20130210 - Las Vegas - 3pm

Discussion in 'Planning' started by cameranonymous, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. We're leaving shortly. Will probably be only 3 people there...nobody else confirmed or is responding.

    I'm looking for my facial coverings then I'm out the door.
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  2. I am the only one here. Others running late as usual.
  3. Cudgel Member

    Keep your camera handy just in case.

    And be careful, damn it.
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  4. man next door Member

    This forum is nothing but a weak attempt at degrading the human kind and humanity. Along with degrading your own oneself.
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  5. Have you seen my name? I bring 5 cameras and 12 lenses or so to every raid. lol

    Raid was meh, sort of success. 4 people total. 1.5hrs, little activity. Other anons are goin out for food, I am driving home to process photos and take care of shit.
  6. beep boop

    harman detected

    destroy on contact

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  7. Cudgel Member

    Yes, I saw your name. But just becasue you have 'camera' in your name doesn't necessarily mean you have it at the ready, does it?
  8. I _always_ carry 2 cameras on me at all times, with at least one having GPS capability =)

    And at least one is usually ready in seconds if not immediately. These fuckers still follow me at times. I'm prepared.
  9. Cudgel Member

    Congratulations (not meant as sarcasm).
  10. Anonymous Member

    Yea for LV! I am glad you're still there! Can't wait for pix.
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