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    yes! leak 'em!
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    that was a message to Pooks about her old emails x
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    Well, it really is getting quite exciting.

    We are UNITED FOR A CLEAR UK, what does that mean? It means that all staff and public are aligned to getting the UK Ideal Orgs done as a team. Starting with Birmingham. Why Birmingham?
    We have a perfect building for this org and the planning and design is already done for this building and it is the furthest along the line to get done in the physical universe. Otherwise we would have started with a different building but this one is the closest to getting done.

    How far are we now? You may or may not have heard, the PLANNING APPLICATION was submitted to the Birmingham City Council as of Thursday 7 March 2013 just before 2pm!!! This in itself is a huge win and is the next step in getting our next Ideal Org done.

    What does this mean for all of us? We will have a decision from the City Council about going ahead with the renovations of our Ideal Org building the date will be 2 May 2013. At which point we will be able to turn the beautiful Pitmaston building into an Ideal Org and a Church of Scientology for Birmingham!!!

    It is a true datum that when all vectors are aligned a huge power is created and in this way, working as a team, united, we will get the Ideal Orgs done!!!

    “There are no barriers on our path except those we make ourselves. Our ability belongs to all worlds everywhere.” - LRH, ABILITY, EARLY JUNE 1957

    What do we need to make all of this move forward at the rate necessary to handle the UK for real and make Clearing the UK a REALITY? We need big booming orgs everywhere and that is the Ideal Org strategy and all parts of it. This means we need everyone who is already a member of the Ideal Org Honour Roll to move up to their next status. By moving up to your next status you are making our next Ideal Org a reality.
    We worked it out and did the number count and when each of you do upgrade to your next status all at the same time we will have the wherewithal to complete Birmingham Ideal Org and then enough to do half of the next Ideal Org. Thus it is a fact, when you upgrade your status you are making it possible to make the next UK Ideal Org.

    You should know that by continuing your support we are making it and we need you to continue your support so we get to the end phenomena of this process on the 3rd dynamic. What an EP it will be too.

    We have great buildings already for Sunderland, Birmingham, Manchester and Plymouth and of course the first UK Ideal Org LONDON!!!, we have Ideal Org buildings named and approved for Edinburgh and Brighton.
    Thus with a bit more push and shoulder to shoulder effort from everyone on the team we can get the product.
    Now we need the wherewithal to renovate each of our Ideal Org buildings and complete the rest.

    Are you with me on this?

    So my message to you is, upgrade to your next Ideal Org Status today.
    Keep up the good work.

    “You are creating an island of friendliness, decency, and succour in the sea of a violent world.
    You do it by using policy and tech that it took half a century to find and develop.
    Sometimes it’s tough going. Well, it’s a tough world. But that is what makes our orgs so valuable.
    And that is why above all else we must create these org islands.”
    - LRH, RON’S JOUNAL 28, 24 NOVEMBER 1976.

    Yours faithfully.

    UK Landlord
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    Someone's in for severe regging.
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  5. "Yours faithfully.

    UK Landlord"

    What does that mean? UK Landlord, is he some evil galactic landlord that owns the UK?
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    Absolutely! All of you, out! Even Queenie, out out out!
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    Phil Tyler, President of Criminon UK.

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  8. Dear Shirley,
    Sorry it took so long for your request to find its way to me and get a response.
    Unfortunately, our church building here does not have the facilities to allow people to stay over night.
    I wish you every success with your vital program. Our Volunteer Ministers have worked with the Red Cross on shelters and we hope to do much, much more.
    Jeff Quiros
    Director of Special Affairs
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    ^response received in early Feb 2012
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    TT never fails to deliver.

    Epic accomplishment, DH! Thank you and Bravo!

    birmingham email@0.jpg

    Moonbat Scilon Birmingham.jpg
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    I had nothing to do with obtaining the leaks, just converted them to a tidy package.
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    It's the tidy package that I am grateful for!

    The initial e-mail spool remains on my hard drives, but the file is unwieldy and chopping it into bite sized pieces was always a pain.
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  15. That's Michelle Brown "Michelle" from the emails. David Wheeler, he grew up in the same house as me, my brother from another mother. Rachel, she's been on staff for a couple of decades now. Robbie Kinsey, David's mother.
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  16. Rachel Givardgidze nee Speers. And it does look like barley formula. I can tell because of the color and consistency.
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  17. No. It's some American woman. The Captain John bloke is the Captain AOSH UK. She's his boss.
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  18. Yes, that's Michelle the HES. She was my mum's assistant for over a decade when my mum, Lucy James was ED Birmingham. Michelle was my sister Kat Jame's nanny from the age of 2-14. She was like family. Michelle disconnected from us. That's Tom her husband.
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  19. I feel really sorry for Chris. He is the nicest bloke. So sweet and genuine. One of the nicest people I've ever known. Sadly he is ill informed. I'm so sorry to hear his son was in intensive care, he was a sweet boy. I cared for him for a couple of weeks for Chris and Marie one summer.
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  20. After I did the interview with Sweeney for Panorama Rachel Lewis sent me a nasty hate email and accused me of causing some PTS sit with her family...I'm glad I could help :)
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  21. She's not that literate herself. Seriously. She found studying very difficult. She was years on Staff Status I & II. I finished them in weeks when I was 15 years old.
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  22. Also because of some strange politics Belfast Mission falls under AOSH UK whereas Dublin falls under Birmingham Org. Or is is the other way around? Idk. But it's weird
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  23. lol! All continents have the Landlord Office which are being used to facilitate in helping complete the Ideal Org strategy.
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  24. Oh em to the effin G! That's Graham Doggart. In drag.
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  25. She smoked pot. She got put under a PTS type B declare which I think is a "criminal" one. But Sahila is the most real person that ever walked through Birmingham Org doors. She doesn't give a fuck about anyone's opinions and isn't afraid to disagree with people if they are in the wrong. Most people conform out of fear from the control and manipulation that they put you under but I always admired Sahila because she wouldn't bow down to the highest authority. She rocked.
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  26. Vicky Ellory. Married to Roger, R.J Ellory my Godfather. She was my Godmother. She's not OT. She's barely had any auditing but she's a passed life Clear. She was on staff for over two decades. Yes, she's in deep.
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    Not only do I utterly deplore what Scientology has become but also, it gives me the creeps. Seen "Going Clear" 5 or 6 times and every time, my jaw drops like I've never seen it before. May Alex Gibney win the Oscar.
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  28. Did you like Scientology before you started to "utterly deplore what Scientology has become"?

    Before Scientology, LRH hit Sara his second wife in the head with a gun while she was sleeping. He told her she was smiling so she must have been thinking about another man. He also kidnapped their baby Alexis and told Sara he cut her into pieces and threw her into a river. Both of the incidents were well told by a voice actor in HBO's going clear.

    Sara did a great job of getting Alexis back from LRH and quickly leaving the evil bastard. She said the only good thing she ever got from LRH was Alexis.

    LRH, Alexis and Sara:

  29. We also have Gibney to thank for displaying this photo of L. Ron Hubbard, Alexis and Sara publicly for the first time ever in Going Clear (It was also shown in promotions for the documentary). L. Ron Hubbard lied and Scientology continues to lie saying that Sara was never his wife and Alexis wasn't his daughter. Of course we also have the unknown person who supplied Gibney with the photo to thank.

    The photo was taken across the street from The Bay Head, NJ home that Scientology now owns:
  30. I'm a little confused...
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    You're a year late.

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