>9000 Anon March site launched

Discussion in 'Projects' started by SenatorXenu, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. anonarama Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    philly anon here to say EPIC EPIC EPIC win!!!! everyone was friendly and helpful, there were no heat causalties despite 95+ degree baking day star action, and thousands were educated! anonymous, we truely are legion and scientology will NEVER forget us!

    :lrhcries: :rage: :headbang: :hooray:
  2. captainslug Member

  3. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Didn't matter. The local network in DC screwed us over. The cable network requested footage and a reporter, but they changed their mind (local) at the last minute in sending one out. More infoes in the thread CaptainSlug posted.
  4. captainslug Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    We in DC are very used to this occurring so it's not at all surprising to us anymore. WE ARE HOWEVER FINALLY REACHING THE WASHINGTON POST. Or atleast just their photojournalism section.
    Due to our extremely uncooperative local media our only effective means of mass exposure in the area is fliering. And we are phenomenally good at it after having so much practice due to having bi-weekly flash raids.

    Since February we have distributed 18,000+ fliers and 10,000+ business cards.
    Largely thanks to a print shop that has provided the above supplies FOR FREE and the many Anons who printed their own.
  5. Chowder Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    whats the average headcount around in DC?
  6. captainslug Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    For this event: 500-600
    For our monthly protests: 100-150 average (300 @ peak in March being the record high)
  7. Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    :/ I usually get about 200 except for May.
  8. Darkanon5 Member

    Re: >9000 Anon March site launched

    Hopefully I'll have a way to get to the next one...but you know what would be great for it. Operation Dollarstrike II, Think about it people we'd have Over 9000 people with over 9000 dollars so we get the word spread out all over DC think of the support we could gain!

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