(7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by alpanon, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. alpanon Member

    (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    ATLAnons have returned from a candle-light vigil in honor of Patrick Desmond. Patrick died while under the "care" of Narconon, where he was introduced to heroin. Partick was going to the center for help with an Alcohol addiction, but instead died from an overdose of heroin.

    At around 9pm several Anons from the ATL group lit candles, and made a procession to the street across from the Atlanta org. We brought a sign and flowers to honor Partick. Patrick's eulogy has read, with different Anons reading different parts of the text.

    We did not have any physical $ci presence, although there were cars leaving the org, and one or two people entering and leaving the front entrance.

    A passer-by stopped by and ended up joining our vigil until we finished. The sign for Patrick was the only item left behind. It now stands across from the driveday that leads into the org.

    Videos/pics will be available shortly.
  2. AnonMSW Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Just like Vulture Ministers, only this time for an obvious price up front as well as the very real risk of being put on the road to becoming a $cientologist, NarCONon is a cash generating recruiting ground. It's also a place where some people, those sentenced to rehab by courts and needing a certificate of completion for drug rehabilitation, face either the choice of prison time or absolutely satisfying their keepers that they've "successfully completed the course."

    Thank you for standing up for someone who we couldn't reach in time.

    Does anybody else wonder why these people made their name a rip off of the free twelve step program known as NarcAnon, or why the first result when Googling "Narcanon" results in:


    They are completely vulnerable when it comes to this source of revenue which is nothing but a hard sell when people are most likely to agree to any solution which offers the sort of assurances that $cientologists do.
  3. ravenanon Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Picts when we all finally start functioning again. Lets make this a great protest today and continue to honor the memory of Patrick!

    A big thanks for everyone who came out last night!
  4. ethercat Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Just one note: Per Narcotics Anonymous World Services ( Narcotics Anonymous, NA, homepage ):
    Many people, however, do think "NarcAnon" refers to the 12-step program, and use it as a shortened version of Narcotics Anonymous. There was a lot of discussion about this on ARS several years ago, and I wrote to NAWS to clarify the issue. From what I could determine, there is no actual organization that goes by "NarcAnon."

    And, yes, narCONon loves the confusion over the names.

    The vigil was lovely. Thank you to the other people who attended. I'll post a picture of the sign after today's protest.
  5. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Never Forgive
    Never Forget
  6. AnonMSW Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Yes, and I'll have to bring that up at next staff meeting irl thanks for bringing it to my attention. As far back as I can recall, and this is likely why $cientology loves it so, professionals and lay persons alike have in my experience referred to NA as NarcAnon (perhaps just "cultural slingo" - slang/lingo).

    NA is "moar better" and avoids the whole clever $cientology tarp, so best I get in the habit of using it.

  7. ethercat Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    YouTube - Candlelight Vigil for ex narconon patient

    Copied from the Atlanta post game thread:
    The sign we left after the vigil was gone today, as I expected it would be. What was interesting was that the white rose and the dove the sign was decorated with, which were glued in place, were left in a nearby shrub. They did NOT just fall out. The flowers were also in the same place we left them.

    Congratulations, c0$, by taking away the memorial sign for Patrick Desmond, you just earned yourself >9000 flyers with the same image and additional information, to be left in places you will not be able to find and remove. If only you could have acted decently...

    The sign's image file will be posted here soon for Anonymous to use as they see fit.

    Watch YouTube - Classy Narconon to see narconon of Georgia's building.
  8. AnonyMary Member

  9. ethercat Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    Thanks, AnonyMary.

    Here is a still picture of the sign and candles:
    Patrick Desmond Vigil

    Here are a couple of 18 x 24 PDFs used to make the sign, which can also be used to make flyers (please add information about narconon on the 2nd side):
    Version 1 - Anonymous version
    Version 2 - moralfag version

    PDFs are big, and may not remain there permanently, please get them and pass them around.
  10. tofuman Member

    Re: (7/11) Atlanta Candle-light vigil for Patrick Desmond

    During the July 12 raid in San Diego a Scilon told me about how her sone was a druggie and how NarCONon saved his life. I tried to tell her about Patric's death, but she of course she didn't want to hear it and went into the org.

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