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    Just decided to check Content has been removed. That's an assumption though because I've never been there before so wouldn't know for sure.
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    Pertemps is a UK national temp / bank staffing agency. This would appear to be an offshoot geared up to taking advantage of Government grants and other goodies afforded to companies who can train people to do jobs and then get them employment; recent changes in conditions means they only get paid when they get people jobs and they get more money if the person stays in the job.
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    I wonder if anyone has actual current information with regard to Susan, ED Birmingham Org. Going though these (when I should be focusing on Italian Lit.) I could not help but notice that Rachel Speers is now holding the ED post and another email regarding Steve mentions that he is so busy looking after Sue (I read into this cancer remission as she had it some years ago) I wonder if that is the case? Sue is a staunch Scientologist, only met and married Steve a few years ago, lovely fellow, was new recruit and a member of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. It would be most sad if Sue had a recurrence of the deadly cancer, she is a good woman, I am fond of her, despite the fact that I am a Suppressive Person.

    If anyone has any information, I would most appreciate it.

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    Cancer and scientology, they seem to be frequent bedfellows.
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    The Steve and Sue mentioned in the emails re: cancer are Steve and Sue Kelly. She passed away in January from cancer. Some of their story is on page 6 of this thread (post # 211 for her being sick, and post # 216 after she passed re: an argument about giving Steve free auditing, post # 233 that she passed on New Years Day).

    If that is who you mean, I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Scientology works, and it helps people. :(
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    I could use some info on the B'ham mOrg's staff list as of about Spet. 2011. PM me for details, I am not fucking around.
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    Yesterday, Rachael Chorlton Lewis,of Birmingham Org wrote this:

    Later on in the conversation:

    emphasis is mine

    [discuss/reply, if anyone can be bothered, i'm too lazy]

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  10. I learned all of my criminal money making actions at the very expensive, unaccredited Hubbard 'College' of Administration International In L.A..

    This Scientology scam claims to be a non-taxable 501(c)(3) public charity religious organisation (like most of their bogus front groups) that is somehow magically a secular educational institution.

    I believe that Hubbard College teaches fraud, blackmail, money-laundering, extortion and blind 'ethics' amongst other serious criminal money-making activities.


    KSW, YO,

    A Hubbard College Gradyouit.......

    Gradyouit wordclear: Something a WOG (LRH's racist term for non-scientologists, Wily Oriental Gentleman) would say in a game of Tag. "I'm gradyouit".

    See, I learned me some racism at Hubbard College as well......... :)
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    "improve illiteracy"

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  13. xenubarb Member could be worse...

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    I thought you were joking, but she did actually say that. Omg fucking LOL.
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  15. Yup, and "idol chit chat"
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    Lol. So is that like Idol Orgs?
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  17. Perhaps, soon to be announced "Tom Cruise Idol Org!"
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    stc was my idol.
    Durn shame he got ban't.
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    LOL at her twitter threats
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    Rachael Lewis must lern2Internet.

    Ordinary Twitter feeds are like a billboard by the side of the road that anyone can read or photograph.
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    Rachel, can't, won't do anything. OSA are the only link to the police. Anything else is sock puppet land. Such a pity she is still in, she and Jason was good people.
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  25. Is there any way to present this, in enough of her way, that she might see and read it?

    FFS the FTP password and port number were in the public domain! Or is this just too fucking cryptic for this idiot bitch?
  26. Anonymous Member

    It's hardly hacking when the door is open and the welcome mat is flashing.
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  27. Precisely! Clams too stupid to secure their intertubez. This leak was so lulzy, still is, in fact!
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    I get homonyms mixed up all the time (e g idol / idle) so let's cut her some slack. She migh t be dyslexic like moi. (though miranda's montage was lulzy)

    For the first time, I've directed her to this thread. She may or may not glance at it.

    She (understandably) might not know what FTP is . Also, she may struggle to cope with the realisation that her org has been so negligent / incompetent.

    This is definitely the case. I wonder what they will do to Rachael when she raises a finger of complaint. Rpf? Sec checks ? (She's not allowed to talk to the police)

    She must be pretty upset that they didn't tell everyone affected by the leak. That would be the decent thing to do.

    Given that these emails appear to demonstrate fraud, I, for one would love some police scrutiny. Someone said the informatioon commissioner might want to fine them.

    she seems like a really nice person. Let's try to empathise with her situation.

    (btw can someone please search through leaked emails for references to Rachael / Jason Lewis. My computer is slow right now. I cando it myself in a week or so, once I've done some housekeeping)
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    Baby needs a Vulture Minister tee shirt.

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  30. I tried. I failed.
    Check your inbox.
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    More funz in Brums.
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    No, it's not hacking. There are a lot of FTP sites out there protected by passwords that are shared amongst many people and even published somewhere on the web. The passwords stop robotic and random downloaders but not seriously interested parties.
  33. CarltonBANKS Member

    can someone put miscavige's face on the baby? or tommy davis?

    for the lulz
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    If you know you're not authorized to access what is called a "protected computer" under the federal statute and access it anyway, that may not be "hacking" in any sense that will make you famous, but it is illegal. As for the emails, though, anyone who obtained them through no wrongdoing of their own may do whatever they want with them, subject to copyright and other laws.

    I believe the UK may have an even more broad unauthorized use statute than the United States.
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    A pesky eBaumsWorld member submitted the cache to us. (Maybe Scientology can backtrace them?). We had duty to publish, in public interest. This happened like, months ago.


    Does someone have a list of URLs of all the VillageVoice articles that mentioned the leak (I think there were 2 or 3 entries by Tony, maybe more)

    We've been hoping for police attention from the outset, to shine a light on those fraudulent loan applications etc. (see earlier pages of this thread). This cache of emails appears to have evidence of some bad/illegal stuff.


    Is anyone else surprised that Brum Org didn't inform all their followers, like immediately? I know of an NHS leak, where someone stole an official laptop. A couple hundred people had their details stolen. All patients affected were immediately notified.

    They must have expected people like Rachael to stumble across her info via a Google search -- surely?

    What now? What if they (OSA/RTC) want Rachael to just keep her mouth shut? What if she disobeys them? Would they use carrot or stick?
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    (Thanks to Mr Bob SquarePants)

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    Latest from Rachael (actually received two days ago - only just noticed):

    Well at least you covered her face, Thanks. But you are still not wired right doing that to the picture. I've blocked you on Twitter now as I see no further need for communication with you at this moment in time. I have done my own research and been a Scientologist long enough to trust my own judgement and intuition without having to view suggested articles.



    in advert she gives her contact info:

    Numbers could be out-of-date, so if you want to buy her catering business, don't rely on calling her
    She seems like a nice enough person, shame she appears to be a lost cause. Oh well, we tried.

    Idea: maybe SMS zingers [e.g. Unflat doubt on scn?]
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