10th December, 2011 -- Manchester

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. cfanon Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. cfanon Member

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  4. cfanon Member

    OSA talking to anons having a bitch fit at them being on that side as well as our side <3



    Dragfag could use his dragon hearing to listen to Sam and tell us via hand signals.






    I have more! like post raid pic and such. But it seems that not all my photos managed to transfer :/ they're back at my flat, so I'll have to upload them in a couple of days guisee
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  5. Dragononymous Member

    inb4 Dragon was right

    Merry christmas fags
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  6. Awesome Raid Photos! I <3 them! Thank you for posting!
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  7. cfanon Member

  8. Dragononymous Member

    I love you, no matter what you say <3
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  9. Dragononymous Member

    Getting abit tricky at the moment...
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Dragononymous Member

  12. skeptic2girl Member

    YES. Y'all are hardcore.

    Love and love and love over and over...

    and if you can dry out that suitcase, pack it up and bring it to SF (we have beer here, too!)

    (psst: May 2012: MEGARAID, Club Xenu SF)
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  13. Dragononymous Member

    It is time....

    tl;dr screw you and just read it, I already removed 50% of the space
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  14. cfanon Member

    Love it.

    First time I was so focused on warmth and food to sober me up that I didn't see you, but I did instantly recognise you when I got back. :)
  15. Profanity Member

    I've just had a mental image that I never want to have again. Ever.

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  16. Dragononymous Member

    I can't be blamed, as it is clearly stated what it meant earlier in the story ^^
  17. strobe Member

    That quote's from last year. Just sayin'.
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  18. cfanon Member

    Meh. Effort.
  19. Skull Member

    How bout now
  20. cfanon Member

    Ok, ok. My powerlines will be arriving today so I can get on with my desktop without having to move it into the living room.
  21. Anonymous Member

    They'll arrive tomorrow.
  22. cfanon Member

    Nowp, arrived 15 minutes ago.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Now hang yourself with them you little cretin.
  24. cfanon Member


    Also you can't hang yourself with two wall sockets...
  25. Anonymous Member

    Emphasis on the "little".
  26. cfanon Member

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  27. Dragononymous Member

    We could make an experiment of it.
    To see how many are needed to hang someone. Out of safety concerns ofcourse
  28. cfanon Member

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  29. Dragononymous Member

    about ti- never mind...
  30. cfanon Member

    Yeah, not sure why photobucket didn't upload them the first time :S
  31. Dragononymous Member

    maybe the photos had a jetlag...
  32. Mancfags + Sponge Banner X Dragononymous + Antler &amp; Santa Tech = Awesome Raid Photo Essay (and RAID)!!!
  33. Dragononymous Member

    You forgot + no ballsyfag
  34. You mean I forgot a Plus Minus, or vice-versa?
  35. Dragononymous Member

    long story...
  36. Skull Member

    Good pics are good.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Good raid was good.
    Good raid = good pics.
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