1960 L. Ron Hubbard "Create and Confront" Marcab Confederacy lecture

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    We’ve cooked up for you a special Scientology Thanksgiving — so pass the Source!

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 23, 2017


    What we’ve done is take a Fair Use excerpt out of a 1960 lecture that Hubbard gave in Washington D.C. as part of his “State of Man Congress,” and put titles on it so you can read along. (And a full transcript is also included.)

    In this lecture, “Create and Confront,” Hubbard tells a cold-blooded and factual account of where you were some 20 to 40 thousand years ago, which was living in something called the Marcab Confederacy, headquartered on a planet orbiting the star Alkaid, which makes up the end of the Big Dipper’s handle!

    You don’t remember it? Well, you will. At least if you get some Scientology auditing and start exploring your “whole track” of existence. You see, Scientology teaches that we are each immortal beings called “thetans” which are trillions of years old, but something called the “reactive mind” prevents us from remembering the countless previous lives we’ve led in various parts of the universe. Only L. Ron Hubbard’s counseling “technology” can help you remember who you were and where you’ve been. And as his counselors do that work, Hubbard says that people tend to recover certain memories over and over again.

    “You’ll remember this sooner or later,” he says in this lecture, informing you that you were once part of a civilization so advanced, its medical doctors could replace just about any part of you that wore out until you were more or less a cyborg. In fact, they were so good at it, you had to make an effort to end your life.

    And one way that people in the Marcab Confederacy did that was by racing cars on a race track booby-trapped with atomic bombs.

    Hubbard remembers that he himself set speed records numerous times at the racetrack between 19 and 40 thousand years ago. And the funniest thing — as he came back in successive lives, he wouldn’t realize that the records he was breaking were his own.

    How’s that for a holiday knee-slapper! Anyway, we thought you could use a laugh before your relatives come over.

    Just try to not to think too hard about the fact that people who actually heard this lecture still gave this organization their life savings and their children for safekeeping.

    And before someone tries to claim that this is obsolete material that Scientologists no longer consider “scripture,” this lecture is still available for sale and something that Scientologists must take seriously as coming from “Source,” their name for Hubbard. So buckle your seat belts and prepare to take a spin around the track.

    And here’s the transcript:

    Continued here, with open comments:

    Here's part of one of the comments below the article:

    John P.2 hours ago

    There's little more macho in life than a race car driver going nearly 300 miles an hour on a race track booby trapped with atomic bombs. So Hubbard really burnished his machismo credentials with this story that just reeks of being obviously pulled out of his ass. And he certainly needed to do just that. Remember, this is a guy who let a golf ball-sized sebaceous cyst disfigure his appearance for a year that he spent in hiding in New York City because he was afraid of doctors. He let his teeth rot out of his head because a yearly 15 minute cleaning at the dentist was more than he could handle. And he imprisoned a four-year-old child in the dingy chain locker of a ship for a week because the torn paperwork would have brought his empire down.

    Incidentally, this lecture should put to rest the idea that Hubbard was any sort of credible science fiction writer. He delivered this lecture in 1960. It sounds a lot like the sort of melodramatic "gee, whiz" drivel that was published in the lesser pulps in the 1930s. I'm reminded of really bad space opera, which had long since gone out of style when Hubbard spewed this blather. In other words, it was a really stale brain fart he was inflicting on his audience.

    By comparison, at the time, the greats in the field were writing stuff that not only came up with fantastic imaginary worlds but which genuinely wrestled with the human condition. In 1960, we were only a few years away from "2001: A Space Odysssey" and Isaac Asimov had written the epic "Foundation" trilogy, which wrestled with ideas of free will, tyranny and empire a decade before. And tons of other writers were wrestling with equally serious issues. And in the real world the dreamers were accomplishing amazing things: we were months away from putting an American into orbit and less than a decade away from landing on the moon.

    This nonsense reminds me not of science fiction, but of kid's books from the 1920s or 1930s, most of which were horrendous in the contempt shown for their readers by not even pretending to be realistic.

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