1989 IAS Freedom Medal Winners

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  1. More from the 1989 IAS event. Here are the IAS Freedom medal winners (from Impact magazine # 27 (1989)):

    Freedom-Medal-1989-1.jpg Freedom-Medal-1989-2.jpg Freedom-Medal-1989-3.jpg
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    How many are SP's now?
  4. Nicky Hopkins died in 1994, Judy Norton-Taylor, Charles Lakes and Boris Levitsky are still active Scientologists.
  5. Correction, I couldn't find anything on Charles Lakes being an "active" Scientologist.

    Here's a photo of Judy Norton at IAS 2013:

    A CCHR letter from Boris Levitsky:

    “Dear Scientologist:

    CCHR OC recently received a grant from Google in the amount of $10,000 per month worth of Pay Per Click Advertising to be used in our Orange County anti-psych campaigns. This Grant will go a long way in helping Orange County residents stay out of the hands of the psychs. However, now that we have the Grant, we need to hire an experienced professional to get the most out of these ads for CCHR OC. This means constant testing and tweaking the ads as well as making changes to the landing pages, keyword search and optimal usage of keywords, tracking results, etc. This is beyond the scope of our CCHR OC volunteer staff skill set. I have shopped around and have found several professionals that would do this work expertly and are results driven and very experienced. This will cost us $1,200.00 per month or $279.00 per week or $40.00 per day to pay this professional company to help us defeat psychiatry in Orange County.

    In order to fund this we have established the following membership levels:

    OC Human Rights Member – $25.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Activist – $50.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Reformer – $100.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Protector – $200.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Patriot – $300.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Defender – $400.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Champion – $500.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Champion With Honors – $600.00 per month
    OC Supreme Champion of Human Rights – $700.00 per month
    OC Supreme Champion of Human Rights With Honors – $800.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Hero – $900.00 per month
    OC Human Rights Hero With Honors – $1,000.00 per month
    OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights – $1,100.00 per month
    OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights With Honors – $1,200.00 per month

    Can I count on you to pledge a monthly amount and/or help me get enough necessary pledges? – all or any portion of this monthly target of $1,200.00 would be very much appreciated.

    “…the psychs … have been on the track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe…” LRH – HCOB 26 Aug, 1982 Pain and Sex

    This $10,000 per month pay per click campaign will go a long way to defeating the work of the psychs in Orange County and make our community safer and saner to live in.

    Thank you for your contribution. It is tax deductible and we accept all major credit cards. Call me today with your monthly pledge.


    Boris Levitsky
    Dir CCHR OC
    IAS Freedom Medal Winner 1989
  6. From a 1990 LA Times article on Charles Lakes:

    "A lot of people were upset about the year off, as if I was turning my back on the American program when I could have been of some help," he said. "That didn't sit well, which I thought was a bit strange. I figured after 13 years in the sport, I was certainly within my rights to take a year off."

    The judges took a dim view of his abbreviated six weeks of training for the meet, Lakes claims, and their evaluation of his routine was influenced by it.

    "I think people had this idea that I just sat around California that last year and half, and then decided to train six or seven weeks ago," he said. "That wasn't the case."

    At one point, though, Lakes considered giving up the sport. After his respectable Olympic showing, Lakes contemplated retiring to pursue the life of an artist. He long has held interests in writing, singing and painting.

    Financial difficulties also took Lakes' attention away from the gym. Among efforts to pay his bills, he toured the country lecturing for the Church of Scientology and also tried to sell a comic strip titled "Life in L.A."

    Since returning to competition, Lakes has relied on funds from his parents and a sponsor, Scientology. He continues to struggle to make ends meet.

    This was someone who said he was Charles Lakes on ARS, no date:

    Charles Lakes
    Occasional pro-Scientology poster, black former Olympic athlete who came 19th in his event - if OTs are such supermen then why not first? (By: Dave Bird). This is Charles Lakes. And I was checking out his [Martin's] Who's Who in Scientology, when I noticed that he [Martin] spelled my name 'Lake', instead of 'Lakes'. And the year I was on the Olympic Gymnastics team was 1988. In fact, that year, I was the number one American male gymnast at the Olympics, as well as being the first black American to compete in Olympic gymnastics. And I owe a great deal of this success to Scientology auditing I received at that time. Finally, I still don't get why people are trying to pretend that there's some true debate or question of whether or not Scientology is a religion. It falls well within any and every definition of the word you can find in any English dictionary. Many justices around the world, after impartially weighing the evidence, have come to the same conclusion. People are NOT going to wish Scientology away as a religion, simply because they don't want it to be a religion. For that is what it is. And that is not me talking or even Hubbard. That's simply the truth of the matter as we understand and use the word 'religion'. Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, Scientology (as well as being a science and technology) IS a religion. Deal with it. (By: Charles Lakes). I met Chaz Lakes at ITO in the late 80's before leaving Scientology; he gave me an autograph on my pinksheet clipboard. Chaz has an amazing ability to look past LRH's openly racist remarks and stay faithful to the cult, but I believe he will 'blow', ie, leave, one day. His entry above has one strange confusion; he was *never* in the who's who before this entry was inserted with comments by Dave Bird, myself, and Charles himself, either under 'Lakes', 'Lake', 'Vorshell', or anything else. Strange. I was told at ITO that he was on the gold-medal-winning team. Re: the claim that Scientology is a religion, etc.: it's a car polish, a floor wax, *and* a dessert topping. :) (By: Martin Hunt)
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    Good Job Martin, thank's you !

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