18 Tir / 9 July

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Srpska, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. [ame=]YouTube - 09072009011[/ame]
  2. maxoud Member

    I just come back from street.
    It was really scary.
    in front of Tehran uni, there were hundreds of basijis and polices. they beated a women brutually in front of our eyes with batons. we were on a public bus in that time and when we saw that scene suddenly started chanting 'Allahoakbar' in the bus. some of the basijis tryed to attacked to our bus but the driver moved very fast and we scaped.

    I was walking up vali asr st to reach to the square, sidewalks of the street were full of people trying to go there, but suddenly about 100 basijis with their motorcycles went up the street and shot tear gas and scattered people. we coudn't get to valiasr sq but shots were heard from there.

    we tryed to go toward hafte-tir sq from karimkhan st. there were no basiji on that st and after some minutes there were around 200 people together with us.(I'm just stimating the number).women were more than men. our fingers were up in victory shape and the cars were honking in support of us. some minutes later basijis came and scattered us, I just ran, but some of the boys were throwing stones at them. we couldn't get to hafte-tir sq either.

    when I was coming back home from hafiz st, 3 garbage bins were on fire.

    That was all I've seen.
  3. maxoud Member

    nobody can exactly estimate the number of protesters. they weren't together in one place, they were in diffrent streets and squares of tehran. they gather together in every single streets where the basijis weren't there.
  4. Damet garm Masood jan.
    I wish I were closer to protest along you and everyone else.

    Thank you for the report.
  5. To make a million, there would have to be 1000 groups of 1000 people.

    The videos so far seem to range from 200-1000 people. We dont know how many of such grouping there were though.
  6. a desert Member

    I'm glad you got back safe :) Are you going to report any more tonight?
  7. so how's the dust pollution coming along?
  8. Lol

    ... and who tagged this thread with loldongs?
  9. I would like to see that but I fear it would be useless. The French stormed the Bastille to get much-needed gunpowder for their guns. There isn't such benefit for the Iranians. Of course, it would be nice to free the many abused and tortured prisoners... and maybe make the torturers pay a price... :)
  10. maxoud Member

    thats kind of you.
    actually I'm home tonight so I don't have any new news myself.
    just I can say that an hour ago(10 pm) people were shouting allaho akbar and death to dictator from rooftops in our neighborhood.(and probably all over Iran)
  11. FintanDunne Member

    July 9th Protests : The Political Fallout

    [SIZE="1"]THURSDAY, JULY 9, 2009[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="3"]July 9th Protests : The Political Fallout[/SIZE]

    In the wake of the street protests across Iran on July 9th, Prof Scott Lucas joins Fintan Dunne to discuss the political fallout against the background of political developments which took place during the last week in Iran.

    [COLOR="Red"]Audio Interview Guest[/COLOR]: Professor Scott Lucas


    Scott Lucas is Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK. He is also Adjunct Professor of the Institute for North American and European Studies at the University of Tehran, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for American Studies and Research at American University Beirut. A specialist in US and British foreign policy, he has published extensively on Middle-East politics -especially on the Suez Crisis. Professor Lucas is a frequent contributor to American, British, and international media. He writes for, and is a founder of, the weblog --where he currently blogs unmissable news analysis and reporting.

    LISTEN: Mp3 Audio
  12. Stacy Member


    Glad you did not have any troubles yourself during the protests. Please let us know of anything you hear if you can.

    Keep up the fight maxoud, it will make a difference.
  13. You wish!! My dear ahmadneedsajob fan. The end is approaching quick. Do you need help packing??
  14. Basijs throw stones at camera

  15. What our A-jad fan friend fails to realize is that BBC was reporting from a single location in Tehran. Courageous Iranian freedom lovers have decided to strategically decentralize the protests and fan it through out the city thus force the regime goons to spread out all over Tehran which will cause confusion and lack of coordination/communication among robo-cops with firearms and batons.
  16. Prosters taunting police , then runnibg to a new location. [ame][/ame]
  17. akuma_river Member

    I heard that CNN was the best reporting out of all the stations, bbc persia, msnbc (that didn't cover it at all, #MSNBCFail) and Al Jazeera.

  18. sigh, i would not want to be in the shoes of the admine.assjad and khomein.., khameenei
    what the... let's call the whole bunch dictators.

    Wiki Iran:

    1979 - 2009: Facist Dicatorship of Iran
    2009 - : Free Democratic Republic of Iran
  19. JohnDoe Moderator

    Thanks a million Maxoud. Brilliant to read such a full report.
    Glad you're safe -keep it that way.
    Their time is short!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. JohnDoe Moderator

  21. Easy, with $200 a day.

    Just in today's protest in Shiraz (a city south of Iran), a small group approached a few basijs and gave them flowers. Guess what they got in return? There were beaten with batons.
  22. Trisphat Member

    some people seem to have misumderstood my statement.
    At the time I was writing there was no real intel about the size of the different demonstrations and a post on BBC or CNN is not quality intel as far as I am concerned. Remember the story about he "teachers of Qom"?

    Just be carefull about what you read and use your head was what I meant.

    "This is the end, Beautiful friend,This is the end, Ahmadi and friends, the end..."
  23. JohnDoe Moderator

    And tonight they have to sleep with their own conscience. They will see the eyes of those who reached out to them, and it will haunt them. At least that's what I'm going to pray!

    May even in this battle of evil, may love be seen to be stronger than evil (or money!)

    Honestly if I could stop their beatings I would give them $200 a day!

    Maybe some enterprising Iranian business person could start a new business, to protect the protesters, which pays the Basiji more than the gvt does!
  24. Ray Murphy Member

    It would be much better if green ribbons were used - to handcuff and hog-tie Basiji
  25. Visionary Member

    I don't think these have been posted yet. Got them all from: Iran Uprising Blogging (Thursday July 9)

    pictures from today (according to Huff Post)
    gooya news :: didaniha : عکسهای ویژه خبرنامه گویا از نا آرامی های 18 تیر
  26. Visionary Member

    Iran Uprising Blogging (Thursday July 9) 09iran-600.jpg

  27. Visionary Member

    I found another video supposedly from today.
    I looked through the videos up here and this doesn't seem to be one of them.
    What I think it is, and I could be wrong:
    Is another video of the march down Bolvare Keshavarz?
    but from a different angle?

    Anyway here it is, so judge for yourselves.
  28. maxoud Member

    They have attacked to a university dormitory again.
    yesterday at 8.30 the plain clothes militia attacked to Amirkabir university dormitory with tear gas and diffrent kind of weapons.
    there is no info about the situation of some of the students.
    source:پایگاه خبری تحلیلی دانشجویان دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر (پلی تکنیک تهران) | پایگاه خبری تحلیلی دانشجویان دانشگاه صنعتی امیرکبیر (پلی تکنیک ته
  29. Visionary Member
    Any idea what is going to be happening today?
    Not that I'm asking for any specific info or anything
    (don't want to get anything important leaked out too early)
    But I am curious about if there will be more of the same from yesterday.
  30. Visionary Member

    More stories from Thursday: Breaking News - The Lede Blog -
  31. Visionary Member

    Don't believe this has been posted yet.

    Whoa. I wonder how he got away with the video intact afterward.

    And here's some more photos from yesterday:

  32. maxoud Member

    Fortunately they didn't attack there again yesterday.
  33. maxoud Member

    some more photos:
  34. Ray Murphy Member

    Next time, keep the bash-artists' backs to the sun and use plenty of throw-away mirrors.
  35. Dude, its not like they can plan that easily what with the basiji all over the freaking place.
  36. Kruge Moderator

  37. Ray Murphy Member

    Walking East at marches in the late afternoons is better than walking West.

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