5/10 protest press release

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  1. Consensus Member

    5/10 protest press release

    Anyone wanna take a stab at penning a release alerting media to the protests we'll be holding on the 10th? We should probably start by outlining what points we want to get across, then having someone write it up. My suggested outline:

    Opening paragraph should be an attention grabber and should outline the basics of the anouncement - that anonymous is protesting Scientology's Fair Game policy (who, what, when & where)

    a paragraph should give a very BRIEF background, explaining past protests. (Anyone getting this press release has probably gotten a dozen about anon by now, so we don't need a thorough history.)

    a paragraph should briefly recount the public criticism and scandals scientology is facing right now (this is where we make the protests seem relevant and news-worthy)

    a quote from an 'anon' explaining the full title of the protest - 'battletoads earth: operation fairgame stop' - this should be what you would tell a bystander or journalist at the protest, if and when they ask you to explain it. I imagine this paragraph will require the most work.

    An invitation for the press and public to come by and learn, or for interested parties to join ('all you need to join is a mask.').

    Another quote clarifying anonymous' stance protesting the human rights abuses of the church, and not their belief system, with assurances that we believe in the rule of law and rights guaranteed by each country's constitution.

    A paragraph announcing (and very briefly explaining) our next protest (when, where, why).

    A closing paragraph telling journalists and readers where they can learn more (,, etc)
  2. Hoshi Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    I see no love for this yet, so I'll crospost what I've got written for Perth.
    It's in a different layout to what you want, for my own consistancy, and has Perth specific data, so change as needed.

    Anonymous Continues Activism Against Scientology with ‘Operation: FairGameSTOP’

    The group of Internet based activists, collectively known as Anonymous have continued their global awareness campaign against the Church of Scientology with their fourth rally in as many months. (put time and location here), the rally, dubbed ‘Operation: FairGameSTOP’, is designed to draw attention to the highly litigious nature of Scientology and their constant harassment of their detractors.

    Under increasing pressure from Australian [1] and International [2] media, foreign governments [3] and the tide of public opinion, Scientology has gone on the attack, by launching spurious litigation against former Scientologists and individual members of Anonymous in the United States. Multiple governments globally [4] have become aware of the perverse tactics of Scientology, and are beginning to take positive steps in reducing the damage perpetrated by this cult. [5] The Australian state and Federal Government however, have remained silent on the matter, despite growing public concern.

    The fight against Scientology has taken a tragic turn in the past month with the sad passing of Kaja Bordevich Ballo at the young age of 20. Kaja, the daughter of Norwegian MP Olav Gunnar Bello, was studying at a University in Niece when she decided to undertake a ‘Free Personality Test’ run by Scientology. On receiving the results of the test, which is specifically rigged to give a poor result, Kaja returned to her dorm and threw herself from the window "I believe Kaja would have been alive today if she had not gone to the Scientologists," says friend and fellow student Henrik Møinichen, 19 [6]

    The first rally, affectionately dubbed as ‘Raids’, held on February 10th, attracted over 130 people from all walks of life in Perth and over 8,000 globally. The second Raid on March the 15th had over 100 Perth participants, with over 9,000 globally. Numbers continued strongly in April. The current wave of activism is expected to gain even more members as more become aware of the Church of Scientology's policies through the dedicated efforts of the protesters to inform the public.

    Scientology has been under increasing media criticism for their practices, specifically their front group ‘Narconon.’ The Church of Scientology is planning on opening a Narconon centre in Balcatta this year, which Anonymous opposes.

    What is Operation:FairGameSTOP?
    The purpose of Operation:FairgameSTOP otherwise known as ‘Battletoads Earth’, is to draw attention to the harassment that Scientology launches against critics. These attacks are many, including frivolous lawsuits, smear campaigns propagated by the church to silence critics and several suspect deaths. In one case, 9 members of the Church of Scientology ,including Hubbard's wife, were charged and imprisoned over the events concerning "Operation Freakout", an attempt by Scientology to silence investigative journalist and Scientologist critic, Paulette Cooper. The Church's members were indicted and imprisoned on charges of theft, burglary, conspiracy and other crimes.[7]

    For more information on Anonymous and the upcomming protest, please visit

    [1] Taxpayers' sacrifice to the churches |
    [2] Police probe suicide linked to Scientologists -
    [3] RTBF.BE (article in French ‘Scientology charged with fraud’)
    [4] BBC NEWS | Europe | Germany moves to ban Scientology
    [5] Council revokes rehab consent - Wanganui Chronicle - 2008-04-25 01:34:00.0 - localnews
    [6] Family blames Scientology for daughter's death - Wikinews, the free news source
    [7] Operation Freakout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. AnonLover Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    ^^^THIS... yummy copypasta! i spun and blogged a de-regionalized version available HERE if anybody wants it.
  4. Scythe Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    edit: disregard that.
  5. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    Very nice, but it's Nice, not Niece.
  6. AnonLover Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    thks TS spellchk'r fail now fixed - those proper names on foreign soil get me every time
  7. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: 5/10 protest press release

    4 years of high school French pays off once again. :teacher:

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