13 Things i like about scientologists.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 9, 2011.

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    13 Things I Like About Scientologists

    May 9, 2011 by Star Foster



    As today is Dianetics Day I figure it’s time to pick up this series again. Along with the Buddhists and Hindus, Scientology is one religion I still need to tick off my list for the series. This is going to be incredibly difficult because I honestly have very little love for Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard. Bear with me and please forgive if the occasional snark slips out.
    13. Reincarnation
    Ok, so my personal belief in reincarnation doesn’t involve distant planets but I have to give props to folks who also believe this ain’t our first rodeo.
    12. Nerve
    The Fair Game Doctrine, extensive use of litigation and sheer aggressiveness in protecting itself, I gotta give Scientology credit. They’re wily and scrappy, and while I don’t always agree with how that manifests I do have to admire thecojones.
    11. The Cross
    It’s pretty.

    10. Dianetics
    Reading about Dianetics reminds me of some of the Reclaiming and more healing/therapy oriented forms of Witchcraft I read about when I was younger. Whether you’re trying to erase engrams or confront the Guardian on the Threshold, this use of religion as psychotherapy seems familiar. I would imagine there are some Pagan groups engaged in “clearing” activities similar to Dianetics without even realizing it.
    9. They Have Worse Movies Than We Do
    Sure, apparently Nicholas Cage is the bane of our existence, but at least we didn’t fund and star in a horrible film associated with us. Before you start dumping on Thor or The Wicker Tree, take a deep breath and give thanks it wasn’t Battlefield Earth.
    8. They Make Us Look Normal
    Reaching out for suggestions, a lot of Pagans told me this was the thing they like best about Scientology. Any day men in suits seem odder than men in tie-dye skirts is a good day in my book.
    7. Service Organizations
    Narconon, Volunteer Ministers and other service organization seem to be a key part of their organization. Service to humanity is an aim I can support.
    6. Man is Basically Good
    As someone who believes passionately that humanity is good, born good and dies good, I can support this. I also like the part of their creed that says no one may destroy or enslave another soul.
    5. The Prayer for Total Freedom

    May the author of the universe enable all men to reach an understanding of their spiritual nature.
    May awareness and understanding of life expand, so that all may come to know the author of the universe.
    And may others also reach this understanding which brings Total Freedom.
    At this time, we think of those whose liberty is threatened; of those who have suffered imprisonment for their beliefs; of those who are enslaved or martyred, and for all those who are brutalized, trapped or attacked.
    We pray that human rights will be preserved so that all people may believe and worship freely, so that freedom will once again be seen in our land.
    Freedom from war, and poverty, and want; freedom to be; freedom to do and freedom to have.
    Freedom to use and understand Man’s potential—a potential that is God-given and Godlike.
    And freedom to achieve that understanding and awareness that is Total Freedom.
    May God let it be so.
    4. Freedom of Religion
    Scientology has freedom of religion as part of it’s code: “12. To support the freedom of religion.
    3. Keeps Anonymous Busy
    Because seriously, a day when Anonymous doesn’t notice you is a good day.HBGary and Bank of America can vouch for this.
    2. Self-Determination
    This concept is very similar to the concept of Will in Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick. Although reports of their practices seem to differ with this concept, if they truly are about strengthening individual Will, then I have to say I’m all for that.
    1. John Travolta
    How can you not absolutely love John Travolta? He’s a great actor, a fabulous dancer, good looking, funny and from all accounts a really kind and loving human being. He even makes archangels look smoking hot.
    If you enjoyed this check out the posts on Protestant Christianity, Catholicism,Mormonism, Judaism, Islam and Paganism in this series!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Don't suggest #7. is flawed or she'll start bawwing that you're attacking her blog.
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  4. tell her to join and see if she changes her tune at all...
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  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Girlfriend needs to is a lurk moar.
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  6. RightOn Member

    On Dianectics Day
    13 things I hate about the Church of Scientology

    1. Everything about the Sea Org
    2. Family and friends disconnection
    3. Human Rights Abuses
    4. They harass critics
    5. They have front groups which hide Scientology ties
    6. They financially drain their members
    7. Their leader David Miscavige is an abusive, cruel person
    8. They fight psychiatry with idiotic claims
    9. They use an emeter to keep files on their members to later slander them with
    10. They LIE about mostly everything
    11. They brainwash people
    12. They do not follow their own creed
    13. They are following the writings of a con mad man

    wait..... 13 already? there is so much more
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  7. She took the Bait!! let's see if we can make anything happen here.....
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  10. wow... this whore is SEVERELY misinformed
    altho she gets props for mentioning anon in a sorta not derogatory way?
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  11. dont leave me to the wolfs auntie =[
    i though you wuved me lol
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  12. I am currently knee deep in the Stupid... Pray for me/ practice witchcraft for me/ do yoga for me.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I do wuv you Last, but I'm severely allergic to newage sewage!
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  14. BWAHAHAHAHA for sure bro....
    altho watching the harpooning going on in the comments section of this blogg is worse than anything WWP can cook up on its worse day ever
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  15. come back to the light specter!!!!ill show you the special kinda yoga i can do ;)
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  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL! I can tolerate bumping up the LIKES but I can't contain my outrage enough to fire a harpoon.

    Good news is: the 'poons are sharp and hitting targets. Excellent 'pooning taking place!
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  17. hey man if u want ill show you my special kinda yoga i do too RAWR LMFAO
    EDIT: in the name of good pooning of course.
    theres no free shows around these parts hahahah
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  18. BrakTalk Member

    You know what I like the most about Scientologists? No matter how hard anyone tries to make Scientology look like the most retarded thing on the planet, no one can do it better than the Scientologists themselves. They provide us with endless hours of entertainment just by making fools of themselves every time they open their mouths. For that, I am grateful.
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  19. xenubarb Member

    LOL she blocked me.

    And I wanted to point out that Dianetics is not the practice of Scientology. Stupid cow is ignorant.
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  20. you know... the way i see its the church tech that is pounded into their hollow little heads that makes them act like asshats more so than the xenu, space aliens, asploding volcanoes thing, like how to deal with suppressives, and fair gaming and the idea that scientology is never EVER wrong. i just recently had the chance to talk to a freezoner and altho i was guarded about my involvement with chanology i did voice my displeasure about corporate church doctrine the poor idiots are forced to apply and said person whole heatedly agreed with me, about how corporate scientology and not the tech(even tho its really stupid) makes people act a fool.
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  21. sock it up and try again?
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  22. Kilia Member

    Blessings and healing energy I send your way.
    Be of good cheer..all will be well.
    So mote it be.
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  23. RightOn Member

    ME thinks you have to leave a back handed comment/compliment
    Thank you SO much for the list of likes about Scientology! I enjoyed reading it.
    I thank Scientology every day because I had to disconnect from my sister because she was so criticial of Scientology and they didn't approve of our relationship. Which was a blessing, because we never did get along anyways. I also had my inheritance to spend and I didn't know what to spend it on, but Scientology helped me with that. I am also thankful to Scientology because I am also living in a small apartment now, rather than the big o'l house I used to own in that snobby neighborhood that I can't afford any more.The place I have now over the pizza resturant is much cozier anyways and who doesn't like the smell of pizza 24/7? hello?
    So thanks Scientology!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I love it when you use your rosicrusian accent!
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  25. Make it so Number one!
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  26. Anonymous Member

    While this blog may be minor, Scientology really wants to be viewed as just another religion whose actions are no worse than other religions.
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  27. RightOn Member

    be my guest to take it
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  28. Kilia Member

    This Star person has a real attitude problem.
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  29. Kilia Member

    I'm happy when your happy! ;-)
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  30. Kilia Member

    ps..if you see any posts anywhere by a person named "Ardiva"..that's me too.
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  31. Lol I can't change like that... I've already Called Star out and the Resident Scilon.

    And yeah... things are kinda weird in that place

    My biggest point that I just had to spell out for Star, was pointing out that Fair Game is not about having huge balls. I can understand if you say that we are going to protect ourselves. Satanism has big balls by stating, "if someone is in your lair and dishonors you, destroy them"

    Big Balls ARE NOT stating in your scienology creed that you should act ethically, and then write up an order saying forget all that when you are destroying an enemy.

    At least the Satanists say in their beliefs to fight for yourself... that's expected. Scilon Creed doesn't say to do that.
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  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That would make a good counter-protest sign for them. I can feel the theta starting to flow already.

    (Come in and see for yourself!)
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  33. RightOn Member

    It fills you up not out
    And Only Half the Entheta
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I dood it.
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  35. RightOn Member

    lol sneaky
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  36. Kilia Member

    Opsy! After my first comment, I've been blocked from further commenting. lol!!
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Got banned.

    I find it extremely challenging to deal with moonbats and scientologists simultaneously in the same location.

    At least scientologists are interesting to study, like hideous bugs under a microscope, but moonbats are just tiresome crazy bores to avoid.

    I commend all of those that are going in and getting some sanity posted on this moonbat site.
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  38. Kilia Member

    You're in good company, Auntie.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Oh no worries. I'm flattered that moonbats find me repulsive. The feeling is quite mutual.
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  40. Basically the way I see it, even putting the disclaimer that she isn't fond of Scientology, by not having a post that was completely satirical, she pulled in the wrath of legion. She's gonna have to start massive bannings that will surely alert the regular followers. And if she had just done the sensible thing and made a post about the 13 things being utterly stupid or like, "I love when they contradict themselves." she would have garnered accolades from the legion.

    tl;dr she didn't know what she was fucking with.
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