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    Carlton: I know, it's different when you know a person from the past. I've been spending some time looking for people I knew, and liked, who stayed long ago. Knowing how extremely criminal and evil it's become over the years, in layers, I asked myself what was the difference in those that left and those that stayed? Most of the people I liked were like me and left as soon as it became obvious that it was a cult. But there were, I'd say, a dozen others who stayed and it never made sense to me why they did. They were people like me, too, I thought. They weren't stupid robots, or evil in any way.

    Let me tell you, Carlton, I finally found the last of the dozen recently. And like 10 of those 12, they had died, some time ago. All of them were in their 30's to 40's and most from cancer. I finally figured it all out because of your emails. They all needed professional psychiatric help, and they needed it immediately. Only immediately was 20 to 30 years ago. The extreme daily stress, physical and mental, did a great deal to set them up for disease. And those that kept them from getting the help they needed in a timely manner are people I like to call the Professional Scientologists from Hell. Some of them seem to still be on the "inside" of the fence, and others, well, that "other" side. I don't give a flying f*ck about their f*ing "sides".

    Here's the thing Carlton. Fortunately, lawyers and politicians and others have worked out all the sticky points of who is culpable and who was gullible and who gets what punishment and who gets helped. Not always the best, but at least it is a start. But let me tell you one thing I know for sure:
    No one with a conscious would let their child be traumatized for any reason, and no spouse would let their other half suffer cancer's torture needlessly or for one second more than necessary and no human being would substitute love and compassion for an upper IAS status or golden ring and rung on a dead end bridge.

    ps: lawyers can advise as to immunities for testimonies and other benefits. just sayin'
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    Knowledge reports would not be covered by priest penitent confidentiality because a KR is written by a 3rd party. Did a hack occur if the server was open and therefore available to the public? You cannot claim breaking and entering if the door is open. Stealing would require the removal and intent to deny the owner but that hasn't happened. Not actually seeing a crime here. IANAL.
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    I was referring to Miscavige giving quotas to all, starting out for book sales, basics, then just $ quotas, first staff, then public OT's, then any public had quotas of how much they had to "give". Technically, you're correct, because all roads and monies lead to the Hub's offshore accounts. No argument there.

    But the cannabilism started when DM did that whole number above. That's when I knew for sure scientology was going down. That's when I knew DM knew the tech was crap and all these lower orgs and missions, all these non-super-wealthy scientologists were too costly and bothersome. He was going for the gold and goddamn he got it! Well, at least at the start. I'm thinking that there just might be enough heat on so that the lawyers will strongly suggest to DM that he retire (in name only, but keep the offshore accounts in his name) and slip someone else into the legally responsible hot seat.
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    Triple internetz for whoever finds the one that unambiguously states that "at cause" = "cure cancer".
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    vroom vroom vroom !!!
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    Nobody needs to go to the cops. Just spread this data as far and wide as possible.

    This proves what we have all suspected all along. Daily Mail should be doing a front page in the UK, they like this stuff.
  8. I think if they tried to sacrifice her, she could be convinced to testify against the cult.

    Unless the mindfuck is so strong, they convince her that taking the fall is for the Greatest Good
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    Lisette's tragic story:

    Hi lisette. How did it go at the bank today? X michelle
    >> ------Original Message------
    >> From: Lisette Pelletier (piltee)
    >> To: HES Michelle Brown
    >> Subject: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham (scientology center)
    >> Sent: 3 Jun 2011 15:53
    >> Hello Michelle,
    >> I still do not have the answers. I will know next Monday how much the
    >> bank is willing to for. I know one thing in advance, there will be
    >> less money than I needed. The banks have stiffened all their rules to
    >> qualify for a loan. I am told that over 50% are refused. I know I
    >> will
    >> be accepted but for less money than I normally would have been
    >> entitled to.
    >> Personally, I am doing fine. I am happy with myself for making things
    >> go right this far. I would like to know how much it would cost me for
    >> the lower packages? Like 4 or 6 intensives?
    >> Hope you are all fine and give my best regards to Chris.
    >> I will be in comm soon with more precision.
    >> ML, Lisette
    >> On 2-Jun-11, at 6:21 PM, wrote:
    >>> Hi Lisette. Hope you are well. I have not heard from you in some
    >>> time. I hope all is okay. Are you still planning on coming over to
    >>> Birmingham for your auditing? X michelle brown
    >>> ------Original Message------
    >>> To: Lisette Pelletier (piltee)
    >>> Subject: From michelle brown in birmingham
    >>> Sent: 18 May 2011 19:57
    >>> Hi Lisette. Hope you are well. Chris malin says hello. How is it
    >>> going with sorting out the logs for your auditing package? X
    >>> Michelle Brown
    >>> Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    ID: 262
    DATE: 2011-06-21 17:15:46
    FROM: pelletier.lisettel <>
    SUBJECT: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham

    You are so fantastic, both of you. I am keeping this in mind. I will
    find out how much I recover in Saint-Hill and see what I can do. I
    must absolutely pay my son as he has 4 kids and needs it.
    But what you are telling me rekindles the purpose. I will see what I
    can do. Thank you for caring so much.

    ML, Lisette

    On 21-Jun-11, at 8:34 AM, wrote:

    > Dear LIsette. Just some more data and specifics. Ned auditing takes
    > from between 6 and 8 intensives. As we would be willing to take a
    > half and half transfer. So that would be half of 9261 or 11466.
    > Just thought that you would like to have the figures. Much love
    > Michelle

    DATE: 2011-06-21 18:07:57
    FROM: pelletier.lisettel <>
    SUBJECT: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham

    Hello again Michelle,

    I was sold 19 intensives for a special price (there was a game going
    on at that time). This is confirmed by Gabor. The intensives that I
    took were calculated on the basis of another price. Also, I was sold
    ACCs that I never received. I was told at the time that this could be
    re-credited to my auditing account. Then, I was given assists (normal
    assists) that were debited as regular auditing. So, in order to verify
    this, one would have to look in my folders. On the 19 intensives, I
    got 6 intensives of auditing (for some NED assists and my Grades).

    In all, I have put 106 000 $.

    This cannot be sorted out quickly. It would be premature to ask Saint-
    Hill for anything. I first want them to sort out everything and from
    there, we would be able to proceed. But please do not do anything yet.
    I know that Saint-Hill really wants to have me there.

    I am deeply touched by your back-up.

    I will get back to you as soon as I find out more.

    Much love,





    DATE: 2011-06-27 12:28:00
    FROM: Lisette Pelletier <>
    SUBJECT: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham

    Hello Michelle,

    No news on my account yet. However, I am looking into the possibility
    of getting six intensives with you guys. I would have to put this on a
    credit card, but my budget makes difficult for me to pay monthly
    payments. How much would I have to pay for a room in Birmingham? With
    Chris it goes so fast, that I presume I could probably make it within
    one month. I still have not received the money from the Bank. In fact,
    it is at the notary and I was told I would not receive the money
    before the 4th of July. I like things to go A to B and I have had to
    face all kinds of delays, which is quite excruciating for me. But, I
    am acquiring slowly the virtue of "patience".

    Thank you for staying in comm. I am still looking at how I could do

    ML, Lisette

    DATE: 2011-06-27 21:55:19
    FROM: Lisette Pelletier <>
    SUBJECT: Re: From michelle brown in birmingham

    Hello Michelle,

    I just arrived. I was out all day on a cycle. Thank you for the
    berthing. This really could help a lot. I have to wait for the money
    to come in, as my credit card is full presently. I would like to
    recover three intensives at Saint-Hill and pay for three intensives
    with new cash. I will get in comm with Saint-Hill again and find out
    if they can guarantee three intensives.

    I have full intention to make this work. I know with Chris the
    auditing is going to go really well, as it did before.

    Can't wait to meet you. You do not need to call me now. Let me get in
    touch with Saint-Hill and I will keep you posted, of course.

    Much love, Lisette
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    Sent: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 19:22
    Subject: Re: From Meredith

    Hi Robert,
    You should have received the £7000 in your account today. Is there any interest
    incurred and how much?

    -----Original Message------
    To: PCS Meredith Candlin
    Subject: Re: From Meredith
    Sent: 29 Jun 2011 11:52
    Hi Meri,
    That's great, thanks for letting me know.
    HSBC, 40-46-35
    A Lawson

    Let me know when you have made the transfer so i can look out for

    ML Robert

    -----Original Message----- From:
    Sent: Tue, 28 Jun 2011 17:40
    rom Meredith

    Hi Robert, Just to tell you my mortgage money has now come
    So if you can send me your bank details I can transfer the money back
    to you.
    Thank you very much of fronting this for me. Arc Meri Sent from my
    BlackBerry® wireless device
    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device
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    And this is why these leaks are so important- people are getting ill, broke, and dieing because of the fucking cult/
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    The BITCH FIGHT!!!!
    ID: 730
    DATE: 2011-01-22 09:30:59Subject: Re: Data to include in reply to Marilyn
    Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 18:06:51 +0000

    Ok make sure it's in the right person ie 'you' not 'she'.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    FROM: Birmingham Org <>
    TO: emmanuela shepherd <>
    SUBJECT: RE: Data to include in reply to Marilyn

    Dear Emanuela,
    With all due respect, I have an IQ of 144, I am well educated and capable of constructing comm.
    I do not need to be told to correct the person and I do not like being treated like an idiot.

    LAWL!!!! :D
  13. LocalSP Member

    In the case of a home with a door left open and you walk in, if you do not have explicit permission to enter you are there illegally.
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    Priest-penitent privilege is to be preserved by the priest for the benefit of the penitent. The "priest" has clearly failed to do this. Additionally, it is a privilege invoked by people in discovery in civil or criminal cases. This is not a court of law and the privilege has already been thoroughly breached by the disclosure of the information.
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

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    On 06 January 2011 at 11:22 wrote:

    > Hi Avey,
    > I saw your e-mail this morning. Please e-mail me on this e-mail address
    > from now on. As this is my post e-mail which I
    > get straight away on my phone.
    > To be honest with you I don't understand why Mauro is offering free service
    > and trying to rip off a public form Birmingham. And why you would be
    > forwarding it. It's enturbulating. I don't know of any policy that covers
    > this. In fact LRH wrote HCO PL 27 Nov 1971, Issue III, FREE SERVICE = FREE
    > FALL. (OEC Vol 2, page 451), which warns against giving free service.
    > Steve has auditing paid for here. Any auditing program to get him into shape
    > to then be able to get onto the obj we can deliver to him. We have an
    > excellent tech team here. As far as I know he was very happy with the service
    > he had here last time.
    > From my knowledge of policy orgs don't do deals, they operate on policy.
    > We can guarantee that he will be delivered to standardly when he arrives for
    > his auditing.
    > I await your reply.
    > Emanuela
    > Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    DATE: 2011-01-06 13:07:47
    FROM: <>
    SUBJECT: Re: Steve Kelly

    Hi Emanuela,

    Mauro was not operating off-policy and I'm not sure why you have taken offence
    at my email. Most orgs I know, offer a session or two of help to public who have
    lost a family member - I know AOSH has in the past for sure.

    I wasn't suggesting you give him free service - just perhaps one session or so
    to handle his initial upset then get him onto his repair program properly. Mauro
    is not trying to 'rip off' a public from Birmingham, just helping a friend who
    has lost his wife and he knows Steve will be coming to Birmingham for his
    auditing program once trs and objectives are done (I have made very sure Steve
    does come back to Birmingham). Perhaps I should speak to someone else about
    this, since you seem very upset by this suggestion.


  17. muldrake Member

    This is a better answer than mine from a few minutes ago, because it does not assume for the sake of argument, as I did, that the material would have even been subject to the privilege.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Yes, ded stands for Deputy Executive Director in a Scientology Org. DED is the number 2 person in the org.
  19. Anonymous Member


    Is that a Russian mail order wife I see before me??


    ID: 11
    DATE: 2010-08-02 20:31:19
    FROM: Gareth Roberts <>
    TO: Church of Scientology AOSH UK <>,Michelle Brown <>, michelle brown <>
    SUBJECT: Attn: URGENT - Tech Sec Laetitia Du Petit Thouars

    Hi Laetitia,

    Here's a brief rundown of what's happened for the Snr C/S of this org:-

    Both Olya & I were dunned for the last 10 days or so to get Olya there and it was suggested to Olya a number of times to send the money ahead by Western Union even though it would have been ruinously expensive and would not have assisted getting her delivered any sooner. The registrar for Olya also told her that she would be given service as soon as she arrives at the org (only a brief arrival interview would need to be given apparently). However, I stress this assurance was from the reg, NOT a tech terminal.

    However, I had a conversation with a Grad V Auditor called Marina who assured me that Olya would be getting a check for Int and if found to be out she would be given an Int RD as she had already previously been given and End of Endless Int RD. Based on that data I sent Olya over to Russia on Thursday July 29th 2010.

    When she arrived she was given and interview (this I believe was on Friday) and then since then absolutely nothing has happened. When Olya went to the HGC to demand service today (three days later, Monday 2nd August 2010), she was apparently sent to Ethics without any attempt to explain why there was such a delay in delivering to her.

    Not even a "well, we have not enough Grad V auditors and so you will have to wait a while". No R-factor at all.

    Instead, the Ethics Officer she was sent to said that she was enturbulating the HGC and that she was to wait without an R-factor, apparently. Also, when she said that her only problem was the fact she was not being delivered to, the Ethics Officer apparently said - "go to Flag"! Then he started asking Olya questions about her stay in the psychoneurolgical hospital, saying it was a psychiatric hospital. When Olya asked why, he would not answer the question. Olya stated that all the data relating to this was in the folder and that there was a letter from Snr C/S Int stating that Olya was not an illegal PC. The Ethics Officer did check the folder but then again carried on the questions about the hospital and again did not answer questions from Olya asking WHY these questions were being asked.

    I have been a former Tech Sec and A/Tech Aide and I know how HGC's work. Based on the data I have, I feel that there is some sort of delivery problem at this org, possibly Grad V related, and that Olya represents an annoyance rather than a public who should be delivered to. Rather than correcting the delivery, they seem to be correcting the person complaining of non-delivery.

    I have asked the HES Bhm (as HAS HFA) to telex her opinion of Olya's behaviour and attitudes as a student and public in Birmingham Org UK, which is now her home org.

    What I request is that the Snr C/S of this org please intervene with the necessary powers to ensure that this person be delivered to. It is costing quite a lot to keep my wife out there doing nothing and I really could ndo with her cycle being handled and her back here.

    Please help.

    ML, Gareth Roberts
    Bhm Org public.

  20. Anonymous Member

    This promo for The Way To Happiness was made by New Era Publications.

    Isn't New Era Publications supposed to strictly &quot;religious&quot;?

    TWTH is supposed to have their own, separate (secular) printing facilities in California (Glendale?)

    I believe its a no-no for TWTH to be printed by New Era Publications, which is run by Sea Org.
  21. Anonymous Member

    The blue chick at the bottom of that promo leaflet - she one of the Addams Family??
  22. Anna_Asks Member

    Carlton, thank you for the reminder about those still in. Being new here, I don't know all of the relationships or who is who, and if you knew her it must be hard to see her in the eye of this tornado. I have been thinking that Emanuela is kind of the absolute meanest person - of all the emails, hers seem to have no compassion for people and just be pushing and pushing and sometimes insulting.

    But you're right, I do want her to have a good life and a job once she's out. I surface-level understand that there is a real-personality and a cult-personality and there's something that blocks the pre-cult person after they're in for a while. I hope she recovers, but at that point I hope she realizes how much money she's taken from people who were in horrible circumstances and at "low points" due to her position in Scientology. It would be almost too much for anyone to bear without the knowledge that YOU-YOU didn't do it, that CULT-YOU did.

    This is the guy whose wife died, and who she was telling to come in for auditing while the wife was sick. Also, who she was arguing about not giving any free auditing to in post #217 on this thread.

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  23. CarltonBANKS Member

    Meow! lol @ competition between orgs, for customers.

    <An aside> Avye is mother of Anton Lorien ("We are the Brits") . Tony might be interested....


    Sue died. On New Years Day

    Steve should have listened to the doctor:

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone had the guts to open/run the "OCA Test Answer PGM" attachment of 3/28/11? If so, what does it do?
  25. Anonymous Member

    I can't seem to find such a file in the trove I'm examining.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    It should be a no-no, but they fuzz that line all the time. For instance, the central organizations for each of the ABLE fronts are also run by the Sea Org, including TWTH Int.
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  27. CarltonBANKS Member

    • They have wiped the site that leaked the details by accident (looks like they nuked the server)
      • Will they punish someone for this? (RPF) Someone has been very negligent.
        • wonder how this would affect morale at Brum.

    • OSA & RTC are playing very close attention to this thread, for damage control. Obviously. So plan strategic stuff offsite (e.g eBaums World, What is the Plan, SAFC forums, We Have Cake, Niggachan,,
    • My guess is they will force affected customers ("parishioners") to close their email accounts (and start up a new one).
      • they definitely don't want us PTS people to have a means of contacting them!! (some of you are obscuring email addresses - you might be wasting your time. Just saying)
      • then again: maybe they won't do this as it would be annoying as fuck for them

    My greatest fear is they may try to infiltrate eBaums World, so I recommend people keep posting on the unlisted sub-forums. Let them continue to think the majority of analysis takes place on WWP and exscn.
    • eBaums World is a sanctuary. Let's continue to talk about it as little as possible (apart from this post, lol).
    • you know how some *chans banned chanology, let's hope this doesn't happen to eBaums. Try to keep everything to the unlisted forums, 'kay? Talk in code e.g. apple = scientology; faggot = miscavige etc.

    if someone would do the hard work of making this shit readable, i, for one, would host it.
    • I think it's important for the victims (the people in the emails) to be able to find themselves through google searches, and see how negligent the cult has been.
    • would also be good if it could be preserved and duplicated. Maybe also on thepiratebay?

    ^ fucking this.

    It's a really tedious task. I guess that's slowly happening in this thread.

    Not sure English newspaper would have the balls to print anything (very strict libel and defamation laws that favour the rich - even if you are 100% telling the truth)


    hate to be a pessimist, but I have a feeling they will get away with all / a lot of this stuff. they have a lot of money to throw at the problem to make it go away. um.. in the case of dodgy financial stuff, they can probably just make up cover stories..?

    • That said, some journos have had a head start. :D So, it may well be too late. Who knows?


    /r/ photos of people. somehow. get a job at failbook. whatever. want + need photos.
    • don't post in a public thread (i.e. here) for now, please. wait a few days?
    • publish them all at once
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  28. Zhent Member

    Money, propaganda, and more psyches oh my!

    Yes its from our good friend Emanuela Shepherd.

    Anons, Keep following the money, keep following the medical claims/talk!

    (I hope it hasn't been posted yet, its getting hard to know what has and hasn't been posted! hey... don't we have a wiki for this sort of thing?)

    Edit: More Emanuela, and Steve (wife with Cancer?) in financial trouble.

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Extract all of the email addresses from the archive.
    Compose a mailshot giving an overview of the archive's content and link to it.
    Send [cc'd] mailshot to every address mentioned in in the archive.
    Scamees will look and be shocked at what they find, some will leave.
    The action will force the Co$ to explain it's self to the clients and/or be caught out lying.
    Use the email list to send friendly reminders and updates as new info comes to light.

    I'd also pop that email over to the Birmingham mail, the express and star, Birmingham post & all sitting councillors and MPs for the city.
  30. AnonLover Member

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  31. Seems like very jolly times are!
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  32. Zhent Member

    ^ LOL

    Here is the confirms list:

    Edit: here is a sad one. guy lost his job, clams manage to convince him the way forward is up the bridge.

    Just what this guy needs after losing his job, huge debt from regging, FFS...

    PS. Read the email chain backwards.
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  33. Anonymous Member


    - WT.
  34. jensting Member

  35. jensting Member

    They're almost certainly required to do so by law. "Should have" is not incorrect, but the more interesting question is how/where a formal complaint should be made to the relevant legal body.

    Best Regards

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  36. Orson Member

    Much thanks to those going through these emails and finding the important information.

    Of all the disgusting and disappointing behavior that is being revealed or confirmed, the mortgage fraud/fronting seems to have the most potential here for legal action (notwithstanding the UK laws on privacy and protection of personal info).
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  37. Agreed ^^
    There'd be a case in Canada, don't know the laws in Britland.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    This is the first acknowledgement I've seen from the CoS about the Pitmaston shenanigans in 2007 (for the story see the lengthy, convoluted but more or less up to date BrumAnon thread.

    The information about the debt is certainly new and very interesting. Can anyone please provide the attachments cited in the email?

    The first set of initials are a little baffling, as 'GG' would seem to refer to David Gaiman, the director of Centrepoint Ltd who bought/sold Pitmaston for the cult in 2007 and who died in March 2009. But in that case who is 'DG' (I'm drawing a blank)? The above dox should clarify things.

    Finally, do you think that when the cult were fundraising to service the debt they were honest about why they were collecting the money, or just took it from the generic building fund? If they lied about it this is another potential fraud. If any recently-blown Birmingham org staff happen to be lurking this is the perfect time to get involved and share what you know.
  39. NCSP Member

    I noticed that too, but I have absolutely zero competence to decode it. It certainly sounds bad, but I have no idea if it actually is bad. What stood out to me was:

    Surely they mean "illegal" in a Scientology sense -- no one is dumb enough to refer to real illegalities that way, right......? Even if the reg cycles were "illegal" only in Scn terms, though, wouldn't this be something that might be useful for current Scientologists to know about?

    PS - The attachments aren't attached, I don't think. Nothing is showing up in Thunderbird, anyway.
  40. I'd have thought David was DG, and that GG referred to his G&G Foods shop in East Grinstead that sells the vitamins used on the Purif.
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