26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

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  3. This is great news. America is the place where the biggest battles need to be fought. The FBI has the potential to do more damage to Scientology than Tom Cruise or even Tommy Davis.
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  4. Silly433 Moderator

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  5. ZeroC Member

    Lol at Babz (though not sure/can't remember who she is - dox plox)

    That's why it's called an investigation you idiot! It takes time!

    And yes, whilst we await the outcome, the fact the FBI is taking a look, is not something the Scilons can consider a win.
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  6. leafs Member

    Providing the New Yorker with forged documents was a very clever move.
    Good to hear the FBI is investigating.
    Great article, I like the fact checking approach instead of the 'remain neutral, just presenting points of view' approach.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Now why would Tom Cruise be offended by "closet" jokes?
  8. Tsuu Member

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  9. BLiP Member

    I came. 26 times.
  10. CarterUSP Member

    Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!
  11. Smurf Member

    So am I. :-D

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  12. Etain Member

    Fantastic report!

    This will sure get people talking.
  13. anon8109 Member

    I enjoy watching the causal chains, not unlike dominoes falling.

    1. Miscavige punches an underling
    2. underling blows and tells story

    3. repeat
    ...3.1 newspaper prints story
    ...3.2 other clients of the Scientology enterprise read story
    ...3.3 they blow and tell their story
    4 until the Scientology enterprise is nothing but a collection of empty buildings.

    5. end of the Scientology enterprise
  14. Consensus Member


    First of all, some of you read damn fast. I just finished.

    There's not a lot in there that we here didn't already know, but it was a pleasant stroll down memory lane to hear a new narrative that is so interwoven with events that I've become familiar with (like the musical chairs incident). There are individual sentences in this article that bring to mind terrifying stories with rich depth that I am fortunate enough to know in full detail.

    The article is slow reading. It picks up at the end - when the journalist is comparing statements by Davis with fact-checking results, or quoting statements Davis made that reveal an unsettling degree of cognitive dissonance. I still think he might blow - and soon.

    The mention of FBI investigations into human trafficking are encouraging, but until there's an arrest and conviction I'm not prepared to claim total victory. Nonetheless, we're definitely in the end game. Scientology is just pushing pieces, desperately seeking to waste time and protect their king, ultimately doing nothing but delaying the inevitable.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Sponge Member

    Daily Mail (UK) 7th Feb 2011
    Church of Scientology 'under FBI probe into alleged human trafficking'

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  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Some started earlier, that's all.
    We already had this discussion.
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  19. Miranda Member

    I really like that the author pointed this out.

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  20. Orson Member

    Freedom Magazine article attacking Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Lawrence Wright in 3....2.....1.

    Think they'll mail it to everyone in NYC? Or go buy all copies of The New Yorker?
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  21. veravendetter Member

    Great article. Good depth and research. Unlucky, Tommy; you can't polish a turd.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Wut? Does Marty believe think that the Xenu story is some kind of test or what?
  24. Anonymous Member

    lol pwned!
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  25. subgenius Member

    Thinking is the hardest work of all. That's why so few of us engage in it.
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  26. Sponge Member

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  27. subgenius Member

    Googled for news of $cientology and found this Joan Rivers Tweet:
    "I still don't get football. If I want to see a bunch of men jumping on top of each other, I’ll go to the sauna at the Scientology center."
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  28. Anon1942 Member

    Hope this is the finish and $cientology will have to pay for deprograming their dupes.
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  29. mirele Member

    The article came in at just under 25,000 words, which is enormous. You also have to remember, there's a book being shopped around. I suspect there's a lot more out there to be discussed. But yeah, I would have preferred a sentence or two laying out the cult's venal criminality back in the late 1970s. OTOH, the discussion taking apart the "editing" of Elwrong's books is clever and to the point.
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  30. LocalSP Member

    Seeing that Marty is one to follow LRH to the letter,(0r so he says time and time again) that must mean that he believes that homosexuality is a perverted act.
  31. mirele Member

    Oh, what about those of us who get our New Yorkers in the mail on (yeah, I live in flyover country) Friday? D'you think the local org will try to steal it out of my mailbox? :)
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. IF you think they might, set up a camera.

    Tampering with the USPS is a Federal offence, IIRC... Be fun to give the FBI another incident to add to their "Scientology crimes" file...
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  36. WagTheWog Member

    Posting in epic thread . . . you may now return to your fapping.
    Can't wait until the sci response. That should be equally hilarious.
    And to Tommy Davis: You better get out NOW! Go to the FBI ASAP! Save yourself!!
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  38. subgenius Member

    I think I heard DM snap. Really.
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  39. Optimisticate Member

    Should be playing "Where In The World Is Shelley Miscavige" and wondering why anyone isn't really concerned...
  40. Miranda Member

    Pretty much everything in this article except the confirmation of an FBI investigation has already been revealed in credible, high-profile news outlets. Now people (Today Show, for example) are listening. Maybe it's just that mention of the FBI caught their attention, but on the other hand maybe it's the cumulative effect of all the paper cuts. People are finally starting to notice, and to give a second look, and to believe the seemingly incredible stories. The Teflon is wearing thin. This is very, very pleasing.
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