26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. I'm only amateur when it comes to Armed forces and such, (though I know the person in the jacket is a Commander)

    is there a stronger expert who can interpret what the Real Medals and ribbons L.R.H was awarded and what for, and what the fake medals the cult claims he earned meant?
    My only guess is one might be related to civil engineering since that is what he was in college for? (btw..... Of all engineering disciplines you could choose.... what purpose could a civil engineer serve in command of a Navy vessel? Maybe he picked Civil because that meant trying to rebuild roads and such when the fighting was down so he wouldn't die.)
  2. oh nice... that post got slipped by me... Thanks for the ribbon work!
  3. Anonymous Member

    yw ... easily done :)
  4. Zak McKracken Member

    for an exhaustive interpretation:
    (no pix though)

    There's a little tiny bit of controversy though, as to the medal for "Expert Rifle & Pistol"
    The original dox from US Navy at time of Ron's discharge credit him with having earned one.
    Subsequent dox (including the official "current" Naval records) don't list it.

    Was it awarded and then rescinded? A clerical error somewhere?
    Its not on the order of "Medal of Honor", "Purple Heart" fuckup, but it would be interesting to see how the Navy accounts for this discrepancy
    (if they're even aware of it).
  5. kezi Member

    AOL News has a source in the FBI who says charges are not going to be filed in the Scientology investigation. I'm wondering why some formers who were subjected to the RPF don't file a lawsuit? I've no affiliation in this...what I've read disturbs me greatly and of course the whole premise of this cult is obviously false. However, if these allegations are true it is a monstrous injustice that this cult is allowed to operate in the US and even with tax exempt status!
  6. kezi Member

    If it's like the Marines, expert rifleman is pretty much standard issue.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Dox for what? My opinion? Fuck off, Herro.

  8. Lying about Purple Heart is bad enough. tac on all the rest of this fail makes it unbelievable
  9. Zak McKracken Member


    Which of these is real, which one is fake?
    YOU be the judge:


  10. Sponge Member

    So a more accurate ID on the ribbons would be this? >>>>>>>

  11. stapleclip Member

    Edit: Disregard that, I'm retarded.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I decided #1 before I looked them over well, and then I was again sure. My first instinct to chose #1, was that it was tattered and not at all perfect. Also, that it was brief, and looked familiar. After looking them both over carefully, definitely #1.
  13. Etain Member

    I just realized what the New yorker article didn't cover; Scientology's favorable tax exemption status. Where members can declare their 'religious education' as tax deductible.

    Remember the Sklar case?

    This is a crucial argument because it would show clear favoritism and bias towards a proclaimed 'religious' order and is in clear violation of the Establishment Clause. Imagine how people of other faiths will react to this.
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  14. Fify

    I think the main clue is Purple Heart (palm) Purple hearts are not added to with palms... rather Oak leaves (discredit #2)
    The comment of Job prefernce really blows it out of the water. Probably the fake one #2 says, "Studio (screen writing) Hollywood Calif." While the other one #1 merely states: "Uncertain". Explain to me why the Navy would consider sending a Navigation officer, who studied Civil Engineering , to Hollywood California to do Screen writing?

    Also.... Another detail has shown up to denounce LRH's Medals/ Ribbons:
    The bottom most left ribbon, Purple and white is the ribbon representation of the Purple Heart Medal. Were this legit, Hubbard would have corresponding pins to the same number on his device. However there is a contradiction:
    The ribbon bears no embelishment
    The Device has an extra ( looks like a star), indicating he was wounded twice.

    It's so funny when Scilons present their own contradictory Evidence. It makes my job easier!
  15. Cudgel Member

    Me? A cultie? Nope. Not never. Not even on my worst day. But thanks for the laugh.

    If they really kept accurate records, the clams would know exactly who I am, what I helped to do and why they should know that I'm not afraid of them. Or maybe 36 years has made them dull.
  16. Anonymous Member

    In this one the right index fingerprint is missing.
  17. ahh apologies then... my mistake

    BTW you want to see what a real hero from WWII's ribbon bar looks like?

    General George S Patton
  18. Anonymous Member

    Maybe because of his piss-poor grades during his attempt at college, in which he was only there for 2 semesters?
  19. Anonymous Member

    oh, i guess it's because the original was written on printthrough paper and this is just the copy.
  20. Anonymous Member

    FIFY, youngin' :)
  21. HellRazor Member

  22. Scatman Member

    Definitely the second is falsified. The second lacks the enlisted checked box and date and the commissioned date.
    The second one states "European Theater" which Hubbard was never assigned to. He only served in the American and Asiatic-Pacific Theaters. The first lists his social security number 568-09-9422 which is used as a tax and benefits identifier.
    The second one lacks that number.
  23. Anonymous Member

    This is huge and snowballing. If this article had happened 2 years ago, we'd all be bathing in cum right now.
  24. mirele Member

    Uh, lessee, 20 years ago Time Magazine did a similar blockbuster story and ended up being dragged through court for a decade? Maybe because Conde Nast Publications doesn't want to get sued? The New Yorker is famous for its fact-checking; I suspect they had people even looking at the placement of the punctuation.
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  25. OTBT Member

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  26. Etain Member

    I think a good idea would be to go to military websites and message boards and spread the word about L. Ron Hubbard's phony military background. No question it will motivate these real heroes to spread the word themselves among military friends and circles and will result in informing top brass in the military chain. If that happens, we may end up with top military figures demanding that the COS rescind their claims that Hubbard was a war hero under threat of a lawsuit.

    This should not stand.
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  27. TIME also spent millions to defend itself. The New Yorker deserves admiration for publishing this article.
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  28. Also I'm no expert on this at all... but it looks like whoever put this together really need to double check. Some of the ribbons are positioned upside down from their respective medals. But I agree we should spread this around and show it too military types.
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  29. exOT8Michael Member

  30. Etain Member

    I suggest the Patriot Guard website. That'll be a great place to start.
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    And those were just a few I found in a simple Google search.
  32. Etain Member

    It's just been brought to my attention that, as well intentioned as it would be to inform military groups, it could backfire.

    Therefore, it was suggested that such a thing be left to the Military -Anon's to spread the word abotu L. Ron's phony service, if they are up for it.
  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    How would it backfire?
    Please do tell.
  35. Miranda Member

    Hubbard Delays Reincarnation
    Said To Be Cruising Remote Sector
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  36. Anonymous Member

    "Anti-Homosexual, Transcription-mangling, War Record-faking, People-Trafficking Junior Clerk found in Scientology Building, and Removed. Scientology now perfect, except for the homos. Pictures at 11."
  37. WillyWonkanon Member

    LOL @ it all.
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  38. Miranda Member

    ...Of Hollywood On Candy Red Ducati
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