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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I posted this earlier.. Is this a telephone number? It's different from the first one so anyone able to give it a try?
  2. he makes a good point the proxy for all we know could be how some of the iranian people are able to reach the internet
  3. icecadavers Member

    just heard back from him, he confirms. let's get haxxin!
  4. I love you guys... keep the good work.
    Support Iranians, and hack the hackers....
  5. if he is indeed getting attacked by this IP, all he has to do is block that IP, right? this thread doesn't seem right.
  6. icecadavers Member

    blocking the ip won't stop them from trying. finding the source maybe we can shut them down.

    ooh, maybe heap can redirect incoming from the IP to Last Measure for added lulz
  7. Iran Deckard Member


    The purpose of proxies is to make it hard to see who is really behind them.

    Best bet-
    Find some way to contact the legitimate admin of the box. (if there is one)
    Tell him the story.
    Convince him to let us see his logs (if any)
    Move on from there

    Its pretty far-fetched.
    Other than that, asking smrt people in UA who have had practice spying, scrying, and snooping in that particular network region.

    Other than that, duplicating the work of the original madhacker and hax0ring the b0x yourself.

    Other than that, contacting the UA police, asking them kindly to shut down the box.

    Other than that....
  8. Try his phone number with skype
  9. now that the attacks are verified, we need to determine if this IP is a proxy.

    If it is, do we really want to shut it down? I would say its better to know where its coming from, if its just a proxy and gets nuked / shut down the actual attacker will just move to a new one...and is probably using multiple anyway, both in layers and parallel.

    It seems to me getting hold of the actual admin on the box and convincing them to send logs / pwning the box itself would be the best course of action. But the first step is to determine if it is indeed a proxy. How to do that is beyond me, but from looking at the posted info so far, it sounds probable.

  10. Why dont use ?


    "Arthur Torosyan" it's only the guy who bought this range of IP (probably the boss of the company)

    The IP is a DHCP (Dynamic) IP, that means the guy who have this IP yesterday is not the same of today

    As it's written below why don't you simply send an e-mail to the address done for ?

    remarks: Please send abuse notification to [/QUOTE]

    When I sent an abuse to the owner of the IP Range, 80 % it works.
    On email dont't forget to tell :
    - IP source and destination
    - Time : Hour , Day specify GMT (+1 -2 +3 ...)
    - the type of attack.

    Sorry for my poor english, I'm french speaker from Belgium.

  11. Yeah no shit.... Now tell me something that I havent already said about 20 times, captain obvious.....

    That said do you have an actual answer to my question? Or are you just wanting to make stupid comments?

    The question was and still is does anybody know of a way to get around a proxy to see who is hacking? I am well aware they are designed to make it hard to find out who is behind the proxy....

    that is why I asked if anybody knows of a way to get past it..... But then again, if you werent busy thinking up stupid comments you would have realized that.......
  12. Oh I assure you I have already sent an email reporting it to the email you point out!

  13. andor Tho

    I am trying to ping his pc, still working on it but I will send a message if its done.
  14. tim new Member

  15. That article about the twitter accounts its total bullshit.

    The accounts are new to avoid being directly connected to a real person which could endanger them and their families.
    They post in english to be understood in the rest of the world, not everyone talks farsi...

    Absolute bullshit
  16. This site is hired either by CIA or Mossad

    Your are busted, you bastards liars!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Love from Mossad!

  18. Would be nice if the mods reported the rats IPs
  19. lol someone doesnt understand the concept of common ordinary ppl just gathering to get shit done :D sometimes something in front of your face is exactly what it is, i.e. someone gives you a birthday gift but you think OMIGOD its a bomb! Hell no, its a birthday gift.
  20. vienna Member

  21. ChartingStocks valid target than?

    /charges laz0rs
  22. lol youre getting trolled guy is a conspiracy newfag
  23. Shameless self promotion of an otherwise completely mediocre site. In other news, ANON IS NOW MOSSAD ALSO!!!!!

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