26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Orson Member

    Not trying to overstate this, but this is huge. First, the damn article is finally being published...and more importantly, confirmation of an FBI Investigation on Scientology Human Trafficking!

    My penis is fully engorged.
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  2. Sponge Member

    Meanwhile, at the New Yorker offices....

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  3. Orson Member

  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Sorry her quote didn't post, she wrote: "I still don't get football. If I want to see a bunch of men jumping on top of each other, I’ll go to the sauna at the Scientology center."
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  6. Triumph Member

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  7. Sponge Member

    Orson----SHOOP!!! ;)
    (Freedom mag pic from their CNN fail article when they descended on their offices demanding audience with Anderson Cooper. Shooped in New Yorker offices background).

    I don't doubt it actually happened. It is their M.O.
    Although I should have shooped in Reverend Puthy Sthmeller since NY is his stomping ground.
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  8. Orson Member


    Well done, faggot. :)

    Edit: Of course upon second look I can tell it's shooped by some of the pixels...sigh.
    Edit2: For the record, sober is a distant memory for me at this point.
  9. Holy shit. Check out the Gawker comments. One guy clearly signed up solely to troll them Louanne style. However, as some of you may know, Gawker's commenting system is quite different from a standard blog. This individual didn't seem to understand that and freaked out, all while getting eviscerated by the regulars. I'll link to their comment history, starting at the earliest post:
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Nice. A google search for "new yorker scientology" produces this result, posted to PRNewswire on Feb 6, 2011. Weak damage control attempt, I suppose. Karin Pouw, you so crazy.

  11. Triumph Member

    New Yorker
    Paul Hagis v.s The CoS
    Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.

    by Lawrence Wright February 14, 2011

    read all 26 glorious pages here

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  12. tippytoe Member

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  13. Ike Drifter Member

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  14. hushpuppy Member

    What an incredible write-up!

    For those who do not have the time to read the full 26 pages, here are the paragraphs that refer to the ongoing FBI investigation:

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. exOT8Michael Member

    That genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE.
    Awesome article.
    Props to Paul Haggis! This takes courage and integrity, and is socially admirable.
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  17. Orson Member

    They like to beat on Jeff for associating with anonymous. That is their repeated complaint against him that is supposed to discredit him...and it gets anon mentioned every damn time they say it. Thank you Tommy, job well done.

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  18. Triumph Member

    Tommy Davis is a Moron
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  19. 3rdMan Member

    Fucking epic...
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  20. exOT8Michael Member

    It is marvelous.
    Now I hope the law enforcement authorities will act to stop Scientology's continuing abuses, fraud and criminal finances.
  21. mirele Member

    Good piece, definitely worth the time to read. It gives an insight into more of the celebrity angle of Scn and how they're basically kept in a bubble. It was interesting that Wright got to talk to some of the Scieno "stars."

    I suspect Tommy Davis Tommy Davis is not sleeping tonight. Little Napoleon's probably stamping his feet and slapping people right now.
  22. Orson Member

    Best part:

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  23. Nancy Beazley Member

    Yes, it really is a wonderful article. Thanks to Larry Wright and all who contributed to this piece. It's what's been needed for a very, very long time. It is also so comforting to finally hear that the FBI is actually doing something about the crimes committed by the Church of Scientology and its agents. Please keep it up, Mr. Wright. Please keep it up, FBI. Please keep it up, all witnesses, Anonymous, Exes, Indies, and all others who are, if not united otherwise, united on stopping the CoS's human rights abuses and punishing the offenders.
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Triumph Member

    Mr Wright digs into Hubbard and his phony War record,
    Colonel Fletcher Prouty was a paid consultant for the CoS in the 80's
    they love Prouty in Freedumb Mag
    Prouty criticized Russell Miller's book, Bare-Faced Messiah
    Prouty was a character witness for Willis Carto in IHR trial (Scientology
    link--head of IHR, Tom Marcellus, a Scientologist)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Let this be a real investigation .
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  27. I think the story is pretty boring until page 15 or so. Unless you're super interested in Haggis's personal life. I'm on the last page now, but I think my favorite part is going to be:

    such snark. Love it.

    My main problem with it is the part discussing Hubbard disappearing in the 80's. It mentions that he did so during two major lawsuits against the church, but at no point mentions anything about the FBI raids and Operation Snow White / Freakout. It seemed kind of weird to not mention he was involved in such an investigation. It would've taken one sentence and seemed extremely relevant to the point the author was trying to make. Oh well.

    To those who don't have the time but want a good laugh, I suggest starting at page 22 or so and going from there. That's where Tommy Davis starts getting severely called on his bullshit.
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  28. the anti Member

    awaiting epic ass kicking

  29. Consensus Member

    Holy. Shit.

  30. LocalSP Member

    Well it's back to the RPF for Davis.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Prolly the longest article I've read, and the most delicious
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  32. hushpuppy Member

  33. Zak McKracken Member

    I hope Tommy finally got himself a locking gas cap. :|
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Etain Member

    I shall light a candle and pray to the Goddess that this investigation shall bear much delicious fruit to nom on.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Lulz, Babbles has weighed in:…/
  37. Anonymous Member

    MOAR Babz:
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  38. TinyDancer Member

    This article is a slow burner for a long time. I was wondering what Marc Headley was thinking comparing it to Richard Behar's Time Mag classic. But, boy, when it gets going, it really gets going. Human trafficking, slavery, inurement (Miscavige and Cruise). Wonderful stuff.

    I tip my hat to Paul Haggis, in particular. Much appreciated, sir.
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  39. AnonLover Member

    well worth the three hours of sleep i lost reading it.

    haggis was no ordinary scientologist to begin with methinks, there's alot of stuff i didnt expected at all in his story.

    and who knew - Anne Archer and husband put Tommy to shame.... they out did him by a hueg margin in terms of coming across monumentally stupid. it no wonder he's the king of footnukes. its in his blood.
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  40. Etain Member

    Oh, you just had to get me started...!

    Cake to everyone who can parody this!

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