2010 England & Wales Census - 2,361 Scientologists 176,632 Jedi Knights

Discussion in 'Media' started by John Ritson, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. John Ritson Member

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  2. in france the ex spokeman for france scientology danielle gounord gave the number 43000 scientologist
    the actual accurate number "parisionners ,clients" is around 3000 ......
  3. Anonymous Member

    Interesting there are so few you could probably name them all lol! Any way it must be remembered the census information includes any one present on the day of the census wonder how many the COS shipped in to Saint Hill for the Census date lol! Straight up and verticle!

    Will be interesting to compare actual numbers in the Census data with numbers claimed by Clams.
  4. amaX Member

    I can't believe there are so very few Jedi knights!
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  5. The 2361 figure is just for England. For England and Wales it's 2418.

    So, fastest growing religion, my left bollock, is the first response. It's clearly beaten by many others. I'm also sceptical that the fairly tame increase is down to conversion rather than either immigration or gaming the figures somehow.

    How many are they actually claiming? Wasn't it something like eighty thousand?
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    They might have put the word out that everyone was to fill out Scientologist on the form this time.

    The numbers are so small that any joke factor percentage could account for the increase, but most of the joke factor seems to be going to the Jedi these days. (Or is that getting old?)

    I wonder if they'll crow about this slight increase to 1/40th of their claimed membership?
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  7. YouSeeNothing Member

    I don't know about you guise, but these Jedis are corrupting our children. I've personally witnessed a group of small children brandishing plastic weapons similar to the ones carried by these so-called Knights of the Republic. I've watched the documentaries in the theaters, and was disgusted by their cavalier actions. One of their own committed atrocities--killing indigenous peoples, entire schools of children and even his own wife! These Jedis have a dark side, and it's high-time someone did something about it. And before you scream, "NOT YOUR PERSONAL REPUBLIC ARMY", please, consider the children.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    From Tony Ortega on Facebook:

    SHOCK: Scientology taking over England and Wales with 64 new members every year! We are stunned to learn that, in a country of 56.1 million people, a whopping five dozen are succumbing to the charms of David Miscavige's rapidly expanding juggernaut. More details at the post!

    Only 2,418 Scientologists in England and Wales, Vastly Outnumbered by Jedi Knights
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  9. Anonymous Member

    B-Movie Beats Out Big-Being Bullshit
  10. Anonymous Member

    We are not the Clone Troopers you are looking for.
  11. Anonymous Member

    More people watched the worst Star Wars movie of the series than read Dianetics.
    Suck it up, Scientology.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    So soon, we will have more ex-Scientologists on record speaking out against the cult worldwide, than there are members in the country of Hubbard's Saint Hill home.

    Still, that's more than I thought. Much work to be done.
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  13. Aurora Member

    Pretty soon the Big List number will exceed their census number.
  14. Anonymous Member

    So how many is that to make every org a St. Hill sized org? lol
  15. CarterUSP Member

    Don't forget that of all those who say "scientologist", many will be indies or freezoners.
    So the actual number of members of the CoS will be noticably less.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Scientology - The World's Fastest Shrinking Cult...
  17. RolandRB Member

    How are they going to refurbish that Ideal Org in Plymouth if the local clambed is no more than 30 bivalves? Only a third of them will have any money and I doubt they could be shaken down for more than 20K each and they are going to get nowhere renovating that building with 200K let alone refurbishing it.
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  18. Enturbulette Member

    Apparently the Jedi thing was a spoof/protest that went viral - citizens were required to fill out the form by law and answer personal questions; to circumvent, the Jedi religion became a popular write in answer. Or so I've heard.

    This adds further holiday mirth and laughter and finger pointing 'round the eggnog bowl at Scilons, because Scientologists are not only vastly outnumbered, they are outnumbered and humiliated by jokesters. For the Win, Anon style.
  19. By my calculations, that's a clam ratio of roughly 1:2,000,000.

    We must not rest, dear anons, till we have reduced this to homeopathic proportions. Only then can we be sure that they can't do any harm.

    Let our motto be: semper turbulens
  20. DeathHamster Member

    The thing is, since the forms don't have a checkbox for "None of your damned business!", lots of people have always been filling out the form with silly bugger responses. The Jedi thing helps to quantify that number by getting them all to use the same silly response.

    It's quite possible that the bump in Scientology numbers is simply due to Scientology being in the news a lot more these days, making it a prime silly response. Their numbers are so far down in the noise that it wouldn't take many people to mess up the results.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Avogadro Scientology!
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