245 Protesters Killed to Date in Iran

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FintanDunne, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. FintanDunne Member

    Congratulations, dude.

    Probably explains why you want to fit this issue into a maths frame.

    Despite me stating from the get-go it's not a formal maths probability graph.

    It's a very simple graph. Purposely so.

    That way, it can be grasped by people who
    DON'T have a Harvard Ph.D. in game theory.

    You see 'em in the newspapers all the time.
    Simple graphs, for regular folks.

    But by all means, have fun with your specialty.

    We're fascinated with this advanced maths stuff.

  2. tex-IRAN Member

    A very simple, meaningless, feel-good graph.

    You don't need a PhD from Harvard to know that likelihoods have to total 100%. The graph is bunk. Maybe you can sell it to the national enquirer?
  3. FintanDunne Member

    Hey Tex, as a newbie with 10 posts, Welcome!

    Thanks for joining AnonIran solely to post on this issue.

    Really. I mean it.

    I must be pushing the right buttons with this fatalities report.

    Sensitive topic, eh?

    Good to know.
  4. FreedomAgent Member

    common guys please give it up,

    agree that there have been many deaths leaving a lot of families devastated, many more missing, no one knows the exact numbers

    The only thing that is sure that the death toll is more than what the government is reporting

    There are also many individuals missing, who knows if they will ever turn up

    even if the greens take power I'm afraid the numbers still will be deflated

    The truth will only be known if there is a regime change
  5. tex-IRAN Member

    Again, cynically exploiting a tragedy to feed your ego.

    When you spread lies under the green banner, you can bet you'll catch hell.
  6. FreedomAgent Member

    FintanDunne, tex, CurtMonash ... common guys, there are kids out there fighting for their lives
  7. tex-IRAN Member

    I've been willing to give it up since the beginning. FintanDunne has, from the beginning, engaged in stubborn denial and insults rather than engage with my constructive criticism. Do you support lies spread under the green banner, FreedomAgent, or do you denounce them?
  8. Tex isn't the only one objecting to your chart.
    you're dealing with nerds here. don't mess with math.
  9. FreedomAgent Member

    I denounce them, we have bigger and more important fights ahead of us, lets all move on

  10. tex-IRAN Member

    How can we "move on" when we send the signal that we tolerate lies spread under the green banner? If you put the blame, explicitly, where it belongs, then I will respect your perspective even if I don't comply with it.
  11. FreedomAgent Member

    tex, I agree with you, unfortunately my math skills are the same as a 7th grader ..hehe maybe even less

    What I can say is the numbers are not known, really probability can not be calculated because we have to have day to day actuals of number of protesters, number of dead and or missing and the number of security forces, only than we can calculate the probability (forecast) of casualties on future protests given the same factors (crowd size, security personal.. ext) even than it would still be wrong because I would hate to forecast human suffering
  12. tex-IRAN Member

    OK, but even with 7-th grade math skills, you know that probabilities for different outcomes of an event have to add up to 100% right?

    If the weatherman told you there was 70% chance of rain, and 70% chance of no rain, tomorrow, would you believe your weatherman?

    The graph contains self-contradictory information. This is blatant, and no source data or higher education is needed to perceive this.
  13. FreedomAgent Member

    agree a 100 %, it seems that the another axis is needed for this to make sense, (time, place, day, number of protestors)

    so something like 70% chance of shower on Monday and also 70 % chance of shower on Tuesday
  14. FintanDunne Member

    The number of admitted fatalities is clearly important to the regime.

    It's important to those who are bereaved.
    It's important to those who are still searching for their missing.

    There is a cover-up, which interviews with
    Shorash A'arabi's mother are helping to reveal:

    Note that the album she saw had 50 - 60 photos.

    Parvin Fahimi's story is in more detail here:

    This is a real and substantial issue of current concern in Iran.

    I will continue to address it.
  15. tex-IRAN Member

    Why are you insulting the memories of the victims by exploiting their tragedies for your own self-aggrandizement?
  16. FreedomAgent Member

    Fintan, nothing wrong with addressing it, keep fighting the cause, just maybe simplify the graphs maybe even move away from multiple probabilities to a single probability based on facts, interviews and photos

    This may require a lot of resources but I am sure you can find the sources

  17. Jaymax Moderator

    Locking this thread as being a waste of everyone's time and energy.

    Protip: All graphs are 'formal maths'. c.f. conceptual art.
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