11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by LockStepS.P., Nov 15, 2010.

  1. LockStepS.P. Member

    11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    Anonymous found a time machine, and with the booty left over from pirate raids they afforded to dress themselves in the finery of the old timey days.
    AAHH the quality of the silks from the east and jewels from afreeka were something to behold.

    here, you can behold them as well

    group shot under spoiler, careful whilst clickething, lest you fucketh uppeth a space time continueth leading us to a future whereth animal wrangler, Steve Irwin never dies but the animals do.

    [SPOILER] 5177117418_4f72e4c770_z.jpg [/SPOILER]

    Cops apparently have more fun with our raids than they do at any other post., seeing as how they begged us to stay til 10 when we were scheduled to leave at 8. Who can blame them, NYCanons yell the funniest shit and have a lot of not gay fun. Not gay at all. It's been suggested that next time they want us to stay that long, we stay until closing and make fun of all the idiots who lock up the org.

    We had some visitors from Boston. Worlds collided.

    I'm pretty sure all those things happened. Plus, my chair is a couch and my couch is a bed, and my bed is a fuckpad and i like it that way.

    am i supposed to use these icons? Raid? it feels a little weird but ok...fucking wwp. I wonder if whoever gave me my infractions is still around...

  2. MOOG Member

    re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    you guise know how to party. WIN. <3
  3. xenubarb Member

    re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    I think you've been infiltrated!


  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    Thou wowethst me.
  5. LockStepS.P. Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    how much win is it that there are more people yelling asshole words at the Org, than there are actually INSIDE the org. It's Manhattan for xenus sake, fucking motherassfucking times square to be exact. i lolled
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

  7. anonakatie Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC


    ETA: Globie better get her butt back to a raid or Tommy will eat her candy ass.
  8. histohoney Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    I..I don't know what to say, the smile on my face is streaching my brain.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    Looks like fun. But no masks? Really?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC


  11. anonakatie Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    My dear,

    It is against the law in NYC for more than two people to wear a mask in a group. It's an old weird law that goes back to the KKK.

    We long since dispensed with disguise and most, though not all, our regulars have been outted at one point or another. Most are still alive the last time we checked.
    Although a couple have received interesting visits, and many have their C&D letters proudly in hand.
  12. conatus Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC


    LOL, life imitating art.

    Fancy raid was fancy. I think it really played to the strengths of the NYC anons, who are of course generally known for their exquisite etiquette and overall diplomacy. So this was a natural. Couple of excellent noobs joined about 25 more-or-less regulars.

    There was some excitement when a firetruck pulled up directly in front of the org, lights a-flashing. We weren't sure whether it was abuse of the NYFD for the latest version of hedge/plant/ignore tech, or maybe the ancient org boiler finally blew, or what. We never did find out, but whatever it was paled before our vivid imaginations (did I hear someone say &quot;Expire in a Conflagration?&quot;).

    And as we were leaving, we actually saw a Scientologist chasing after some unfortunate guy who was being put in an ambulance, Dianetics flyer in hand. Vulture ministers indeed! Someone who was closer to this creepy event should tell that story in more detail.
  13. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    In NYC, disturbing is win!
  14. x-calibur Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    Yes, the raid was win. Fun times were had. And thanks to the boston anons who showed up.
  15. WMAnon Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    The Diplomatic Envoy from the Massachusetts Bay Colony would like to extend our most gracious thanks to the Esteemed Gentlemen and Ladies of New Amsterdam for their kind hospitality.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC

    Its really nice when someone takes the time to explain these different state (mostly dumb ass ) ordinances.
    I didn't know why Alt-anons weren't wearing masks until I asked & told about the city's fucked up laws.
    As in Clearwater, FL, I guess protesters have to be constantly moving!?! WTF??
    But yet in DC you're allowed to write on sidewalks (chalk) outside Sea Org's comments about how fucked up the cult is!
    Also, speakers (sound systems) & how loud music can be played is significant.
    Obviously its important we learn & remain updated on ordinances & laws in areas we protest.
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 11/13/1893 FANCY RAID NYC


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