9/16 Vegas Raid

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Madam Butterfly, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Quick rundown. It was a pretty win raid. There were a lot more people than we expected--around 13 or so. Caught the org off guard by our sudden comeback. They were so bamboozled by us that they kept entering the exit route no matter how much we politely told them otherwise.

    -Party van came.

    -Three scilon cars used their blinker when asked by anons.

    -Cat ran into org. (It was later seen running out. Speculation: rape.)

    -Ugly dog approached us. (Anons thought it was a cybernetic dog made by scilons to optical camera on our asses---see vid.)

    -Apparently pissing on oleanders will give you rashes. (Which is why they grew them in the cause robbers discomfort...or some shit like that.)

    -Dog shit still everywhere. (Too poor for a pooper scooper)

    -Scilon cars kept leaving the wrong way.

    -3 to 4 Scilons finally tried to camera us. CA camera'd back. One Scilon had creepy rape face and actually believes our story about not smiling due to lack of teeth (hillbilly blood).

    -Scilons think Anons are paid 9 bucks an hour to protest. We are apparently paid for by the notorious criminal organization, Anon Inc. (Which must be paid by pharmaceutical corporations...or something.)

    -Kids running into the Org (instead of running out like normal people).
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