4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ClearwaterAnon, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    + Good turnout with a few newfags showing up, all of who were doin it right by bringing the LULZ.

    + A cacophony of horn love, thumbs ups and screams of encouragement. The most I've ever heard & seen. At some points there were a half dozen to a dozen cars honking at the same time. One woman riding her bike past said "If I had a horn, I'd be the loudest of all!" The truth is getting out and people are getting educated about the cult moar and moar these days.

    + Donated VM jacket and backpack from a former Clearwater scientologist. She said what woke her up was witnessing Anonymous protests in Clearwater, and what the cult told her about Anonymous, which didn't jive with what she read on the protest signs. So she went home, got on the internet, did her homework and realized pretty quick she'd been conned and lied to by scientology. One more free!

    + Three fail scientology handlers getting all butthurt when told about OT7 scientology "Minister" William "Rex" Fowler's first degree murder charge for the ambush and execution style murder of his former business partner. Our resident ex-scientologist and videographer both had some fun with them on our lunch break before we headed back out for a final protest march.

    + Spotting CCHR of Florida setting up shop in the former Narconon building and getting a LULZY pix. Currently the interior is just a shell with a generator near the front window.

    + As usual the donated pizzas by PodPeople & spouse the former Florida scientologists who found out the truth after being inactive in the cult for some time, then being harassed and regged heavily last year to return, which led them online where they did their homework.

    + Two Anons hilariously posing for a guy we saw photographing us from across the street on a water break.

    - It's getting hot already in Florida.

    - Bon Jovi (don't ask, seriously)

    Fun with scientology handlers. We have caek, they have lies.

    Fun with the VM jacket and backpack.

    Posing for the photographer. Is dat sum Ralph Macchio on the right?

    Posing in front of the cult's eternally unfinished "SuperPower" building.

    CCHR Logo + Honk if you <3 Prozac sign FTW


    Two SeaOrgers hilariously running for a Flag bus. Look closely at the one about to hop on the bus. He looks like he's either trying to dance or fly! xD

    About 15 moar pix and hi res versions here:
    Flickr: Anonymous9000's Photostream

  2. Bipolart Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Clearwater Anons - doinitrite
  3. Anonwithhold Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Anonynous rock in Clearwater. They are great. Many kisses. Thank you for all you do!:)
  4. PodPeople Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Great Pix, and excellent news, newfag protestors, and especially now Ex-sci that saw a "sign" that not all was right and ran to internetz.

    I'm thinking last year was when there was a drive to send out handlers to ex's homes (like us) that had been long, long gone. One of their all time footbullet biggie's, since it got tons to internetz to see what the hell had been going on.

    Hot already?! wot? Must be that record breaking long cold spell we had. Too hot for that VM jacket though. I'd make an effigy on a pole and dress it up with that.

    Great job, guyz. And as always, thanks for eating pizza for me while on a diet.
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    exxxxxxcellent guise
  6. AnonKat Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

  7. John Steed Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Great job, Clearwater! Love the pics (mmm, bikinis...).
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

  9. PodPeople Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    good one!
  10. amaX Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    HORN LOVE! For a while they were playing a freaking tune while waiting for the light to change. This was absolutely the MOST horn love I've ever heard. At one point it was so freaking loud that some OSAflaggots popped around the corner of a building on Franklin St. (which runs along the south side of the Stupid Powerz Bldg.) to check out what the hell was going on!

    While all the horns were honking and trying to play a tune for us? One young man who was waiting at the light, got out of his car and was dancing! People were coming up out of the tops of their sun roofs and yelling. People hanging out windows screaming and giving thumb's up. Little kids laughing and giving thumb's up. One woman with kids in the back seat even winked at me!

    Next month's Citizen's Choice Theme is another EXCELLENT comment from a local. We get so many comments while protesting that it's hard to choose which one to use. I think we're going to start carrying a notepad around to write them down.

    VM stuff. The newly minted ex-Scientologist is a lovely woman and I told her that I think she's going to be just fine----she's already showing real emotion like laughter and joy at her life now/sadness at the lies/hope for her cult-free future. I hope she stays in touch with us. Six? Egg yolk yellow is YOUR color, girl!

    We had a storm trooper who showed up without asking for permission from Darth Vadar. Those newbie out-of-towner girls had lulzy posters and I heart them very much for leaving said signage with us here in Clearwater. Hoping they'll visit us again someday!

    The Brothers make us cool. The Brothers make Clearwater and Florida cool. The Brothers should be cloned. I want to adopt The Brothers. lol

    Our resident ex, Mr. Smith, brought the lulz and a brand spankin' new cd player which didn't go over very well with our handlers who had to listen to Rex Fowler news coming from the speakers. Heh.

    Pizza! Thank you again and again, PodPeople and your hubby! You don't know how much we appreciate the free pizzas for a year! I know you want us to stop thanking you, but that's not how we are! You'll just have to deal with the gratitude! <3

    CAEKFAIL. <DO YOU SEE THAT OSA OSA OSA? At least for this month when I get the mail addressed to Caekfail it will be the truth. The cake was mini-fail this month. Of course, Publix refuses to write words like "fuck" and "cocksucker" on their cakes and I understand that, but I asked them nicely to leave enough room for me to write it in and they did not do that. Cake always tastes good though.

    We had two Best Dressed Anons this month. They posed very sweetly for paparazzi as you can see from CWA's awesome pix in the OP. They were absolutely fabulous!

    We saw Barney the doorman who works the entrance to Ft. Homicide. He escaped from the front door and was spotted walking on Cleveland St. At first we didn't recognize him since he was so far outside of his natural habitat. We waved and yelled as loudly as we could and still got no response from Barn. Don't hate us, Barn. We know where the fucking property line starts at Ft. Homicide...

    Mother Nature smiled on us. We even had a sea breeze and the sun mercifully went behind the clouds in the afternoon to keep us from melting.

    Peetie Mansell! Where was your blonde sidekick today? Also, why did you sneak into the parking lot behind Peace Memorial and take pictures of us like you were sooper sekrit spai? Teegeeack to Mansell: Dude, we can SEE you when you pull in there. It's right across the fucking street from our base camp! And you didn't have to speed off when I started waving at you! Why you gotta act like that, Peetie? Haven't we always spelled your last name witl two "l's"?

    Gotta say it one more time: THANK YOU, CLEARWATER! The horn love was EPIC!
  11. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Makes me smile :)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Video plox!
  13. Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Excellent eye you have there Anon. Let me take it a step further:


    Video will be delivered, but it'll likely take a few days.

    Wasn't she was a little short for a stormtrooper?

    But she did have a hilarious sign around her neck that read &quot;Obi Wan say: This is not the cult you are looking for...&quot;
  14. PodPeople Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    RE: Your ironic sign in flickr album (in front of a sci business front) Had to make my own


  15. theLastAnon Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game


    Clearwater Anons remain at cause. So the ex was playing news clips about Glockasaurus Rex? Ha! That's good stuff.

    Also, a request for you CW-fags...looking for video of Sea Org members in uniform in a large group...maybe getting on or off a bus or all crossing the street. Even better would be a group doing any kind of manual labor. I've been watching a bunch on Youtube but no luck yet.

    If you know of any vids like this please reply or send me a pm. Sorry to fag up your thread with this request, but figured you would be the folks to ask. Need it for new video project.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    i c wat u did thar

  17. amaX Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    I don't know. I couldn't get through the crowds around the Bikini OOT's to see how tall they were...

    Fess up now. You didn't notice that sign until she left and you saw they'd left their signage as prezzies for us...
  18. fisherman Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Congratulations on a superb raid! The photos are terrific.

    Love the VM jacket, very jealous, want one!! As the cult goes down, maybe they'll start selling Anons jackets and other souveniers to raise cash?

    Thanks for your great effort!
  19. Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    I do believe Clearwater Anons have the [strike]droids[/strike] drones you are looking for...
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    You don't sound like a jealous old lady at all. Rawwrrrrr cat fight!
  21. ryangiggs Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Awesome stuff.

    That scilon puppet guy needs a scilon cross with strings above him.
    As for the kung fu anon, hmmn?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

  23. RightOn Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    double that
  24. PodPeople Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Come to think of it, that was pretty ballsy as well as symbolic for that Clwtr newly Ex to come out in full view to offer the VM Jacket to Anons. And good for u, AMA, for showing her compassion, which must have jolted her even one more step further out.
  25. theLastAnon Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Msg rec'd. Thanks.

    You can go about your business. Move along...
  26. amaX Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game


  27. grumpus Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    CULT WATCH: Day 1462.

  28. Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Awesome raid. Glad you are chipping away at them, and getting them out one by one.
  29. manly man Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    :D ; that is all!
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Hey, hey, fuck you guys.
  31. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

  32. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game


    The female scifag pretending she's half her age told me I'd understand it if I was really a scientologist. What OT level gives you the ability to dislocate your shoulder at will in order to unzip something on your back?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Pic, please.

    If you're using the pic above, then that looks like the waist drawstring, not a pocket.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    VV Back of jacket. Underneath that top flap is a loooong horizontal zipper for the pocket.

    For an idea of placement, the bottom hem of the jacket is about even with the bottom edge of the photo, and that cross is, I think, supposed to fall on the back of your shoulders.
  35. Random guy Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    To put your spare body tethans in?
  36. Shellback Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Hey! I enjoyed marching with you guys yet again. The Sea Org members were being held inside the buildings as usual so the streets were quiet, other than the massive amount of horn-love from the thousands of people streaming through Clearwater on the way to the beach. I was really touched by the young lady who came by to drop of her VM slicker and told us she was going home to restart her life after quitting Scientology.

    I stopped and chatted with the three handlers who came by in the afternoon and learned some interesting things!

    1. The only criteria one needs to judge Scientology on is the number of buildings it has.
    2. membership must be going up because otherwise they wouldn't buy buildings right?
    3. The Scientology Organisation can't do anything wrong (OT8 lady actually said this!)
    4. None of the Anon protesters have ever done anything good or positive in their lives.
    5. "I just got back from Haiti! Have you ever done anything like that?" (I mentioned that, um ya I have as a matter of fact I have and they dropped this line of argument, lucky because I would have also mentioned that I don't do charity work just to brag about it.)
    6. They were very upset to see protesters wearing VM garb.
    7. Protester are all fucking idiotic morons with no lives!
    8. Why do you associate with those losers when you could be around more stimulating people?
    9. They come out and talk to the protesters because they just want to find out more about them! (Um; they want to find out about morons with no lives?)

    Well of course I knew they would say all of this crap, it's kind of fun watching themselves trip over their own words over and over again (Ms OT8 could not remember things she said only moments before.)

    Then Petey (the head of Clearwater OSA) stopped his car in the middle of the street to shout out his special luv for me. Apparently in Petey's reality, since I don't claim to be a member of Anonymous I'm not supposed to post here! He called me "dishonest" and a lot of other names. I asked him to email me a list of places on the Internet that I'm not supposed to post on. I'm really waiting for this list Petey. I know you will send it to my work address or somewhere like that just to freak me out.

    Anyway, thanks again guys! Judging from the tone and some of the things I've been hearing around town, the cracks are getting wider In Clearwater. Kudos and be safe!

  37. Random guy Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

  38. Sponge Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Lol @ pfizer t-shirt.
    The cult will be using that pic at their flap briefings.
  39. Rockyj Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game


    Crane Kick Tech!!
  40. ravenanon Member

    Re: 4/17/10 Clearwater,FL - Post Game

    Congrats on a safe and fun cult watch!

    I thought of the Karate kid too when I saw the picts lol

    I need to visit again and soon.

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