6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonymous612, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Oh god I don't remember the protest theme. Pretend this is a formal Operation name.

    Today was eventful. The high points include an impressive amount of attention from beach traffic, an absolutely hilarious extended period where a Scientologist was positioned on the roof of the Ft Harrison Hotel to watch us, YAY VIDEO OMG, new supportive vehicle honks for our collection (the Pepsi truck was a nice touch), and apparently my promotion to scifi alien status. Thanks, AMA, I'll put it on the resume. I'd also like to add that during our little situation later in the day, I really appreciate how helpful the Clearwater police and members of the public were. I'd get all "omg ilu guise <3" but that'd be slightly gay.

    Also, our handler's secretary hates being called a secretary. GO ANSWER THE PHONES OR GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN, SARAH. YOU ARE A SECRETARY. DON'T YOU WTF AT ME.

    Late in the day, we had a blatant plant where a woman sent a young lad across the street to us to hang out and tell us about how he likes 4chan and WWP. I can only assume they were hoping for exploitative photos and video to take out of context. Sorry, OSAfags, we took countermeasures.

    The main event would of course be the theft of Clearwater's Volunteer Ministers jacket. We've had a suspicious pair of brothers we call the Bike Twins protesting with us for the past few months and generally acting fishy -- asking for some pretty personal information right off the bat, stealthfilming people, that kind of thing -- which has been setting off our scifag detectors. Apparently not ENOUGH, though, because today THIS FAGGOT ran off with our jacket. I was not the anon directly involved, but the tl;dr is, he wanted to "go find his brother so he could lead him over," was specifically told, repeatedly, that the jacket was to stay with us, and bolted off on his bike with it. A police report has been filed. Also paintball helmets at raids are for fags.

    Mansell -- or rather, Mansell's poor secretary having to read this shit because he's too busy with his real job while she does the shitty leftovers due to her lack of a real education:
    I mean this from the bottom of my heart, honey. You know I appreciate you and your antics, and my life would be so much duller without the ability to use you and your sheepfucking tendencies as regular staples of my sense of humor. You're my dude and I want to see you happy and free of farmyard animals, so trust me when I say this, and read this very, very well: You are a gigantic faggot. I have outright told you IRL that when you piss off anons they respond tenfold. I wasn't even going to attend the first Sea Argh raid until you annoyed me by threatening me the week before. For the love of God, Xenu, and all that is holy, man, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STOP PISSING PEOPLE OFF, IT NEVER ENDS WELL FOR YOU.

    Also, please enjoy your legal yet incredibly amusing and satisfying retaliatory trolling, we send it with love. <3 And sheep, also sheep.

    PIX (well, some)!





    More photos here:
    Flickr: anonsixtwelve's Photostream
    Flickr: anon612's Photostream

    And video and photos incoming from other anons.

    EDIT: Footage of the guy who made off with the jacket (and the guy he claimed was his brother) from earlier protests:
  2. John Steed Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Good job, CW! Too bad about the jacket...
  3. zebrafaced Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Can we play the "how to say 'I hope that stolen property gives you heatstroke, go choke on your own body thetans' in Scispeak" game ITT?
  4. anonymous612 Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

  5. zebrafaced Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Q: How do you cross the Bridge to Total Incarceration?

    A: On a bicycle.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    [STRIKE]Mudkips[/STRIKE] bicycles have body thetans.
  7. zebrafaced Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Sticky Fingers is not a Touch Assist technique.
  8. anonymous612 Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    ...omg, I was going to use that jacket in a fake touch assist booth next month. ><
  9. re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    After the Saint Petersburg Times' two scathing front page exposes on the cult this week and the unprecedented amount of scilon denials and distractions in the online comment sections, we expected something interesting this week from the cult at our monthly protest. However, I don't think Six expected to be a victim of the cult's criminality.

    This month the cult showed it's true criminal nature by having one of their teens who was a plant in the protest group commit theft by stealing a scientology volunteer ministers jacket which had been a gift form an ex-cultist to a Clearwater Anon. The plant asked if he could wear it for one protest march, the owner unwisely said okay. Very quickly in to the march the plant tells me he's going to run and grab his brother (who was always with him at the two other protests they attended) and he'll meet us at the intersection we were enroute to.

    I said okay, but leave the jacket. You can put it back on when you return. He said I'll only be a minute. I said no, we don't know you well enough to let you ride off with it on your bike. He says I don't want to take it off so I'll just come with you and call my brother. Then as soon as I turned my back on him to cross the street he sped off on his bike as fast as he could go. A police report was filed for theft of property.

    I was very suspicions about those two since the first time they showed up to a protest in March of this year. Their stories simply did not add up. As one example: a teen who says he doesn't go on the internet while feverishly fiddling with a blackberry at every opportunity. As the disgusted Clearwater Police Officer said when I told him of my earlier suspicions &quot;well you were right!&quot;

    These are the two scilon plants we had dubbed &quot;the bike twins&quot; who claimed to be brothers. The one on the right is the one who stole the jacket: FTCELWOT 72 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! And the one in the background here with the VM backpack:
    FTCELWOT 55 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    We still have the cult VM backpack we were given at the same time as the jacket and the cult will be seeing a lot more of that at future protests. We protested an extra hour this day and some of the protestors vowed to protest several days this week as a result of being victimized by the cult's criminal actions.

    You pulled it in scifags. And I'm looking specifically at you Peter Mansell. Stupid move Peetie.

    Autographed copy of Blown for Good.

    Pre jacket theft with the Ft. Harrison &amp; a SeaOrg in the background.

    Post jacket theft.

    Look we has planted trees! The &quot;Super Powers&quot; building will be open any day now!

    Posing in front of the door to the Fort Harrison with copies of this week's front page exposes on the cult.

    The cake with decorations. In the front an artist's rendering of the second citizen's choice provider and behind it a devil-Hubbard shoop.

    Few moar pix and larger versions here: Flickr: Anonymous9000's Photostream

    Did I mention it was hot as fuck?
  10. Anonymous Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Post pic of thief.
  11. anonymous612 Member

    re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    We did. See link in OP.
  12. re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Read the thread maybe?

    We've got some higher rez stuff available for the CPD at their request.
  13. HouseSpiderV3 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Looks like I missed another fun one =\
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Clearwater's most recent raid:


    vs New Zealand Fail Guy:


    Which is worse? You be the judge.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Sorry about the theft of the jacket, but I am glad none of you were injured by those losers.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    OMG, who let you off /ifl/? Get back to work.
  17. anonsparrow Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Shit. I loved that jacket too.

    Great job braving the heat today you guise! Way to keep the pressure ON
  18. Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    OP &amp; I both forgot to thank ex-sci PodPeople and her husband for donating
    not large but EXTRA-LARGE pizzas this month!


    * there's a backstory here that involves recent fairgaming of Pod but it's her place to elaborate on it.
  19. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

  20. Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Lots of horn love, waves and thumbs up today. Even got an air horn blast from a big Progress Energy rig as well as a local bus.
  21. AnonyMary Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    ditto :)
  22. PodPeople Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    thanks, ClwtrAnon, and love that pix! I should say that none of you &quot;forgot&quot; thanks, but instead waited for me to speak and appreciate that.

    Freaky thing is, someone just called me saying he almost just showed up at my door (very late here) but it was an emergency kind of thing. Good thing he didn't, because I would have called police without even looking outside! lol

    I want to thank all who responded when I asked for advice this past week, especially because I was so exhausted at the time when the doorbell started ringing, and ringing. Husband was recovering from minor surgery. We had all these pizza deliveries being made, from different pizza companies, at night, that we Didn't order.
    Later I remembered we'd had many phone calls starting early, ending late, that left no messages; I looked up number, from collection agency but we have no debts, lasted a couple weeks. There'd been several other oddities during that time also that I shook off. And then had few suspicious things on computer, and had to wait till husband could sanitize, even tho we already have multi security and filters in place. It is very rare for anything to get through.

    Now, realize we have No disarming knowledge, no tempting wealth, and our carcasses carry hefty maintenance and repair medical expenses. This couldn't possibly be just because of pizza, with all sci is dealing with worldwide.

    I told ama: Who knew in my age of diminishing hormones which leads to dwindling fantasies that I would emerge as The Pizza Avenger!

    I might just have added a little love note, like &quot;Screw U OSA&quot;. My bad hormones, oh my.
  23. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Any new Protests?? ;)
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Sean, next protest will be at City Hall, 10:30AM, on July 10th.

    Pod: Pizza Avenger? I smell photoshop potential...
    Also <3.
  25. PodPeople Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Hey, can you photoshop me as HOT pizza? I used to be, in another time. Now, just HOT under the collar.
    OSA, you really need to rethink messin' with podpeople. Our pods have busted out and we've emerged as free humans. scary free humans. scary. free. humans. oh my!
  26. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    "Late in the day, we had a blatant plant where a woman sent a young lad across the street to us to hang out and tell us about how he likes 4chan and WWP. I can only assume they were hoping for exploitative photos and video to take out of context. Sorry, OSAfags, we took countermeasures."

    That's not really a good way to describe me.... I love that fkn flag and Im gonna buy it... The 4chan thing was basically a lie because it's full of newfag trolls. WWP is the shit, and Scientology is geyy. It's also gay how that scifag took your jacket. See you at the next protest. Basically, my friends wanted me to video tape the protest just like any Anon would video tape and take pics and post on the internet, don't worry, it's not for any bad purpose. I was really mad though about how nobody showed up to the protest :( and its sad how off-duty officers work for Scientology. Also, The Office of Special Fags needs to GTFO. Co$ is just failing so hard with their bullbaiting slaves. So ya, just please edit that and don't put me in the same paragraph with those failure trolls irl that pay thousands of dollars to be "Cured".... From WHAT?
  27. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame


  28. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    haha no I just mean how like not as many people showed up... I mean there was 4 people there at least thats what I saw..... I wasnt there earlier.
  29. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    No, you weren't.
  30. PodPeople Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Yes you are now officially Awesome. Send me $300,000 (special discount offer valid only this week) and I will send you your Awesome Certificate. For only an additional $50,000, send me all your personal information, including everything bad you ever did or even thought of and I will send you your omg Awesome Jacket.

    btw, did SeanWayne tip the delivery driver?
  31. SeanWayne Member

  32. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Hey, excuse me, I'm a freezone awesomeperson, thank you very much.
  33. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Why does it take 4 hours for someone to post a new reply?
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    ...seriously, aren't you a little young to be up this late?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Oh, I wouldn't say that...
  37. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    You know, I'm more of a "Who gives a Fuck" kid. Not really into irl protests. I just go to watch the Scientologists fail because it makes me LOL. It's good to know a little about "hacking" to keep us safe, come on now.... :D In the beginning of learning about Anonymous I thought most Anons were the "hacker" types. We already know about that EPIC FAILURE that FOX11 did a story about Anonymous. Let get real, DEATH THREATS, PASSWORDS, DOXING. I mean I'm sure Anons are skilled in Social Engineering passes and *some* (like 2 percent lol) maybe do that. Remember kids like Credo? I think people are silly to hate Anonymous because they think we are just some group of hackers when they are missing the point. I didn't see any form of hacking today, all I saw was peaceful protesting.
  38. SeanWayne Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Worry about yourself, not my problems. It's none of your business about how old I am. Do you really seem to care? I don't think anybody here does.
  39. anonymous612 Member

    Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Generally speaking, it's difficult to hack without a computer, internet connection, electrical outlet....I know this may surprise you, but hacking generally isn't done on a street corner in 91 degree weather.

    Dude. You volunteered that info, remember? You came to me out of the blue and told me. It's not a matter of whether it's my business when you show up and go "Hey by the way I'm ____"

    It was like twenty minutes ago, your memory can't be that poor.
  40. Re: 6/19/10 Clearwater Postgame

    Obvious scilon is obvious.

    In the first post he claims to be a child who looked to be no older than 10 wearing a cookie monster shirt and then posts that rant later.


    You delphi grads, LOL.

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