1995 FSO Immigration Letter

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  1. And this is how a FSO letter to the State Department looks like after Scientology obtained tax exemption:

    Second-Immigration-Letter-1.jpg Second-Immigration-Letter-2.jpg Second-Immigration-Letter-3.jpg Second-Immigration-Letter-4.jpg
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  2. Sea Org members get "medical and dental care"?
  3. The Founder Member

    Sometimes they do, if their org can afford it. Or if they follow my teachings, they can just "glow it right."
  4. When they have important positions, f. e. senior executives or when they are on "income lines". Registrars who make a lot of money for the org are pampered.
  5. Thanks. I see she made it sound like they all get medical and dental care. Typical.
  6. The Founder Member

    Uh ... the late Hy Levy comes to mind.
  7. Sonja Jacques or Paul Miller come to my mind.
  8. Anonymous Member

    David Light
  9. The Founder Member

  10. Kanonimus Member

    Doing this on my phone, so too lazy to add screenshots, but a search on Alice S Herben reveals she passed away in 2008. However, I also found this link of "voters at the same address" of 551 N Saturn Ave, Clearwater FL:

    Ironically, lists Amy Scobee and Debbie Cook, lol!
  11. Quentinanon Member

    "Director of Internal Affairs"? That's must be an ad hoc position made up to deal with visa applications. No such post existed in the G.O. or OSA back in the 1980's.

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