~$500 penalty for chanting "Alaho Akbar" at night

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. The regime announced there will be equivalent ~$500 for chanting alaho akbar at night. LOL

    Shows how much they are afraid of people.
  2. Kat-IRAN Member


    I guess they're not getting it - for each action of repression there will be a reaction. The regime keeps shooting itself in the foot - How stupid are they?
  3. citing source?
  4. Visionary Member

    And if they don't pay?
    What are they going to do?
    Arrest everyone?

    On the other hand, weren't they already arresting and shooting at some people for doing this at night anyway?
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    "~$500 penalty for chanting "Alaho Akbar" at night"

    What about "Where's my vote!"- is that also on the banned list?
  6. If they don't pay, they end up in evin getting tortured just like the rest of them.
    They are now using other facilities to store prisoners, even sports centers.
  7. The Latest from Iran (26 July): Four Days to The Green Movement’s Next Wave | Enduring America

    lol. saying "god is great" and doing your laundry are now dangerous, subversive acts.
  8. a desert Member

    Ooo, it would be quite awesome for them to start chanting nonsense things if they can't afford the fine. It'd never happen, but the idea of people shouting 'Do a barrel roll' into the night sky gives me the giggles.

    I like how they gave a specific time- because if they all did it at five in the afternoon, it wouldn't be subversive- mebbe patriotic?
  9. Nedjarsan Member

    Lol 500 $ per chant ?
    or per person ?
    how they deal with a chourus? do they get discount ?

    A muslim state putting the chants of its own muslim belief on trial.

    Like in some radical christian families where u have to put a dime in a bucket if u curse ?

    Ok now Allah UAkbar is a curse ?


    Call Ahmadi and tell him that the world pays a trillion in advance then they shout night and day for the next 100 years
  10. a desert Member

    Allaho Akbar- Sing Five, Get Two Free?
  11. I'd love to see them shout "Beware the Jabberwock, my Son." :cool:
  12. a desert Member

    They could just recite the random parts of the poem. Just start shouting 'TWAS BRILIG AND THE SLITHY TOVES'.[SIZE=+2][/SIZE]
  13. God. I love this. I truly do. Is there any other way for an "Islamic" government to delegitimize itself then to make chanting "Allah-o Akbar" a crime? My Iranian history is not so good but I would guess that even the Shah didn't do that... I think it would be the best if people were to iron their clothes at 9 pm while chanting Allah-o Akbar. Or leave their Iron on while they do the evening Namaz and just be a little more loud at the Allah-o Akbar part... Do they have any idea about how utterly stupid they are? Maybe they are doing it on purpose..
  14. Ahh so there was a reason why I was thinking about the Vorpal Sword this morning... Odd. Yes it would be beautiful.. This one goes for Ahmedijabberwocky:

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back
  15. a desert Member

    I do believe I have my new name for the guy. :D
  16. Tick tock
    Mr Jabberwock! :)
  17. Frylock-IRAN Member

    “The plugging in of irons at 9 pm every night is an act of subversive sabotage.”

    The word "every" is interesting. One has to wonder the true numbers of supporters that are just playing it safe, it's a given it's a large number but I wonder how large.
  18. I guess since the Basij can't easily catch the protesters that chant Allah-o Akbar (God is Great) at night, they figured they could charge them a fine instead.
  19. They will be fining people for praying Fridays next.
  20. JohnDoe Moderator

    Oh no, they don't fine them, they just beat them up!!!!!
  21. Ray Murphy Member

    It looks like it would be safer to plug them in at 8.50pm and then switch them on at 9.00pm.
  22. Visionary Member

    LOL, I wonder if they would accept that.
  23. Fluff and fold in the name of freedom!
  24. Ray Murphy Member

    Honest judges would have to accept what the law actually says.
  25. JohnDoe Moderator


    Let's see who is the head of the judiciary?
    Who changes the laws both Islamic and national to suit his own ends?
  26. i love you.

    they could just shout out the ridiculous names the internet has come up for Ahmadinejad. i personally prefer Ahmafirinmahlazer. I think we need a separate thread (a sticky) for those names.

    Also, if you plug in your irons at 8:59, then turn them on at 9, that's technically okay. Do your laundry for great justice!

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