A Coming of Age

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by LazarusLulz, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. LazarusLulz Member

    A Coming of Age

    I get the feeling there a governments around the planet watching us do this
    thinking "Oh Fuck!"

    This is humanity coming of age... communicating amongst the masses for the
    first time... realising the power the intertubes has given us..

    I don't think I'm being too dramatic by saying that when this is done and
    dusted (scilons etc.) humans will stand back and say that this was the birth
    of a new way of being, individuals wielding the power of thought and justice
    and the basic good that is within most of us.

    Something as simple and weak as national government or the nation state
    cannot control something like anonymous. Leaderless but with one mind,
    powerful yet tenuous, information rich and swift of worldwide communication.

    The history books will look back on us and say "It started here.....!"
  2. Anon1412 Member

    Re: A Coming of Age

    WE HAVE STILL NOT NEWGAME+! Stop that until mudkips will come out of the ball.
  3. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: A Coming of Age

    See, this is the kind of quote that can get people v& by scientology. :)
  4. Anonymousfoil Member

    Re: A Coming of Age

    Shhhhh, we'll take on Bu$h and the NWO after we are done cutting our teeth on the Co$.

  5. Anonymous9999 Member

    Re: A Coming of Age

    Humanity, no. The internet, maybe. And I don't think we're "coming of age" so much as "entering that awkward adolescent stage".

    Seriously - there's that early adolescent period where you say as many bad words as possible, testing your boundaries. That's what the 'chans are. Then, there's those first few attempts at "growing up", finding out not just what you are and aren't allowed to do, but what you actually CAN do.

    That's where we are now.

    I think.

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