14 October 2011 Weekend IAS Event Saint Hill

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  1. The Annual IAS Event, with DM's speech Friday evening and Celebrity Banquet Saturday.
    In previous years the 'Old Guard' have arranged Friday and London Anonymous Saturday, I see no reason for this to change. See
    for last year's post-match reports and
    for your official invitation.

    On Friday we propose to be in East Grinstead High Street at Noon for a short protest, followed by lunch and then up to Saint Hill. We will leave certainly at 19:00 when the Event starts and probably earlier when it gets too dark.

    Trains to East Grinstead are every half hour from London Victoria. Public transport from anywhere else is crap!
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    H̺̪̊E̬̤̰̙̲ͦ ̦̩̰ͨͅC͖͚̥͓̝̗̻ͦ͗͂̑͐̔̀O͓͔̞̦̬̽ͤͧͩ́̎̽M̜͗̇̇ͨE̡̯̞̯̗͇͖̯ͭͧ̔͆̌̋̇S̯̥̞̲̫͚̾ͅ


    Original larger version:
    (thanks to whoever you are for the sauce Silent/Saint Hill shoop)
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