A couple of thoughts

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by ankhensenamen, Jun 13, 2008.

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    A couple of thoughts

    It is Friday night, and usually I go drinking. But instead of my usually Friday night Merlot induced rantings and acting socially obnoxious. I stayed at home and tried to think of some way to get some serious Goverment attention on these issues.
    I am a tax professional by trade, and I have been researching that angle but a couple people I have been talking to brought up some things I have not considered.

    First the ACLU, ya know I keep donating to these people I have my membership card around here somewhere, are they suppose to be protecting freedom or something? Can we contact them? I personally have not been harmed but the website has this message -
    I feel my rights were violated, who can help?
    Contact your local ACLU affiliate about your experience.
    That must apply to someone here.

    Second, someone mentioned the whistle blower protection laws. I am not sure but some ex staff that are still being harrassed may have a case.

    I am still working on my tax research, unfortuately I do have a very busy work life and as a partner I have to have a minium amount of billable hours each month, that cuts into my research for a just cause time, but I will share what I come up with.

    I have written some passable tax opinions in the past, but with this one I want my final product to be poetry.

    Also the IRS National Tax Forums are coming up...and yes they are as fun as they sound... I plan on getting some insight into what they are looking at as far as tax exempt abuses are concerned.

    Oh and if my spelling and grammar sux...remember I am still drinking.

    After pondering some more I think we should try to get a private letter ruling from the IRS.
    I would like to find an angle not previously explored.
    One - can a business arbitrary change it's status to a religion?
    Two- can a religion hide behind it's status to commit fraud? I think there may be a case for fraud loss for those who paid a lot of money to get super human abilities. As a business I cannot promise you a result and not deliver it, can a religion do that?

    If a religion can promise some outrageous claims and is not accountable for not delivering the promised results, then I am starting the Holy Religious Order of Accountancy and gonna make wild claims of being able to make you be able to change the DOW at will and control the minds of investors. Or something similar. I will never have to pay taxes and I will never be accountable for my actions.

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