably be faster. You're welcome DK.
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  35. Dragononymous Member

    That used to be my whining...
  36. cfanon Member

  37. Dragononymous Member

    He I first didn't care about this but I saw you deleted that errored image so I thought I would respond on that now.
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  38. WhiteNight Member

  39. Skinnies Member




  40. Profanity Member


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