Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by CarltonBANKS, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Run, Pushpa, run!
  2. DeathHamster Member

    Naturally Scientology doesn't condone this sort of behaviour, but...
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  3. It's a little LRH policy called KSW.......
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Someone should forward the Nationwide bank this pushpa stuff before they lend money.

    These emails could wipe the Birmingham org off the map.


  5. WagTheWog Member

    I just scanned through this thread.
    It's A-MAZING!!
    Is there any way to tie the news-worthy-ness of this leak with the effort to get the White House petition signed?

    ** Cross-posted this idea in this thread on WWP

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  6. mongrel Member

    It's amazing how often the <cough> completely secular Way to Happiness booklet is promoted by scilons, and *only* by scilons.

    Anyone have the attachment she mentioned?

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  7. PodPeople Member

    Holy Mother of Gawd. Does ded stand for Deputy ED of this org? This is an admission of illegal financial frauds and attempts to cover up the crimes.
    These emails just confirm all the reports I've read of those who've left in the last 2 to 3 years. Miscavige has "deputized" every scientologist (staff and public) as his personal salesman and he's using every org, every last one, as his personal ATM machine.

    There's no more glossing over this. Scientologists have become financial criminals and/or have knowledge of scientologists committing finance fraud and/or have obstructed justice in these types of crime. When you read reports like the one below from Mary Jo Leavitt, I think some public might get some mercy from courts (if they would come forward now) because they are clearly being coerced, or blackmailed, and exhibiting either enabling behaviors or addiction symptoms, and perhaps Stockholm syndrome. Clearly they are not acting particularly sane.;wap2
    More on Ted Bragin, IAS, and sci upper mgmt execs. Report by Mary Jo Leavitt

    Add to this the gross fraud of IAS, in UK and every other country, promoting bankruptcy after donating.

    Lucy James
    Ted Bragen (not sure if I spelled his last name correctly), IAS reg, use to bragg to UK public that he had declared bankruptcy and that it was okay to blow your finances apart for the IAS.

    The bankruptcy line was being promoted as far back as 1991 when Vic Scelza and 2 other IAS regs stormed into my motel room in Clearwater demanding $20K which I didn’t have. No problem, get a loan and declare bankruptcy.
    Karen #1
    (Jentzsch) La Carriere
    Maurice. This is why so many of us have come to realize that the “Church” has morphed into a criminal entity.
    In the early 1990s another generation of regges were were forcing people to take out $40,000 for Patron status and declare bankruptcy.
    “The greatest good” was to fraud the Bankj. American Express was one the biggest victims of the FRAUD. I will testify with names on camera or in a court of law……..
    Jethro Bodine
    Also, I vividly recall IAS Reg Howard Becker encouraging someone who was on the verge of bankruptcy to go ahead and just do it. Howard was encouraging him to just do one thing first – make a large donation to the IAS on his credit card, and THEN declare BK.
    The general concensus of opinion for as long as I can remember has been “screw the bankers, just claim bankruptcy. Nothing should get in your way of going free”!

    Seems to me it's time for scientologists, whatever side of whatever fence they're floating, to come foward to the authorities with names and as much exact information they have on this whole area of financial fraud and finance crimes. Maybe go in together for lawyer funding to get immunity as needed.

    Find out That you are criminals and start from there.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    No charge.
  9. NCSP Member

    I think this is it, as the date and sender match. The subject line is &quot;THE ATTACHMENT.&quot;

  10. pooks Member

    Carlton Banks,

    You are my SP hero. This is really an awesome leak and I truly appreciate your courage and smarts. Thanks for doing it right.


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  11. hushpuppy Member

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  12. CarltonBANKS Member

    i did it for the lulz
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  13. subgenius Member

    I am not worthy to walk in the glow of your majestic presence.
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  14. subgenius Member

    and thanx for the update on ZeroC.....the man can roll..........
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  15. Anonymous Member

    So I was curious about Claflin University after seeing M.G., the Library Director's glowing . . . acknowledgement. Funny enough - you can link to Claflin's library and do a little searching. 57 books and/or materials in their library by Hubbard. Sigh. Wish I could see a &quot;history&quot; of how many times they'd been checked out . . . but that's a little creepy, in'nt? No relevant search results for Reitman or Urban's books. Keepin' it real, yeah?
  16. LocalSP Member

    This is the type of thing that goes on when a Ponzi scheme starts to collapse.
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    I'm tempted to turn the file into a big Tiddlywiki, where every email is a separate article with to/from tags, but with the source txt file at 11 megs, I bet running the resulting javascript html file through a browser would be like trying to shit a bowling ball.
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  18. The 'Church' of Scientology is merely accepting 'fixed donations' despite their intensive regging schemes and loan application 'suggestions'........

    Mankind's one and only hope is in no way connected to the massive amount of fraud and subsequent bankruptcy filings...........

  19. Anonymous Member

    In case anyone's wondering about the large .zip file vs. the text file. I did as someone suggested above and converted everything to .eml and pasted it into Thunderbird. Unbelievably tedious, even with a bulk renamer.

    The vast, vast majority of what's in this .zip file is "Delivery Failed" notices from mass mailings. Other than this, there are about 2500 actual emails, give or take a few duplicates. So far, there are only a few I'm seeing that aren't in the text file, but I'm not checking closely. So casual looky-loos aren't missing much. What the .eml files in the .zip archive DO have are attachments and proper formatting, and they're also sortable by sender, date, etc., so if that stuff is important to you, then you probably ought to go ahead and work with the .zip.
  20. Anonymous Member

    The techsec is asked by a CS (?) what some public's ethics program is. The program is to be able to "handle" people with bad ideas about Scientology. In this episode, Chris K has to handle his Aunt, handle his sister (get her in the org) and handle or disconnect from Anthony (friend? relative?). On this one, it is clear that this is his program given to him by the techsec - he has to handle three people and possibly disconnect from one. If he doesn't handle the other two, I assume he will be asked to disconnect from them too :(

  21. I realize that this one has been posted to the early part of this thread, page #2, message #61, by Carlton:


    Here is one that hasn't been posted, (as far as I can see) and you'll note the similarities. These photos are resorting to the Action Movie poster &amp; trailer semiotics, Mission Impossible, Men/Women In Black, etc:


    Note the ambiguities of the items connected with the tool belt.
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  22. Orson Member

    ITT: Doin' it right.
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  23. I have been working with both of the files provided to us. My Mail program has no problem opening the actual e-mails.

    With files lacking the .EML suffix, I use Adobe Bridge to rename the files and provide the .eml extension.

    I've put the massive text file/e-mail spool into an industrial strength word-processor. I've done this because I can use Search Terms and follow a pattern of anything that shows up in individual e-mails shown in the e-mail client.

    So far, I've not found anything to be tedious, but it is very time consuming.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Is there a way to put these up online in a readable format, similar to what was done with the HB Gary emails? It would be great to set up a site where we could direct people to read and dig through all of this.
  25. AnonyVix Member

    Can you export from Thunderbird, zip and upload that so it can be imported in to Thunderbird? Or just copy the relevant Thunderbird files?
  26. See page #1, Message #18. I made your suggestion there. So far, no takers.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Looking fwd to reading the treasury eml's.
  28. mongrel Member

    The ronbots are discussing some guy who fell off the bridge because he has a slipped disc...

    Gareth provides his medical opinion.
    Having an injured spinal column is PTS? Fucking seriously?
    And of course, Gareth advises poor Martin to see a fellow ronbot.
    But there's hope. Apparently Martin realizes that touch assists do fuck all to help his back :)
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  29. NCSP Member

    I noticed that too: The Tech C/S has this helpful advice, which may or may not skirt the law (bolds mine):

    Meanwhile, the Snr C/S weighs in:

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  30. AnonyVix Member

    This makes me sad and angry. If only there was an emoticon for it. :/
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  32. PodPeople Member

    El correcto. Financial cannabilism at it's finest.
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  33. These few published email exchanges lay bare Scientology in all its evil essence - human beings turned into mindless, remorseless, relentless cogs in a machine that efficiently strips a person of everything they possess.

    I wonder if any of these people will ever be able to see what they have become, as we observers see them.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone alerted the Information Commissioner's Office?

    I haven't looked at the file myself but it's obvious from this thread that personal information has not been held securely by the Org concerned, which is a breach of the Data Protection Act.

  35. These dox need to be dropped to the Financial Services Authority, the Serious Fraud Office, and possiblly Birmingham Police
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Trading Standards?
  37. CarltonBANKS Member

    • This is an important point, Emanuela (DTS) would (probably) not being doing/saying these things if she wasn't be coerced to.
    • My worry is that if prosecutions (or whatever) go ahead, or if there's news media interest, Graeme Wilson (the UK version of Tommy Davis) will throw her under a bus (figuratively) - and say she's a bad apple. (That's obviously bullshit - it's endemic to the corporate $cientology money making machine)
    I very much want Emanuela to have a life and a career after she leaves $cientology.
    • Anecdotally, I've heard a lot about people who were previously good, who do things that look immoral and reprehensible from the outside.
    • These people are (probably) not fraudsters by nature. IMHO.
    tl;dr try not to be judgmental or come down hard on the individuals; it's the $cientology corporation and Miscavige who are truly evil. (I hope I don't come across as a moralf-g when I say that - because I am not!).
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  38. AnonyVix Member

    Yeah, it's very much the church of scientology that has usurped people's good intentions and made them work for them and made them do immoral things. I believe that was the way Hubbard set it up and I believe David Miscavige is Hubbard II or possible Hubbard+ (small but maybe nastier - Hubbard concentrate perhaps?).

    That said the Indies may make something benign out of it as religious zealots with a heart can do. After all we don't really know what Jesus was like or even if he existed, there are no contemporary records. For all we know he could have being doing a lot more turning water in to wine and suffering the little children to come unto him - not that he was but we don't know - all we know is what the various religious groups have made of the stories.

    What happens with scientology after the church of scientology has been dismantled depends very much on what the Independents make of it not what L Ron Hubbard's actual intentions were. Which is why I'm not too worried about them at the moment.
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  39. NCSP Member

    I think the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau would be as likely if not more likely than Serious Fraud to take an interest. You can also report to which then passes on the complaint to NFIB. I'm not a UK citizen (subject?); a complaint should probably come from someone who is.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?
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