A call to action! Fight SOPA and Protect IP act! URGENT!!!!

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by LastOneStanding, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Protect IP explained

    Uploaded by lesleyblooddotcom on Nov 23, 2011

    In Italy in 2009 three Google Executives were charged under a new law concerning copyright. Each of the three were given three month suspended sentences as the new copyright law made the owner of the server liable to copyright infringement , not the uploader.

    Protect IP is the same law which makes the owner of the server liable to any copyright issues.
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    A bit late aren't we?
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    moonbatty approach, also old news.
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    we'll see if you say that when, in time, the government of the USA bullies other countries into having an internet like China.
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    A big YIPPIE for now...
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    'blatant response'
    great word choice
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    SOPA in my Internet?

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    Combat Sopa fight the the censor of information with information! Raise awareness of the crimes of Sopa! but other than that any other ideas on how to stop this anti-lulz hate machine?
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    How about organizing boycotts of all going to the movies, no buying CDs, no buying video games, no DVDs...nada..the corporate entertainment industry wants to find out what it's like when people don't buy their stuff, let TV? (ZOMG that would be pushing it but still...)
  15. Hi been folowing the stop sopa movement for awhile been makin sure anons and those who just plainly disagree with sopa to sign petitions to stop this not only ridiculous but violating act ! I also have started a thread with other anons to start networking with other anons but to also to allow anons to have access to information about keeping you safe while being anonymous online. There is a forum thread what has just been set up called "operation : rotten onion" the thread has useful links on how to keep your anonymity online it is important that all anons who protest keep themselves anonymous. The thread is set up to raise awareness of Project TOR an anonymous web browser on the thread there are LINKs that will allow you to access the browser and give exposure to the group Telecomix feel free to post questions or just spark up a conversation!
  16. Would be epic if we could put a stand still together. But a second idea following along the same line is next hollywood mainstream block buster that comes out (dont want to dent the pocket of a independent artist) get everyone to pirate it instead of going to teh cinema to make it a flump >;] this way it is slightly more practical ? plus we would be hitting a company like Warner Bros who would be profiting of the sopa act ?
  17. although saying this could be the catalyst to make the sopa act possible as this could always backfire and use this to their advantage :(
  18. this is an idea that is worth exploring

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