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  1. The Lulz are almost never ending...
    But they will keep working on siphoning off as much cash as possible even if fraudulent credit cards are involved. LOL!
  2. Anonymous Member

    It's too bad I'm an atheist and don't believe in hell. But it would have been a lovely idea to think that scilons trying to scam money out of terminal cancer patients and old grannies will feel eternal pain.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Those emails are the best leak since We Stand Tall. I'm enjoying it too much.
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  4. Yeah, sorting through the trove, it is interesting to locate clusters of e-mail sent to so-called "org members" to get them back into the fold, get them to donate money, or settle up their accounts, or take more courses, etc., etc.

    In addition to that shit, there are clusters of e-mails that are internal to the org. Within these are the internecine battles, complaints about not having enough money for petrol (and would someone lend ten pounds) and bitching about each other being stupefied motherfuckers without a clue, etc., etc.

    These all come off as representing an asylum being run by the batshit crazy inmates.

    This outfit is doomed. Expect it! :)
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  5. Smurf Member

    I keep postulating Tommy knocking on my door with his suitcase.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    He will be coming soon.
  7. Smurf Member

    He already has.. except it's Jessica or an old copy of Playgirl laying next to him.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Maybe, but he will be coming for you soon.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Let me guess....wearing his silky pyjamas?
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  11. NCSP Member

    Found some fun pictures:

    On 12/14/10 wrote: "I did the acc package and he paid cash!! Phew!" And mailed these pics:



    Oh, that clergy!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Now there's a smoking gun worth looking at. Why would someone have that kind of cash lying around to pay for anything?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yes. I'm ex staff. It's standard reg procedure.
  14. Zhent Member

    Another little dox tidbit that confirms front groups are run by the church:

    And oh look, an improperly set-up webserver:
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Above, the email Zhent posted says "volunteers" but the one I just found says "job" and "personnel" and "interview" and "staff". Not sure the difference:

    On 13 May 2010 14:10, Scientology Birmingham Personnel <> wrote:

    Church of Scientology Birmingham
    2nd Floor Winston Churchill House
    8 Ethel Street B2 4BG
    0121 6438894

    A Scientology Post:

    A post in a Scientology organization isn't a job. It's a trust and a crusade.
    So we have an organization, we have a field we must support, we have a chance. That's more than we had last time night's curtain began to fall on freedom. So we're using that chance.
    An organization such as ours is our best chance to get the most done.
    So we're doing it!

    —L. Ron Hubbard, 2nd November 1970

    A letter to a staff member:
    25 April 1981
    I want you to know that of all my many fine friends, I value my staff most highly. It takes more confront and dedication to clearing the planet to be a staff member than any other role in all of Scientology.
    I'm behind you all the way and cheering you on top. In the final analysis, when the job is done, the rewards for those who gave of themselves as staff members will be great.
    Thank you, my friend. And continue.

    Love, Ron

    In the next few months we will be moving into this fully renovated, beautiful building in Moseley. We have 90 positions available now from Supervisors to Receptionists and from Maintenance Engineers to Executives. No experience is necessary as you will be full trained for any position you will be appointed to.

    So contact us now and ask for Graham Doggart in Personnel to arrange an interview.
    Alternatively email him at or use the online response form.

    Church of Scientology Birmingham - Let's Build a Better Birmingham
  16. Anonymous Member

    You're getting very warm, however, for the time being, it would be best to back away from that smoking gun. A time will arrive when you can pick it up and smell it!
  17. Zhent Member

    Oh dear... not sure what to make of this one and the money handling.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    {all from same day, many, many days look like this. yes this is the anonymous-have-a-drink-your-awesome thread}

    Hello, You went quiet on me. Naughty!!! If u can't come to the dinner then that's fine but please come to the event. Please !!!!!!!! Also when are you coming back to the UK?? Let me know Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    it does:)

    > Subject: Hello
    > To:
    > From:
    > Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 13:16:43 +0000
    > Hello Mr Mitchell
    > Does this email work for u?
    > Ml
    > Katie
    > Ps I'm too lazy to type a long message to find the message bounces back at me lol
    > Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    Hello, Where are you Stuart?? Why do we not see you any more?? It would be good to see you All the best Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
    Hello Mr Mitchell, When are you coming to see us? I'm sure its been nearly a year. The xmas market will be here soon It would be great to see u All the best Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
    Hello Mr Mita, Where are you hiding? I haven't seen you for ages It would be great to hear from you Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
    " Hi Mark, It is totally understood that you need to earn money for your next service, that's fine. Now, in regards to the Ethics point, you will get through Ethics. I will personally make sure that you are serviced and happy with this and the product you will get. It is important to get through the Objectives to make stable gains in the rest of your auditing, or you will never make it to Clear. You need to avail your self of the Technology as who knows what's going to happen in ten years time- we may not make it. Don't waste this brief breath in Eternity" CS Bham Let me know what you think Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
  19. Anonymous Member

    They think U.S. is microchipping children??? What is this? Seriously, it occurs to me that this much anti-reality and paranoia and manipulation could eventually lead them all to a Jonestown kookaid moment. What the fuck.
    Hi Rizwan, How are you? Do u still have you Blackberry? I can't seam to get through to u on the pin I am sitting here at the IAS event. Its a shame u missed it. It has to off been the most theta event ever. Even the men were crying!!! Here are some facts that we have learnt from this weekend- There are over 400,000 children that are on psych drugs. That's enough to fill up 4 Wembley Stadiums. The chipping device that is in operation in America, is starting to happen here in the UK. The NHS are pushing the same device but in a method of a card that you keep in your wallet. So it basically becomes the same thing. That basically means that you have been tagged and every where you go it will be registered. This is the police state becoming realer than you think. When you fall pregnant and register with the midwife you have to go through your mental health as a part of the procedure. Its not pretty and its the perfect opportunity to start the drugging 5 years ago 5 out of 10 people that would walk through the orgs door would be an illegal PC. Now this statistic is 8 out of 10. We need to fight back quickly as soon we will have no one to Clear, Please make a generous donation today and help combat the state of this planet. Arc Katie Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
  20. Anonymous Member

    When a member of my family was diagnosed with cancer a smiling ethics officer told me that LRH said cancer was caused by problems in a person's family relationships.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Hi Peter

    Here are the ftp details you need

    First Google: Download FileZilla Client

    Download that and install on ur internet computer

    Start the program

    You have a field for host. Enter:

    In user name: prinf

    Password: I'll BB that to you

    You will find folders and one is labelled footage

    Go in there and create a folder (right click) for BHM

    Put the clips in there. Put descriptions for each clip too, I.e. What the event was and who is in it (important ppl)

    Let me know any questions

    Ml, Gold Rep
  22. A large amount of the reg e-mail, trying to get more and more money given/donated/spent on products and services, have apocalyptic and millenarian themes running throughout.

    There are numerous statements about "...the planet being gone in ten years..." and "...time is running out..." so " your golden eternity now..." and ".... get all the way across the bridge..." before "'s too late..."

    Those that appear to comply with these demands, (demands disguised as requests) remind me of the types of people that send money to TV evangelists and spend long periods of time watching that kind of television.

    Many are ill and seeking a miraculous solution to their medical conditions. Many are barely educated and believe that they can be made into successful people in business and become fabulously wealthy.

    Where I hail from, this is known as Eating The Wounded and something I regard as a form of psychological cannibalism. It is purely parasitical and predatory behavior.

    There ought to be laws prohibiting this kind of appalling activity in a human society and very harsh penalties for anyone charged, prosecuted, proven and convicted of these kinds of crimes against humanity.

    And I think this is one of the reasons Why We Protest!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    More information on pushpa (post #46 in this thread).

  24. Anonymous Member

    Two org staff members seem to be putting their personal money into someone's account so they can get her approved for a loan? Not sure what's going on with this Pushpa situation.

  25. Anonymous Member

    They're kiting, I'm convinced of it.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Then Pushpa lost her job...

  27. Anonymous Member

    Moar re: Pushpa - apparently $$ were found for her to audit even without employment.

  28. Anonymous Member

    Still more Pushpa - along with info on what services she's had.

  29. Random guy Member

    ID: 222
    DATE: 2011-05-01 19:07:35
    FROM: Veronika <>
    SUBJECT: REODER- you have zero COT..??

    per the stock report on the incomm system, you have zero Commadn of
    theta, zero RTI adn zero SOS lectures on stock.
    YOu have also zero HQS pack and zero How to achieve self confidence pack - this possible?
    Last week you sold at least 1 of all above items and thus you need to
    reorder. Pls place the order asap!!
    Let me know.
    Cheers, Veronika [Veronika is 'UK Sales Manager at NEP]

    For charitable purpose you said?
  30. btw, how are anons fixed re. their flows?

    Haven't had a tosser for ages.

    Pls don't go via Miranda.Have a comm. with me, comm only with me. X

    ml AVA
  31. Anonymous Member

    How incestuous is this money? Everyone owes everyone something and everyone splits commissions and loans to other people and then wants a full accounting and then says "xoxo love" and "ARC" and crap.

  32. Anonymous Member

    Loan w/gareth - more pushpa?

  33. Anonymous Member

    I wonder what the bank thinks she's using the money for, if it's that hard to get a loan, usually they will only loan for something they can reposess

  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Who's gonna volunteer to brute-force this one?
  37. Anonymous Member

    are you kidding? they have way more people and time and don't seem to get drunk on fridays (or thursdays, oops). they've already been through this entire dump and sanitized things. if not, they're dumber than ever.
  38. Anna_Asks Member

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  39. Anonymous Member

    InB4 forwarding bank details to Nigerian princes.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Liek Harry's code in Dexter? Wow, I knew I would be a serial-killer one day.
    Are you free tonight Tilda? Wanna have a drink?

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