8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ClearwaterAnon, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    The person who was going to do the post game for Operation Slappy Squirrel got tied up, so I'll deliver.

    First and foremost it was HOT AS HELL, with highs in the 90s and Florida' swamp-like summer humidity. Fortunately, the temperature is just going to go down from this point until next summer. Despite the heat, several new folks and some familiar faces showed up to protest, with about 13-14 total over the course of the day.

    The protesters marched through downtown first, giving the new folks a tour of the points of interest, then we set up at the busy intersection of Court St. (SR 60) and Fort Harrison Avenue to catch the beach traffic bypassing downtown cult town.

    It seems likely that many locals read the Scientology: The truth rundown | St. Petersburg Times series of articles as the horn love was about as steady as it's ever been with lots of thumbs ups, keep up the good works, god bless yous and of course one middle finger salute from a Scilon. xD One motorist even offered to bring us some bottled water, but an Anon responded that we were good, to which the motorist said "thank you for what you're doing".

    Most of the protesters left after the pizza break, as there was a storm front looming. But the front passed over with only a drizzle to cool things down a bit, so four Anons went back out to catch the beach traffic one last time. During that last time the cult tried a few tricks to handle the remaining protesters, all of which failed miserably.

    Other highlights:
    Chanting "The COB is your SP!" while marching past the cult's Fort Harrison and Coachman buildings.
    Some Scilon we've seen before claiming to be an OT8 tried to handle AnonMomAnon and an ex-sci, but his imaginary OT powarz failed him miserably.
    A couple pedestrians seeing our "Honk Against Scientology" sign yelled out "Honk! Honk! Honk!"
    Cult curtain tech in place as usual - gotta hide that entheta from the drones. xD

    Fort Harrison in the background

    Notice the line of deserted storefronts in the background

    Ex-sci protester sporting a new hat from Larry Brennan, with the cult's Oak Cove building in the background.

    Later in the day Anons were on three different corners of the beach traffic intersection, trying to stay in the shade

    Littering scientologists AGAIN? Tisk tisk.
    Nevertheless it's a scientology Diuretics bag where it belongs; in the gutter.

    Few moar pix here: Operation Slappy Squirrel - a set on Flickr

    There should be some more pix and possibly a video to come.

    e: next monthly in Clearwater is set for Sept 12th
  2. SHanon Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Pretty stealworthy sign. Here in Hamburg I'd think only a few people would understand it but it's quite good to have a sign saying something like "We are helping you to protect your city against a cult".

    greets from Hamburg's outskirts
  3. Mower Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Nice cap, where d' i get it?
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

  5. anonsparrow Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game


    Clearwater Anons are number one! Fuck yeah!
  6. amaX Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    We do not live in south Florida for the summers. HOT.

    It was hot. And humid. Hot and humid.

    It was very nice to have newbs. The newbs usually don't come around until the hot and humid weather breaks.

    OT Powerz. The cult in mecca is getting sick, tired, and worried about the fact that Anonymous won't go along with their con game. "Why do you do this?" "Why do you keep coming back?" and other questions from my very own OT8 handler.

    Thank you to the OT8 sent out to handle our ex and myself. Everything you said only bolstered my determination to continue showing up over and over.

    Thank you, OT8, for agreeing that it would "suck" if you were in the Sea Org and stuck in some foreign country without your passport or visa and things went bad. It would "suck" if you couldn't speak the language and there was no one to help you.

    Thank you, OT8, for agreeing that it would be a horrible situation if you were a pregnant woman in the SO and your only two options were to be off-loaded to a dump with no money and no support or to have an abortion.

    Thank you, OT8, for admitting that you routed out of the Sea Org the first time from the RPF because it was "bad".

    Thank you, OT8, for telling me that THE reason you left the Sea Org (after going back) for good was because it just "wasn't working out" for you and that you wanted a different life: kids and a job. *Not so much a different life, but rather just a life...?

    Thank you, OT8, for admitting that if Amnesty International does decide to release a statement against $cientology's Sea Organization that it will be "really bad" behind the closed doors of $cientology because "everyone knows about Amnesty International".

    Thank you, OT8, for looking like I'd smacked you in the face and then snickering when I said this to you, "When I started Sunday School they gave me a Bible. For free. Do you EVER get anything for free in $cientology?" OT8, I will take your reaction as a NO.

    Thank you, OT8, for making me realize how close all $cientologists are to realizing that this has just been one big con by ole L. Ron.

    And a big ole THANK YOUto our ex who made the whole convo with the OT8 hilarious. OT8 at one point asked me if I could tell our ex to shut up. Had to remind OT8 that this is America and the ex has a right to speak.

    Please, Great Weather Gods, make September cooler...
  7. LarryBren Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    I got that hat at a mall in New Hampshire. Various malls have these stands in the aisles where you pick out a cap (color and size) and they embroider it with what you want on it with a choice of different color threads while you wait. Costs around $20 or so.

    You may be able to get one from the following site:

    Coming Soon...

    But I know a lot of malls have such places. Two in NH do - Manchester and Nashua.

    Anon of the Opera is a man of many hats!

  8. anonsparrow Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Nice hats!
  9. 3rdMan Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game


  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    As soon as they see a protester they run inside. Hide-tech in full force.

  11. amaX Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Oh, godamn. That's a picture of Watterson Ave. You cannot believe how horrible that street smells right now. The stench of rotting dumpsters cooking in the hot, humid Florida weather and the fact that no air seems to ever blow down that street? UGH. This is one protester that was happy that we only made one pass down that street.
  12. FYIANON Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Excellent protest!
  13. Stalin Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game


  14. Uncle Bruce Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    But the shoes! Who made that boys shoes?
  15. Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Those were some phat kicks alright.

    I should have gotten pix. :(
  16. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: 8/15/9 - Clearwater, FL - Post Game

    Clear Water Anons always pwn. Us Atlanta anons are impressed by your hat tech. :)

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