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    The game, you lost it.
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    Scientology works and it helps people!
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    Carlton, I AM NOT WORTHY
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    With regard to the eBaums e-mail dump - one file very long file (3098 word proc pages) - has anyone discovered a point where the file begins to present e-mail with HTML codes embedded all over the place?

    In MS Word, with 12 point font and single spacing, it seems to take place around page 968.

    Can anyone confirm this? Within the regularly formatted e-mail, there is a large quantity of repetition due to quoted and re-sent text messages, but this HTML stuff really complicates the continuum.

    Are the HTML formatted pages continuous or are these intermittent?
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    In the UK, the expectation of privacy is lower where the data subject has been doing something improper or illegal.

    Case law:

    Information Tribunal EA/2009/0063, Thackeray v ICO & General Medical Council

    concerning Scientology misconduct! What a coincidence.
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  6. They're the victims. They've been hornswaggled out of their money by a fraudulent cult.

    Hornswaggled, I say.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    LOL. They are looking in the wrong place for the "Merchants of Chaos".
    Oh hai!
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    It is our task to stop the funds. Leaks like this prove to people how unethical and greedy the cult is.

    I hope Miscavige has doubled his whisky intake!
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  11. skeptic2girl Member

    I thought he was a scotch man, no?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Fucking zip files are like fucking magnets. There is no possible explanation other than a religious one.
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    If you're in Scotland, whisky=Scotch, because what other kind of whisky would you drink?
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    I know!

    This .tar.gz business is ridiculous. 'Tape archive'? What century is this?

  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    thanks to d.h who has split the eBaums Text only file up.

    They can be found here (for the time being, may remove or change address later):

    --> note this isn't all of them (they can only be found in the huge ZIP file, requires specialist tools + steep learning curve to decipher)

    (cheers to whoever did the other one, but as I don't know who you are, I don't know if it has been tampered with)
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    Fuck you, asshole.
  17. skeptic2girl Member

    Has there been any response from the cult to this leak?
  18. AnonyVix Member

    Who would they respond to? They doubtless know the information is out there since they're always sniffing around. Tildacity commented. ^^.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    A person who innocently receives stolen information generally has no obligation to maintain its secrecy. Check your jurisdiction of course.

    "Innocently" means that you didn't actively solicit the information.

    PROTIP for leakers: securely get the data to someone likely to disseminate it who does not solicit such information and does not know who you are. Note that none of this will stop you getting caught if the nature of the information itself blows your identity. Also never trust a hacker named "Lame-O."
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    There was no hacking - it was eBaums, FFS! It seems as though just found it by doing a google search

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    True that! Of the many interesting patterns to emerge from examinations of the e-mail spool, the scilons have an extremely shallow understanding of the technology they are using. "Clueless" would not be an overstatement. It is very clear to me that the technology is using them, and not the other way around.
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    Anyone wonder why the password and information is still on google 6 days later? I thought OSA followed these forums...
  23. Anonymous Member

    Like anonymous posted above: C L U E L E S S !!!
  24. timthephoto Member

    i think the fact that they deleted the contents of the server sort of explains why they didn't do their usual truck of bullying google
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  25. Triumph Member

    ask yourself this :

    how many Sea Org drones does it take to screw in a to find its to run a stress to reg it for more to issue a sec check.... 3 to write knowledge reports..... 10 to declare its a "PTS"...and 15 to issue the obligatory accusations of "what are your crimes"

    theres 472 additional steps along with the 7 above ...before its brought to Miscavige attention

    which in turn causes the 37 OSA bots to run in circles OMG WTF the sky is falling!
    23 other OSA bots to hide under their desks

    then its 2 or 3 black eyes administered by Miscavige over the lightbulb flap

    25 staff being verbally berated for their incompetence from Miscavige

    12 staff being tossed in the RPF for gross malfeasance of their ecclesiastical duty

    and order for toilet paper being cut to 1/2 rations at all Orgs written up (47 staff to accomplish this task alone)

    then its onto black ops run by a dozen Private Investigator

    a gaggle of 27 Lawyers to sue the lightbulb into oblivion

    and the Idle Morgue having it utilities turned off for Lack of payments
    it took those dim wits with 6 month to spit out a response to Lawrence Wright Article

    what do you expect from a cabal of morons...
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  26. ...and my Lord Montagu of Beaulieu!
  27. Anonymous Member

    We've already been over this one in this thread, but I'd like to ask:

    1) exactly where is it in the archives? I can't find it in the big .zip or the text file. Is it an attachment to another email? (Or did it bounce - I notice the recipient's domain is given as jahoo instead of yahoo.)

    2) can someone find/provide the attachments A and B? (another poster has already said they're not visible in Thunderbird.)

  28. Anonymous Member

    I foudn it in the "sent" folder of the ded@ account. But my version didn't have attachments. I thought attachments might be in another file or under "misc". The subject line is "From Rich", headers are:

  29. Anonymous Member

    he sent the email twice; the first time to the misspelled email address then 3.5 hours after to the right one. still can not find attachment.

    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    X-Priority: Normal
    Sensitivity: Normal
    Importance: Normal
    Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 17:54:55 +0000
  30. Anna_Asks Member

    I took just this email out and lined out what I knew and my questions. Not sure if it's the right place, but I put it in Think Tank
  31. Anonymous Member

    "at cause over life" LOL can't even "clear" a car park.

    Kept the data quoted.

    Read it and weep, shitheads, the SP's will shut you down faster than Miscavige can slap you.

    Enjoy another 24 hours of cult enslavement, we'll be here having fun while you dream of entheta.
  32. Not certain that these are what you're looking for but have a look:
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  33. Anonymous Member


    Let them all eat it.

  34. More attachment data, FTW:

  35. More attachment data:
  36. Attachment about the Library Program:
  37. Anonymous Member

    Oh noes! Who will tell Sharon that Mark got fed up with her moonbat nagging and is now banging her SP sister?
  38. skeptic2girl Member

    v. true -- I guess I was waiting for the inevitable osa poster here who starts going off about how evil psychiatrists are, lol
  39. You're cutting very close to the bone here, Anon. A full soap-opera season of drama resides in the e-mail/attachments treasure trove. Have a look at some of the cast:

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