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  1. Miranda Member

    Did you hear something? I did not. Just the whisper of baby pictures lol floating in the wind. Carry on!
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  2. CarltonBANKS Member

    Who is CO CMO? Is that captain John bloke ?
  3. LocalSP Member

    Yeah and it's pretty damaging to the cult don't you think? Not to mention Lulzy.
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  4. CarltonBANKS Member

    someone has their knickers in a twist cos i posted Rosemary Didear's social security no. (rosemary is head of delphian school).

    Is that a problem? It's in the public domain, anyways. Also, what is one of those numbers - like National Insurance number?
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  5. Miranda Member

    No, it's a unique identification number. People don't like to let them out because they can be used in identity theft. However, if it was in the public domain, that damage has already been done, it seems to me.
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  6. CarltonBANKS Member


    Chris Wrapson (yup, the guy who said Anon are Terrorists)
    • handling his mum(!)
    • having money problems
    If you can help translate some of the jargon he uses, please consider leaving a 'comment' on (you can do so anonymously).
    • e.g. WTF is 2WC?
    Chris also doxxed himself, giving out his new home address in East Grinstead. Might be useful for press who want to go and interview him. [All the latest Chris Wrapson news]

    During the day, Chris works at Scott Cinemas, where it seems he is going the extra mile, making sure underaged people don't get in (probably making sure that 17.9 year-olds aren't getting into 18-cert films)[/CODE][/CODE][/FONT]
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  7. CarltonBANKS Member

    ID: 350
    DATE: 2010-06-04 03:03:36
    TO:,CF BHM <>, Birmingham Org <>, Birmingham Org <>
    SUBJECT: AV agenda for the event

    This is for the AV guys.


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  8. Triumph Member

    rots their teeth
    its loaded with corn syrup.....its like giving an infant a Coca Cola to drink

    or they may use rice syrup,Karo syrup...or even straight sugar....all of it is bad for infants teeth.....
    Hubbard took the Idea from a quack in the 50s called Adelle Davis....
    like all things Scientology Hubbard now gets all the credit

    the barley is beneficial..its .still severely laking nutrients...adding sugar or syrup was and Is stupid...

    like alot of things Hubbard didn't know Jack shit about raising children
    he was just parroting bad advice

    that funky formula is bad for children....
    theres recent pictures of Suri Cruise still sucking on a bottle...ten to 1 says its Hubbards sugar drenched Barley water mixture......
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  9. LocalSP Member

    Shouldn't that be Barley water?
  10. Triumph Member

    yea its also has Corn syrup....and whatever else they toss in it to make it palatable....nutmeg,,,cinnamon...

    the main ingredients are always processed Barley and Some kind of syrup
  11. [Editorial Note: look at the formatting of the recipients list.

    No use of Bcc: for multiple recipients. Everyone’s e-mail address in the list has been exposed to the spambots that patrol the entire internet a few thousand times every nanosecond (billionth of second FTW) and vacuum up these addresses. Lists of these are made and sold to spammers and botnet managers. Scilons are complete fuckups when it comes to the issue of Internet ecology.]

    All seem to get thrills from doxing themselves.
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  12. NCSP Member

    Two-way comm. In Earth language, a conversation.
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  13. CarltonBANKS Member

    ^^ who are the people in the photo?

    i'm guess H.E.S. is Michelle Brown. (Tom is her bro, Tom Brown)
  14. Mr. Wrapson is quite the credentialist: (scilon links broken)
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  15. I have no idea, but it broadens the mystery of wtf is going on, in the photo below?

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  16. Anonymous Member

    If you had evidence that your neighbors were cooking and eating babies, would you withhold the evidence?

    Why do you hate babies!?
  17. Anonymous Member

    I think honey is also a main ingredient, which is bad for infants.
  18. Anonymous Member

    It's supposed to be based on some Roman formula. (Big Fat Hubbard Claim!) Except that the Romans didn't have corn as we know it. (Impossible until after 1492.)
  19. Triumph Member

    only and Idiot would give Honey to an Infant.....could would result in serious case of infant botulism... your inviting disaster
    along with causing respiratory failure or worse...
    any college educated pediatrician would go apeshit...over a parent giving Honey to an Infant
    less than a year old...YOU DO NOT WANT...

    but Hubbard was not Lacking in fucked up parental advice....

    best to wait a couple years before you give a young one any honey...

    that said

    the recipe was in the Volunteer Ministers Handbook

    Yea the Romans did it.... after all Hubbard was a Roman Centurion In a past Life or some Bullshit

    condensed milk has sugar(not good for babies...
    Karo syrup (also sugar)... loosens the stool....good luck with that mess!

    a physician might recommend Karo syrup for constipation....but that would be 1/3 of what Hubbard would use...and Karo syrup Is not something to be used s in a regular diet....oh no...

    Babies can digest Lactose sugar its found naturally in mother milk...and "cows milk".
    so the idiot is way off base with that claim too...

    Yea! Jack up the sugar rush!! thats it!

    any kind of fructose sugar Is bad....again ask a real physician....(not associated with Scientology)

    little Johnie and Janie will be Jumping on the couch and biting the dog,and bouncing the cat out the door....drink up kids! pull each other hair out!... Hubbard says its good for ya! hip Hip Hooray!

    don't give babies corn syrup either
    can also result in intestinal botulism

    the whole Barley Water recipe is for dingle-berries who are clueless idiots that harm children needlessly armed with the ignorant advice from a side show carnival huckster

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  20. Sponge Member

    Caption: This is a male scientologist in a dress, pushing an invisible watermelon across a table. Your argument is invalid.
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  21. Triumph Member

    its Sir Mix-a-Lots first wife

    the Duchess of Mustache
    and the inspiration for his hit single &quot;Baby's Got Back&quot;
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  22. Yes, we did.

    Because in this case, the neighbours have left their door open, and we can see evidence of their child abuse.
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  23. CarterUSP Member

    These scientologists are supposed to be the most sane, able, ethical people on the planet, those who are homo novis.
    The emails showing their frequent money problems, problems with friends and family, health problems - I wish some of the guys from the Birmingham org would take a good long look at these and come to the only conclusion that makes sense: Scientology isn't working.
    I don't know how many of these folks are 'clear', but certainly none of them give the impresison of being in control of their lives.
    Such a sad, sad waste.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Special "how to live your life instructions" classes are not likely to host the most able, anymore than an emergency ward is likely to host the most well. Difference, of course, between an emergency ward and a cult den is one of those two actually knows how to help.
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  25. QFT!!! <3
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  26. CarltonBANKS Member

    So, Michell Brown is HES (What does HES do?)

    Tom Brown doxxes them:


    Dear Michelle,
    This is a reminder of past glories which is about to become a reality again this summer 2011. The famous TROPHY is getting delivered in 14 days from now on. I
    want you to take this TROPHY!
    This is not a mild suggestion. This is a tone 40 command in celebration of the 4th anniversary of the freedom for all - The Golden age of Knowledge, the BASICS release.
    You are the terminal in the UK who exactly knows what it means to salvage a being and puts her whole heart&amp;soul into it thus you really deserve this award.
    Much love,
    Veronika, UK Sales Manager NEP
    Plan for BIRMINGHAM to win the TROPHY
    Birmingham(42.5 points) is beating Basel (60.5) and Barcelona (65) and comes to the TOP by 21 July 2011.
    Basics package
    100% staff selling
    ACC / Congress package
    Basics/Congress completion - 6 points (work out with public)
    1st recovery with Basics - 2*2 points (very possible by tours) Book outlet posted - 2 points
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  27. CarltonBANKS Member

    How has Sahila damaged the group?
    What is an amends project?

    [context/more info]
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  28. timthephoto Member

    Amends programs are part of the control mechanism.

    If a victim has been reprted in some sick KR or been found to be for instance reading the truth on the internet, they are given an 'Amends Project' quite possibly one of the "5 Steps A-E" things.

    This project is written down in meticulous detail and will usually involve making substantial donations, dreaming up some event/project to either ingrain Scientology in their local community or generate donations for the cult - preferably both.

    It will usually involve "delivering a blow to an enemy of the church", this is where i think the OSA gets it's public 'volunteers' from for it's fairgame attacks

    when the victim has completed their amends project, they are marked 'in good standing' again. this means they can talk to their friends, maintain contact with members of their family and keep their job that the org pressured some w.i.s.e. company into giving them - until the next time.
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  29. The Wrong Guy Member

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  30. CarltonBANKS Member

    Is that true? If so, then wow.

    Can we get Sahila out??! Sounds like she is already half-way out, amirite?
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. The Wrong Guy Member

  33. Heinrich Member

    I have spoke to this woman previous at raids. She is in very deep. She is OT i think.

    Vicky is possible Vicky Ellroy or Victoria Head. Look at face book friends.
  34. ftfy. No charge.
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Heinrich Member

    how should the fuck i know?


    it is a local recruitment job company for temporary workers and things
  37. Malory Member

    They get a lot of government money to patronise the unemployed.

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  38. xenubarb Member

    Why, no, I'd do what Scientology did. Hire Eugene Ingram to visit their grandma and lie to get family pix out of her. So much better than a home invasion, don't you think?
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  39. ScudMuffin Member

    This guy is known as TheOtherDave. He was trying to infiltrate BrumAnon at one point, his behaviour and falling for a sting operation blew his cover. Because lets face it, random BBQ in the middle of a city centre is the way to go.


    2 1/2 years of also helped get the guy out of the Brum Org.
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  40. ScudMuffin Member

    Sadie is Grahams wife. Chris harland is a pint sized thug. Afaik, Graham handles the technical side of things and would be responsible for the cock up.
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