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  1. So she is perhaps selling the business in order to raise cash for more org courses?
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  2. Sponge Member

    Rachael, would it help if we electrocute a tomato?

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  3. grebe Member

    Once they trick you into "trusting your feelings," the rest of the con is easy.
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Why, a savvy fella like you would never fall for cheap stunts! No sirree, and that's what makes you just the kind of man I'm lookin' for!"
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  5. CarltonBANKS Member

    first read this:

    ID: 624
    DATE: 2010-10-21 11:28:52
    SUBJECT: Chris k

    Have been doing a reg cycle on chris for a few wks for his lifetime. He is qualified to do it and had the space. In addition to the usual barriers and objections people run in to his parents have expressed that the don't want him to donate to the church but feel he should spend his money on them if he is giving it away. Last thursday I was on the phone and had closed him to do his lifetime. He went off to sort out the cards and came back to say his parents were listening to his comm cycle and didn't want him to donate. He rollercoastered at this point. He is quite secretive in what he is doing.

    On tuesday he closed himself whilst alone to do a donation. 600 dollars didn't go through. Based on the card having had fraud on it so it was cancelled.

    I feel that he is not always honest about what he is doing and sometimes I think he says he is at work when he isn't.

    Sent using BlackBerr

    This appears to be him:

    (if you get curious about what he looks like)

    can someone please help to translate this:

    ID: 1934
    DATE: 2011-01-19 16:01:57
    SUBJECT: Chris k

    I hope u day was magically. You have to tell me about it

    His program is

    Read pg 207 and 213 from ethics book

    Go over the catechism in WIS and make sure u have all your questions answered

    Drill with HCO handling a person with false ideas on scientology to a point where u feel confident about it

    Handle your aunt by using the above tech

    Read HCOB More on PTS handling

    Use COHE in SOS and spot your sister. Look over the rest of the columns and see what way is the best to speak to her so she will respond( use SA if u have any doubts chapter 8 tone Scale Test)

    Get in comm with your sister and find a why for her feelings toward coming in the org. Handle her considerations and see HCO if you need any help

    Decide to handle or disconect to Anthony and HCO on the best way to carry it out

    Sorry Jed in the delay. This is not verbatim but is basically the program

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    Can you speak Scientolegese? See more emails to/about Chris Kvilums
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  6. I think that was at least successful in her case. Rachael's illiteracy is coming along leaps and bounds from what I can see.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    If we are talking about legal matters here, it is likely that the Birmingham Org is in violation of European Data Protection laws as they have clearly failed in their breach notification duties. There's a lot of personal financial information in those e-mails.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    That's right

    although they might have reported it and we wouldn't necessarily know about it. But they probably haven't.
  9. GloryMarcabia Member

    Awesome thread is awesome! Thanks for the immense lolz! I just noticed this thread and went through it in two nights. All I can say is that this untermensch is grateful for the glimpse into this den of homo-novises err thieves.

    "Helping people improve their illiteracy by leaps and bounds!" :)

    "The mechanism of brainwashing which I gave you, with supercold mechanisms and so forth, is very well known, was used very extensively in the Maw Confederation of the Sixty-third Galaxy. They had a total psychiatric control of all of their officers and executives, and when they got tired of them they used this specific method of brainwashing." - Commodore Tubby
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  10. Anonymous Member

    WIS = The ‘What is Scientology?’ book. A catechism is a brief into to the fundamentals of a given religion.
    HCO are the folks who run an org/mission. This is asking the person to seek out and train on being able to handle Scientology critics.
    I’m assuming the person’s aunt is being critical or sceptical of Scientology, and thus the person is being order to handle this aunt using the training referred to previously.
    This refers to a policy letter on handling ‘potential trouble sources’. A person who is connected to a suppressive person is called a PTS.
    This is directing Anthony to either ‘handle or disconnect’, and is directing him to consult with the HCO to get advice and training on carrying out the process.

    This email is fucking awesome and totally rubbishes the denials concerning disconnection.
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  11. Anonymous Member

  12. It does stand to reason.

    If a person falls for the scientology scam, they are potentially vulnerable to most if not all other scams, like the one posted above.
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  13. CarltonBANKS Member

    Look at how the URL looks a bit like , whereas it actually is hosted by

    more info earns cnbc scam

    Different face on Internet scam

    She's knowingly / unknowingly defrauding others.
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  14. Pique Member

    ^^ spam reported
  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    Would appreciate analysis of the email below. (Can someone please translate to English?)

    [collaborative editing on PiratePad]

    Feel free to annotate. Could be vandalised by OSA trolls as anyone can edit.

    His email is - or leave a message for him here.

    PROTIP - don't send anything that appears Scn related in the subject line etc. He has been conditioned to delete entheta (critical material). (I guess you could email him a JPEG with some zingers)

    • From his photo, he seems young. Is he OT? I guess the more OT a person is, the less likely they are to be break free? (Speaking generally)
    • How far is Warwick from Brum? (i'm too lazy to google). Looks like he's an uni there.

    Copy of message, in case the pirate pad version is vandalised

    DATE: 2010-08-14 10:45:54
    FROM: Gareth Roberts <>
    SUBJECT: Saint Hill
    Got back VERY late on Thursday night (the day I went) and it was all go at work on Froday, so this is the first chance I've had to draw breath!
    What transpired at Saint Hill was very good, although I have a lot to do (not that I didn't before - lol). There were a few shocks in the pipeline; for instance, the thing that had everyone's bee in a bonnet was not the freeloader issue, it was the idea of offering #5K GBP services with the #15K GBP donated towards the Ideal Org! In fact, per a KR written on me by Fiona Kover, CFD branded the idea as "dodgy". So I was told in no uncertain terms that that would not be happening. Re: the freeloader, it was suggested by Maud that I CSW for a Board of Review on the matter and get it sorted out that way, which is a good idea, so I will pursue that in the near future.
    I have a lengthy ethics program relating to my own finances - as you suggested, I raised the matter of Graham and Sadie's business but Maud at this point was only interested in hearing what I was going to do about it and so I think we'll keep it how it is for the moment (more about that in a minute). I raised Chris Lomas and she also thought seeing him was a good idea and suggested I do right then and there, so I did!
    It went well, although a good flow is expected - I'll brief you over the blower on that one, if that's okay. One thing that was good is I got him to give me a bank account to pay money in rather than pass checks to him (and I will probably pay the interest into his London Org account by debit card as well, eliminating the need for checks altogether).
    There are implications for the Humanitarian cycle which basically put a stop to doing it via Stuart Wards' finances:-
    No (or at least a greatly delayed freeloader recredit and no #5K GBP means that funding the freeloader entirely from Stuart's loaned money will make it very difficult to obtain the OT III package and will allow no margin for error at all (e.g. 2 Eligibility intensives instead of 1, etc.). It will also mean no auditing for Olya at all for a minimum of two years.
    Stuart's finances are not all they appear to be. Some of this I have briefed on before, but to summarise, Stuart needs to pay off aproximately #15K GBP worth of credit card debts as he has been living on his cards as opposed to generating a significant income. On paper, he has the wherewithal to do this as his grandmother has gifted him approximately #60K GBP. However, what we had not seen is that as his grandmother is going into care, the local authority would want to examine her financial circumstances to see whether she can actually pay for the care fees herself. Now, the powers are more draconian than that, because they can also look at any past gifts of assets and money and if they are satisfied the gifting was done in order to avoid paying for care they can start billing the benficiaries as well! Note that you can have assets of up to #23.5K before you start paying all the care bills, but even then you subsidise it to a degree.
    What this means practically is that Stuart could use the money but since it's only now being gifted it would have to be paid back again over the next year in large chunks, and the only bit he would not have to pay back is approximately #10K GBP (assuming grandmother gifts ALL her money and does not retain any of it).
    So as you can probably see, following through on this reg cycle is not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and (unless and expert can be found who spot a loophole in this suppressive set up) for Stuart either. So I'm pulling out of this cycle, although I shall continue to help Stuart because if it could be made to happen without these consequences, then Stuart could still be rid of his financial PTP's.
    Right, I partly briefed you so that you will understand the actions I'm now going to take for the next few days. I don't expect Rachel to be pleased at all and in fact this does exactly what I didn't want to do - back her up. But I really feel I have no choice. The original formula of tagging it onto a property somewhere, somehow is what is needed. I've said to Rachel I will e-mail her the data and that's what I'm going to do now, but I feel for the next week or so it's best if I keep my head down and out of the way and then when the dust has cleared up smewhat show myself again.
    By all means, give me your feedback if you're not too pissed with me!
    ML, Gareth
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  16. xenubarb Member

    Especially when they conduct something they think is called "research." Gawd that makes me laugh. Delusions of adequacy or somethin.
  17. I think of it as delusions of competence, when I'm not thinking of delusions of messianic powers.
  18. itisme Member

    Who's the hot blond?
  19. Intelligence Member

    Wow, just came accross a link to this. I'm on a time-line right now to deliver dox to Canada Gov agencies
    and I'm looking for ANY dox (Email Leaks), that refer to Narconon in any way shape or form.

    Has anyone come accross ANY in this shit load pile of dox??

  20. I'll do a a search on the files I have, but to the best of my recollection (and I went through everything and most things twice) no, nothing at all specific to Narconon.

    If, after a search, something turns up, I'll let you know right away!
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  21. Rachel Lewis, and Son:

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  22. Yeah, the cakes are looking delicious, and deliciously iced.

    Okay, I just ran a thorough search on all the Birmingham stuff and nothing at all turned up. The dominant pattern in all that shit is the manipulative regging being done at the org.

    Early on, some of us thought we had a smoking gun with regard to forcing people to take out loans, even student loans, mortage their properties, donate their inheritances, etc. We found everything but strong, hard evidence of "force."

    Much circumstantial evidence but nothing really hard.
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  27. It would appear that the Lycett Family and James Osborne missed the LRH lectures about never going into debt.
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    oh, wait...
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    Hey! these Scio's are great shoopers!

    Or maybe they used the weird photo-app on the ipad... great work!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Is it me, or does it look like she's holding a fish?
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    It looks like a fish. Especially, the tail.
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    Two old trouts?
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  36. SeenTheLight Member

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  38. Birmingham mofos gettin' mighty desperate. Freaking T-shirts??? Just sayin'...

    P. S. Check the typos in message # 556 - "They deserve the right premises to do their job properly and so do all their their future public."
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