18 Tir / 9 July

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    [MODEDIT: I've stuck this thread to provide a place for updates and on-the-ground reports around today's protests - please keep off-topic stuff in other threads - please post any tweets, retweets to the Tweets thread, not this one]

    I'm guessing you guys already know this, but just consolidating: There is a big push being made for protests tomorrow, the 18th of Tir or 9th of July (although I guess it's already tomorrow Tehran time, and has been for a couple of hours) - this is the anniversary of the student protests of 1999 (Iran student protests, July 1999 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    Ahmadi has helpfully closed all university dorms BY ORDER OF TEH GOVERNMENTS for a couple of days, which of course means that all the students will be out and about with nothing much to do.

    I think this may be the calm before a storm of some kind; what happens tomorrow remains to be seen.
  2. the storm has cleared
  3. #nir

    You can expect MASSIVE protests. #nir
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    From CNN:

    Militia dispersing protesters in Iran – The CNN Wire - Blogs

    TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Iranian pro-government Basij militia members are dispersing crowds in Tehran who are protesting on Thursday, the 10th anniversary of a 1999 student uprising that, at the time, posed the biggest threat to the Islamic regime since its inception in 1979.
  6. Twister Member

    LA Times:

    Los Angeles Times: Violent clashes erupt between Iranian protesters and security forces

    "Violent clashes erupt between Iranian protesters and security forces
    Baton-wielding officers chase, beat demonstrators, many wearing surgical masks to hide their identity. Hundreds had gathered to continue protesting the election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
    By Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi

    6:28 AM PDT, July 9, 2009

    Reporting from Tehran and Beirut — Clashes between hundreds of determined young men and women chanting, "Death to the dictator" and "God is great" and security forces wielding truncheons erupted in downtown Tehran today.

    The screams of a woman being beaten could be heard from nearby buildings. Business owners could be seen hustling protesters into their buildings to shield them from anti-riot police and plainclothes enforcers.

    Many of the demonstrators wore surgical masks to protect their identities from cameras stationed at adjacent buildings. They could be seen escaping into side streets and regrouping as shops quickly were shuttered.

    Uniformed security forces on motorcycles wearing black helmets and plainclothes officers had blocked off streets around Revolution Square, near the Tehran University epicenter of the protest. Police vans to haul away protesters could be seen parked along the roadways.

    Despite the lack of formal organizers and leadership, thousands of people in cities across Iran were determined to march today in unauthorized demonstrations to show their discontent over the reelection last month of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and to commemorate the 10th anniversary of a violent confrontation between students and security forces.
  7. what happened? i thought there were going to be "massive" protests? looks like end
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    Where did you see these protests were not massive?
    You might have better intel than me then show it to us...

    "This is the end, Beautiful friend,This is the end, Ahmadi and friends, the end..."
  10. akuma_river Member

    Hundreds yes.

    But there are over 200 cities in which the protests are taking place. THOUSANDS of people are doing this. And while they disperse little groups trying to form big groups...this is happening in multiple places in multiple cities.
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  12. are they still going on now? or it is night?
  13. WitteKr Member

  14. Officially it just started 20 minutes ago. But people have been in streets for the past 10 hours.
    CNN reports thousands of people are on streets.
    My guess is if you have all streets in tehran, it would be millions.

    Clashes are happening everywhere. Tear gases in crowd and in buses. Gun shots are heard randomly.
  15. This will be the bloodiest rally. 30 arrested (confirmed) so far. There will be alot more and many death. Price of freedom.
  16. Visionary Member

    (Deleted this in the other thread and reposted it here.)

    Iran Uprising Blogging (Thursday July 9)

    Revolutionary Road...

    View attachment 16425576-fa681f6b8d692fb505e0886c0a95bd29.4a55e8f8
  17. It's 7 pm now. Official time to start the rally. Let the war begin.

    Mikosham mikosham, anke baradaram kosht.
  18. FreedomAgent Member

    Just in?

    OK sense its the first time I have seen it I'll add a disclaimer, do not know if it is an old footage or new, it was uploaded in the past hour

    [ame=]YouTube - From Iran July 9[/ame]
  19. 100,000s of people on streets. People everywhere. Basijes are oerwhelmed and scared.

    Iran, we'll set you free.

    share. RT
  20. I highly doubt its in millions. Tens of thousands is possible.
  21. Twister Member

    Freedom sucker

    Keep this tab open on your browser, helping to DDoS gov't websites.

  22. Has it not been mentionned 10,000 times already that DDoS is ill-advised as it impedes Iranians trying to get information out??!?!
  23. Visionary Member

    Are you certain? I can't recall seeing that video before....

    They are showing it on Andrew Sullivan's blog and on CNN tv right now, while pointing out specifically what is going on in the video that shows what is going on in Tehran today.

    (and please guys keep off topic DDoS stuff out of this thread, this is for news on the protesting today)

    Anyway, more updates:
  24. no it is billions!
  25. Twister Member

    #iranelection - 2009 Iranian Election

    Live tweet stream

    Reports of ppl being shot from helicopters in Tehran, others being thrown off bridges in others cities by Basiji. SMS and cell service also reported as being spotty.
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    Iran Uprising Blogging (Thursday July 9)
  31. Visionary Member
    Iran riot police fire teargas at protesters marking 1999 student riots | World news |
  32. 18 tir 1388 bolvar keshavarz tehran

    mojtaba bemiriii , rahbari o nabiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiii

    dorood bar moosavi
    marg bar khamenei
  33. Srpska Member

    Protests outside Evin, eh? It's about time that place was stormed like the Bastille.
  34. Visionary Member
  35. Visionary Member

    That would be nice. (but I fear, bloody.)
  36. Visionary Member

  37. Things seem to be going our way today. Unfortunately still not much news from outside Tehran, but if it's anything like it, whew! I guess there seem to be less people on the street today because they chose to scatter around the city rather than concentrate in the one spot. Very smart move.

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