>9000 Anon March site launched

Discussion in 'Projects' started by SenatorXenu, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    The website says:
    "Masks ARE legal in Washington, DC as part of a free speech demonstration. But please remember to remove them if you decide to wander around the Mall away from the rally. Masks are protests are fine, but masks on tourists look suspicious, and that's just not good."

    I guess this means it's legal, just not always cool for some people. Remember not to wear the fucking mask at government buildings or memorials. THAT'S UNAMERICAN AND YOU WILL GET MOTHERFUCKING ARRESTED.
  2. captainslug Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    They are legal everywhere. Just don't be surprised if security at the Memorials get annoyed with you. And Museums WILL ask you to take them off.

    1. You can wear them when traveling to the protest (put on after leaving Virginia)
    2. You can wear them while leaving the protest (take them off before you enter Virginia)
    3. You can wear them in a box
    4. You can wear them with a fox
    5. You can wear them with your socks
    6. ????
    7. PROFIT

    Don't forget that there is a post-protest afterparty. One will be at a restaurant and be family-friendly and mainly for eating dinner. The other will be at a hotel with convention space and will not be family friendly with a cash bar. Details of both will be provided day-of.

    If after the protest you want to go visit memorials or museums it would probably be best to go eat dinner first. Or visit a more obscure Memorial that's outdoors and less crowded. Say for instance the FDR Memorial which is just south of the Korean War memorial.
    Go there, make sure you're not being followed, De-mask/change hats or whatever, then move on the the other stuff to see.
  3. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    check yer gmail.
  4. captainslug Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  5. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    I would love to come to the 9000 anon thingie, but I was kicked out of D.C. once, told nevah to return.
  6. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Strange, you don't look like Zombie Nixon.
  7. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  8. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  9. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    I see what you did there. :examine:
  10. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  11. dmudkipz Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    This shit has the potential to be epic. Don't blow it faggots!

    Videos+pics are necessary, of course. How many is a guess of going?
  12. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Not a clue with the numbers. A lot of people may be coming that didn't let us know. At best guess, I'm going to say a respectable 400-600 Anons, critics, and old guard. :3


    Dinner booked. 5:30-7:30. Half masks provided so people can eat without fear of facefagging. (someone remind me to pick up a couple hundred of them.)

    Afterparty booked. 8pm-2am. There will be a bar so BRING CASH. There will also be music, dancing, possibly Rock Band competition. :3 If you want to drink alcohol, you MUST show your ID and receive a wrist band. Please to not be getting us arrested. Your ID's will not be flashed around, photo'd, or recorded at ALL to preserve your anonymity. Underage b& is still welcome to come and dance, but no wrist band = no alcohol.

    Locations will be disclosed at the >9000 anon rally on the national mall. That way, spylons and PIs won't be able to camp the locations. **NOTE** Masks are allowed in DC and on the metro system in DC. They are not allowed on the metro or the streets while you're in Virginia. Dust masks may still be okay. Half masks to protect facefagging will be handed out at the dinner and the afterparty so people can drink without compromising who they are!
  13. Lorelei Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Fun times ahead! W00t!

    Looks like party of three heading your way. Still hashing out transportation and lodging, but have a cash cushion in case Plan A is thwarted.
  14. Jack the dog Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Once again, Anonymous, I wish you the best of luck. May your adventures be many.
  15. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    UUUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHH! I can't help but feel spine-tingling excitement over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUCKING EPIC!
  16. Tridium Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    I understand from enturb that the actual location will be by the Lincoln Memorial end of the reflecting pool, but why does the protest site say it will be "on the steps of the Capitol"? Somebody should change this.

  17. captainslug Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Typo. Don't worry about it, will be fixed soon.
  18. bw_ Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Attention Philadelphia people!

    We have a charter bus from Philadelphia to DC for the march. There are still seats available. Here is the bus info:

    Pickup Info
    Time: 7:15AM
    Start Location: On 30th St between Market and Chestnut (somewhere around here)
    ETA: 10:45AM
    End Location: Constitution Ave NW & 21st St NW (here)

    Return Info
    Time: 9:00PM
    Start Location: Constitution Ave NW & 21st St NW (here)
    ETA: 12:30AM
    End Location: On 30th St between Market and Chestnut (somewhere around here)

    More info is here: is our private forum that requires you to sign up before you can view. Feel free to register if you want to get more information about the Philadelphia raids.
  19. JRhumperdink Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    PS: Philly bus tickets are $33 and there are currently about a dozen seats available.
  20. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    P.S. Philly breaks my heart for not going to our afterparty. T__________T

    Please do be doing things to not be getting us v&. :3 We're going to put out a pro-tip video soon to help with some common questions and rules the NPS put out for everyone protest on the national mall. Among the most important are:

    1. Plz to not be playing in the reflecting pool. It's gross and slimey and full of AIDS. You don't want that.

    2. Plz to not be wandering down the mall protesting outside of our site. NPS police/SWAT aren't so keen on that. We can spread out a bit, but we can't take over the whole thing.

    3. Plz to not be handing out fliers, posting fliers, or wandering into the Korean memorial or Vietnam wall memorial on each side of the protest site. People get REALLY touchy about war memorials and offending them = BAD THINGS from angry NPS police.

    4. Treat the mall like an airport. Don't bring ANY weapons with you, not even a pocket knife. DC is like a different world in terms of stress and security, they won't hesitate to haul your ass off if they think you pose a threat. The mall is especially touchy about security stuff.

    5. Bathrooms can be found in the Lincoln Memorial and to the sides of the protest site. Plz to be remembering guide tip #2 and #3 when searching them out.

    6. We're on awesome terms with our local police. I know that some people want to visit our local org to protest, but PLEASE don't jeopardize our relationship with the police or the locals by doing something silly, like wandering off the permit site to visit the org during the mall raid. If you ARE going to protest the org during your stay, please please please remember that public protests in DC are allowed without a permit, BUT YOU MUST HAVE FEWER THAN 25 PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES.

    7. Go to the god damn'd dinner and afterparty people! XD You didn't come all this way just to protest and we're trying really had to make sure you have fun. We'll let you know where to go when we get to the mall. :3 So make sure you stick around. Dinner will be from 5:30pm-7:30pm with Critics and Anons from all over the world. Dance party with bar will be from 8pm-2am. ID is required for alcohol but all are welcome even if you're not drinking, BRING CASH for alcohol/soda/stuff you'd like please. Twill be TONS OF FUN. Also, I will be dragging Tory Magoo to dance with me. :3
  21. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Does anyone think there will be a march on the Capitol next year as well?
  22. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Lol, let's get through this one first before we start planning for next year.
  23. fawkesy girl Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Add two more to the list of Anons confirmed for brawl and afterparty!! My brother and I are coming in from hardcore Las Vegas, where we doesn't afraid of anything, even enturbulating in 120 degree heat! We will see you all there!
  24. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Hell yes Las Veganons!
  25. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Oh noes. Temperatures over 115 degrees Fahrenheit are life threatening unless you stay in the shade, get fluids and electrolytes, and avoiding overexertion. This is because some critical proteins begin to denature (scramble) at this temperature. Don't afraid of 120 degrees, but if you are trying too hard , Veganons will pass out or have a cardiac arrest. :da:

    Otherwise, good job! :awesome:
  26. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched


    Has it been determined if C-SPAN will cover the March at all on on the 19th?

    They tend to cover demonstrations, but usually bigger ones. (the only small ones I recall them carrying were pro-Iraq War ones...which tended to have more flags than people)

    Their website has nothing but the call-in show listed for that day...which is standard. They change their programming as situations change.

    I know youtube and vimeo will be full of videos, but C-SPAN would be good for additional exposure...and it would get repeated when they have dead time as well.

    Contact info from their site:

    Main Number: (202) 737-3220
    C-SPAN Archives: (877) ON CSPAN (general number) or (877) 662-7726 (to order tapes)


    Book TV:
    C-SPAN Radio:

    Viewer Services: Questions about our schedule, how to buy videotapes, and for any other general comments about C-SPAN -

    Suggest Events: Submit a public event that you think C-SPAN should cover - Fax us at 202-737-6226


    I did a search for references to C-SPAn or CSPAN, with nothing relate to the March on DC, so hopefully this is not a repeat.
  27. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  28. wat Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    I'll look into the C-SPAN thing unless anyone else was going to.
    Operations to discuss Scientology at NPR's studio in DC is getting together nicely; moar results will come this weekend.
    By the way, how much time does C-SPAN report on a single protest?

    Remember: you can't have C-SPAN without an SP!:magoo::anon::Dwbm:
  29. SomeOldGuy Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    That depends mostly on two things: Money, and the ability to get a permit. Firstly, this is frighteningly expensive (not only for us, but for everyone coming here), and second, we're going to have to decide QUICKLY if we want to try to do this again, because getting this permit was a stroke of luck.

    By the way, short list of recommended do's and dont's: THE LAWS ARE DIFFERENT HERE - AnonymousDC
  30. RightOn Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Hey guys! and gals! YEP! two more confirmed! We just got out travel plans together and we will be there! YAHOO!!!!!!:razz:
  31. RightOn Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Here are some tips for staying cool..... you may not have thought of. Before leaving, grab a hand towel ....soak a hand towel in ice water and wring. ( if you are going to use the hotel's, PLEASE return it!) If you can roll some ice cubes up into it that even better, place in plastic bag and throw in nap sack. It will be cool and refreshing when you need it. I use this for the beach, works like a charm. Also they have those neck cooling thingies you can wear, and hand held fans also work great and are easy to throw in a napsack. And of course stay hydrated!:woot:

    If you have access to a fridge, bring along a couple of those mini ice packs and freeze overnight. Many hotels have fridges, if they don't ask them to freeze it for you at the front desk, don't forget it when you leave in th AM!!!. These are FAB for cooling off.

    Masks are hot,,,,,,having plastic against your skin is not pleasant. Line your mask with cotton fabric, glue with non toxic school glue. Make sure the fabric is thick, so the glue won't come through. An old thick cotton t shirt to rip up will work fine. Just glue it in and cut out the holes.

    And in Bori's' own words BE SAFE. He suggests white t shirts and jeans. The more people dress the same the better. ( although not very lulzy). Also don't wear dark colors... too hot!!! And a GREAT tip from him is to change your shirt to a different color when leaving. So bring a different color t shirt and throw in your nap sack for when you leave, you can change it in the bathroom.

    ALSO!! he says to bring a spare hat, and change your hat with a different color hat. Or if you weren't wearing one on the way in, wear one on the way out. Or bring 2 different masks. The idea of course is to look like 2 different people coming and going. All this precaution may not be as needed at a bigger protest, but some of you may want to leave earlier than the rest..... if the heat is too much and they are good safety tips to know anyways.
  32. piganon Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    I'll be another joining in. Is there a site with more information than Over Nine Thousand Anon March ? Especially more information about the events/schedule
  33. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Here's a rough schedule we've been kicking around. It's not set in stone, but it might be close to what actually happens. :3 If you have any questions, lemme know here and we'll do our best to answer.

    Morning - Set up
    11am - Protest start
    11:30/11:45am? - Opening speech when people make it down to the site
    12:00pm - WBM and Tory's speeches, Boris?
    12:30pm - Break for foods and musics and singings
    1:00pm - Cake eating contest starts
    1:30pm - Trap contest starts
    2:00pm - musics
    3:00pm - Critic speeches. Arnie, Graham, Larry, Tommy if they'd like to speak
    4:00pm - Anonymous open mic for the cities to speak, tell people how to get to dinner etc.
    5:00pm - Closing remarks, herding cats to dinner
    5:30pm-7:30pm - Dinner, strike down crew cleans site
    8:00pm-2:00am - Afterparty Hard!
  34. leroyjenkins Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Is it possible to head down to NBC 4 Studios all dressed up in Chris Hanson masks? Before the march?
  35. thetan Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Damn, wish I could join you for this... instead I'm stuck in S.A. =(
  36. piganon Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Trap contest? I'm wondering if I want to know ahead of time or if I want to be surprisedby what it could be.
  37. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Hahaha! Well, while you're here you have full run of this city. As long as you don't get yourselves v&, then have fun. If you can get your asses up early enough to go to the NBC studios, DO IT. >:3 I mean, we once flashraided CNN after Wolf Blitzer did the little blurb about Anonymous with "HEY BLITZER, HUG ME" signs.

    Trap Contest! Contact to sign up. If your city doesn't send at least one challenger, then you FAIL! Defend your honor and prove you fucking win. Also, prizes!
  38. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

  39. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Where do you find this information? It's not on the website. How do I sign up for the Trap Contest? I'll fucking win. I could even beat Line Trap!!

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