17. Mar. 2012 Düsseldorf Anonymous vs Scientology (mirror from db0)

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by RoflCockter, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. RoflCockter Member

    Crosspost from here:

    €: I dont get why these thumbs dont display, theyre clickable. can some mod please explain to me why the fuck im forced to use direct links to massive pix rather then small thumbnails making usability much much better?
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  2. Pique Member

    Now that is one skilled barista.


    This pic fubared also.

    This mod can't but I'll report your post to alert the smarter mods.

    Nice raid. I want that hat toque tuque.
  3. RoflCockter Member

    I dont even know which pic this is PIQUE lol.
  4. Pique Member

    The coffee mask. :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Don't really care to click a thumbnail to see a full size picture when I can just see the picture. Never been an issue before, ysocranky?
  6. RoflCockter Member

    Tell me how to embedd pictures the way it should work. Ive tried thumbnails, direct links, using the picture button in here nothing shows.
  7. If you have URLs for pictures that are stored off-site, enter those URLs into the picture placement tool in the WWP Message Editor.

    Pictures won't be successfully placed if their URLs are just entered into the message somewhere. The Picture Placement Tool works very well, if the URLs are valid for pictures.
  8. RoflCockter Member

    Well if i was gonna do it that way id link 3200pixel sized pics into the forum whcih just looks totally fubared.
  9. Here is the set that failed to post in the OP:







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  10. RoflCockter Member

    Thanks Jacky, you are very kind :)
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  11. Anonymous Member

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