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  1. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I agree, "Blow Back" is a phrase used by Ronbots.

    (different anon here, not same as other 2 anons)
  2. Zhent Member

    Solid leak is very solid. If I was a UK anon I would be poring furiously over this for every last tidbit of useful data.

    There is also a lot of lulz to be found:

    lol and I just noticed the clams were passing around a stupid chain email about boycotting 'Big Oil'.
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  3. Smurf Member

    LOL. No one cares what you think, asswipe.
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  4. Zhent Member

    Some interesting admittings...

    Always funny to hear the clams admit the tech was never correct while LRH was alive:

  5. Anonymous Member

    ITT you cannot take my money.
  6. Zhent Member

    Why hello there...

    ^ Can we please get those attachments?! Could be VERY useful! :)

    Whoa, Scientology cares about employee rights? Who knew!

    Damn these leaks are sum good shit!

    Moar: Someone is in some financial trouble:

    Are those sales related to scientology?

    Perhaps someone might inform this person about the legal particulars of a freeloader bill.

    Wow this is some serious shit, and a serious example of a Scientologists lack of compassion towards someone considering suicide. Perhaps someone would be able to contact Gary and arrange outside help?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    When Tildacity uses the word "unethical", bear in mind he's using the Scientology definition.

    Is there a Scammer-Scammee privilege?
  8. Anonymous Member

    That's how we roll bitch. When $cientology decided to fuck with our internet they pulled it in.

    We run this. Baaawwww some more.
  9. BLiP Member

    ORLY? Here's how Scientologists themselves treat PC folders - and these guys aren't even looking for dirt to use as fair game or just general extortion:

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Yep. At least we read PC folders properly LULZ
  11. Anonymous Member

    Money and suicide. Oh, that cult!
  12. twig Member

    omg is it my birthday or something?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Any more of that talk and I'll send you tinfoil bastards to ethics. It's an entertaining leak, I just thought it may be wiser to post hundreds of private emails from a litigious cult on a generic file-hosting site or pastebin rather than his website.
  14. CarltonBANKS Member

    Okay couple of things:
    - I need to tear myself away from this because I'm so behind on work and study (etc)!
    - Please continue being awesome in this thread. I am, like, so Tone 40 right now.

    - Please direct all blame and legal threats to eBaums World.
    - I'm just a messenger
    - Really negligent of OSA not to observe eBaums World. If I was RTC, I would RPF people
    - If scilon lawyers (moxon, hodkin) want to send me a cease & desist - i'm

    - I love you
    - I hope you agree public interest > the 'feelings' of people
    - Did I mention I love you?
    - WWP is the lifeblood of Chanology, don't ever close it.

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  15. CarltonBANKS Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Like OSA rummaging through trash as part of their "Data Collection"?
  17. Anonymous Member

    tildacity, the Church of Scientology is a very bad organization convicted of criminal behavior again and again. It should have died when LRH fled the US in the 1960s. It should have died when Operation Snow White was revealed. It should have died when Lisa McPherson was denied appropriate medical care by Flag staff. But Scientology lives on, thanks to its elaborate covert intelligence network capable of monitoring, infiltrating, and disrupting legal interventions against it.

    The mob may be a sinister power much of the time. But it also may be the one thing capable of stopping the snooping and dirty tricks syndicate operating behind a religious or alternative medicine front.

    At least this mob self-constrains by asking for dox. So let them have their dox.
  18. Anonymous Member

    dropped the body

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    The scientology cult should have respected cult members' confidentiality and looked after these documents more effectively.
  21. CarltonBANKS Member

    DATE: 2011-06-28 20:41:58
    FROM: Veronika <> [Veronika is 'UK Sales Manager at NEP]



    So, Veronika is at New Era Productions, reminding everyone they have to SELL-SELL-SELL:

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  22. CarltonBANKS Member

    FROM: Lisette Pelletier <>
    SUBJECT: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham

    Bonjour Michelle,

    First I want to feel reassured, you can ask, originate, anything. Your
    comm will always be received with ARC. I am also very passionate about
    Ideal Orgs. In fact, I presented a project to Int Management in 1994
    for an Ideal Org in Montreal. I found the building, did all the BICs,
    negotiated the price, etc. Int Mgmt sent a mission down and they said
    it was the best place for an ideal Div 6. However, the Montreal Org
    was not ready for this project and was strongly opposed by these guys.
    They are not there anymore and we have now a different building
    purchased (bigger) and we will start the renovations soon. I gave 53
    000 $ for the ideal org, but now, I do not have the means to go up
    further. I have also been doing the translations for the Canada
    Landlord for years: Québec and Montreal, for many years.

    I have thought this over. I do not feel good about making a postulated
    cheque. Whenever I did this, it did not go well after. I still do not
    know about my account in Saint-Hill. Should anything not go the way I
    want to, I would not be able to pay these persons back. I sincerely
    want Birmingham I deal Org to boom and I get it on the necessity to
    get the promo out. However, I do not feel right in getting money that
    I am not absolutely SURE I will be able to pay back, and when. Things
    look good on making it but I do not have it in hand yet. Over here, we
    are making email promo that looks nice and that is reaching a lot of
    people. Most people have emails here. Is it the same over there?

    I am sorry I cannot be of help at this time, but it will surely come

    Much love,

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  23. Quite.

    Anyone remember ACS Law, copyright trolls extraordinaire? And how their entire confidential email database got compromised, qnd it allowed all their criminality to be exposed?

    Same thing here.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    ^- Might. Wouldn't. Wouldn't touch balls. OVER 9000 TIMES. Might.
  25. CarltonBANKS Member

    That's exactly what this is.
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  26. CarltonBANKS Member

    FROM: Veronika <>
    TO: michelle brown <>,, Graham Doggart <>, , Peter Bolgar <>, Malcolm Fraser <>, , maggie blunden <>, Church of Scientology Plymouth <>, , Catriona Clark <>, Colin Edmundson <>,, ,,, , Tracey Fitzgibbon <>


    Okay, now I really must get off the internet. I have homework to do!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    I love this thread
  28. Me Too! A First-Class, Five-Star Enturbulator Thread!
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  29. vaLLarrr Member

    It's like a game show. Unbelievable how it's so obviously a huge scam to sell shitty sci-fi books to people who really don't want them.

    Nice to see how desperate they are, calling each other, all of them are wiped out for cash and there's zero new money coming in.
    A lot of people put a lot of money into this scam, but not all of them are so vulnerable as to be harmless.

    When some of them start to realize they've been utterly cheated, it only takes one OT to have a few million left over and a vindictive mind... and these emails will speed up this natural and logical conclusion to the current progress of events.
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  30. CarltonBANKS Member

    So, this bloke who donated £10,000. Well, turns out he had to take out a loan in order to be able to donate this money


    DATE: 2010-11-19 23:40:18
    FROM: Patricia Lycett &lt;;
    TO: &lt;;
    SUBJECT: FW: Paul Bennett's CSW


    From: Patricia Lycett
    Sent: Fri 19/11/2010 23:37
    Subject: Paul Bennett's CSW

    Dear Heidi

    Please let me know if you need anything else.

    Tricia Lycett

    If you wish to view the St. James's Place Partnership email disclaimer, please access the link below

    ^that CSW is basically him asking for permission to borrow £10k.

    To any reporters who might want to speak to Paul Bennett:

    So, when Paul applied for this loan, do you think he said 'oh, it's so that I can donate £10,000 to Scientology'? Or do you think he said it was for a car or a boat, or something??

    I'm sure Tricia Lycett of St James Wealth Management is an extremely honest person; she is OT 8, after all!

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Oh no she didn't!
  32. tildacity Member

    Unfortunately for you the courts do not recognize "I'm just a messenger" as a viable defense for the widespread dissemination of privileged data.

    This behavior is vile and despicable. Would you rummage through a lady's purse at the bar?
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  33. Miranda Member

    Pssst. Suggestion: Don't waste posts on tildacity. This thread is too much fun. :)
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Actually I was doing that last night. My fingers still smell. Don't hate us because we have a sex life and scientologists don't.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I like the smell too.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. grebe Member

    Actually, Internet copypasta is fine. See Barrett v. Rosenthal.

    If the lady in question ran a crime syndicate? Yes, if I could do so safely.
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  38. WagTheWog Member

    This thread is full of win and sadness (e.g. post #73).
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  39. Zhent Member

    Oh it gets worse. Though searching the emails I have found this sad cancer tale goes back into 2010, where the foolish clams thought they could just 'postulate' and 'assist' that shit away.

    A very sad tale indeed. I may or may not post the excerpt details in this thread.

    Edit: I think there are actually TWO tales of scientologists with cancer, interwoven in the leak.

    Oh yeah! Damn this is the quality dox. Looks like that clam is struggling financially, unable to really break even with that below-minimum wage. I wonder if their 2011 financial postulates came true? (dox is from 2010)
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