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  1. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but the email refers to GG dropping the body, and DG asking for his money back. Could simply be confusion on the part of the writer.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Information Commissioner's Office - see upthread

    I would also be interested to know what they mean by 'illegal' here.

    Perhaps the Gaiman estate and surviving relatives might also have an interest in this information.

    Think you're right there.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I read it as meaning illegal in Scientology terms, but you never know.

    Shame, but if they turn up somehow I really think they could be very helpful.

    Also, in my other post I referred to "recently-blown Birmingham org staff", but meant staff or public - anyone could have useful info.
  4. Sponge Member

    Yeah I was thinking that. It's the only way it can make sense.

    Well I think they are talking about him as DG the individual and DG as the director of GG so that sounds plausible.

    Edit: Hmm not sure now, in view of later posts.
    Excuse the over enthusiastic derp.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    After decades in the cult, I only heard the term "illegal" as illegal pc. Never heard the term illegal in any other way per scientology mumble jumble. If they are saying "illegal", they mean illegal as the "wog" definition.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re-reading the quoted section with DG as David G, it doesn't make sense because DG is 'now' (and this comes after 'dropped the body') threatening to sue.

    Could DG be another different member of the family? Has Neil ever been known in Scientology circles by his middle name (Richard)?
  7. Sponge Member

    Ah I see. The date on the email. It's not an old one.
  8. Sponge Member

    So, that poor fucker from that other leak on the fundraiasing, who'd only been in for a couple of months before handing over a £20,000 donation for the idle org, does he know that his money might be likely to have gone towards paying the Gaiman debt off and not as a ringfenced donation directly to the org?
    Then presumably there's all the other people getting loans and skinting themselves to donate to the idle org who also didn't know that it was in debt to Gaiman.
    I wonder if there's anything about the sale of the bulk of the spare land surrounding the idle org immediately after purchase, like hints about where the fuck the money went.
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  9. xenubarb Member

    We haz a building. Church us, pl0x!
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  10. Puppetmama Member

    Whoa! How did I miss this thread for five days? Unbelievably sad, surreal and cruel. Have been reading excerpts to my partner who, I suspect, has always thought I was a bit of a nutcase for indulging my fascination with all this. She is incredulous "What?, what?, WHAT?, How can they possibly still be in business?!!". Indeed.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    UK media won't touch this after phone taps scandals, even if the leak is directly attributed to Anonymous.

    Anyone tried to contact any of the poor suckers on that massive leak, copied them in on the incredible fraud and deception??
  12. DeathHamster Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Which UK media outlet(s) told you that?
  14. AnonyVix Member

    They would if we'd got something really juicy like a graphic butt sex email from David Miscavige to Tom Cruise. Unfortunately this is too boring for them, not enough sex and loopy famous people. Oh wait what's this email here...
    What could that possibly mean? ;)
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Ok. Not sure on the legality of this, so please UKfags say something if this is a bad idea.

    Some of the more damning emails could be printed out and blown up to HUGE size and used at protests?

    Could be lulzy? Or not. Just an idea.
  16. AnonyVix Member

    Actually this does look juicy but not for newspapers for local MP / authorities perhaps. It's all very dodgy and even they know it - "loaning" being in quotes is very telling.
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  17. CarltonBANKS Member

    I think it's fair to say they will be livid about all this stuff going public. As their policy is to shoot the messenger, they probably hoping to have me arrested for... something.
    • I've been careful, using neighbours' wifi + proxies/VPNs. (I love wifi).
    • Nervously anticipating the police coming to my neighbourhood. I don't do anything illegal (apart from a bit of crack)

    Call me a pessimist, but I have an awful feeling they will get away with everything, again. (They have so many times in the past). That's the worst case scenario here, and we should be prepared for it. I really think they are immune :(


    I'd like to suggest that people not redact stuff. Journalists may not have the technical knowledge to go and retrieve relevant contact details from the *.eml files, and they might want to go and interview people.


    Right now, the approx 200MB file is hosted on Dropbox. Can someone please get this on to the pirate bay, maybe?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Could forward this to public scientologists perhaps, let them know what's going on. Might open some eyes?
  19. Random guy Member

    When I try to see past the inhuman pressure, the sadness and death (not easy), one thing stands out: The whole system is strapped for cash. I don't know how much longer it will be able to sustain itself by feeding on it's own innards.
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  20. eddieVroom Member

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  21. AnonyVix Member

    Actually the whole system isn't strapped for cash.

    The church of scientology is in kind of an extreme version of the world financial crisis, too much of the money is at the very top. The church of scientology has 000's of millions of dollars in reserve cash alone BUT it's Miscavige's personal slush fund stashed in various off shore accounts and safe deposit boxes around the world. The rest of the system is however starving for cash.

    Hubbard would have used the money to commission a new fleet of ships from a UK ship yard to replace that rust bucket the Fleewinds, Seven sounds like a good number. That way he could get more people up the bridge faster and really boom the system. Miscavige holds on to the money instead, spending only a small amount on those stupid Idle Orgs when local scilons need bailing out to prevent the church of scientology having a fail that would be obvious to its members. "Huh, you mean we couldn't afford it!? We FAILED bawwww."
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  22. Random guy Member

    True. The local system (i.e the org) is strapped for cash.

    It's still bloody heartbreaking to read.
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  23. AnonyVix Member

    Yeah they're like that but it's the same as with STDs you just need to take the right precautions. :) Be careful & stay safe.

    You're also likely right that nothing will come of this legally. This just shows us and anyone we show it to who believes us that they're up to no good and are apparently dishonest with their public. It's probably hearsay evidence and couldn't be used against them anyway.

    The police seem far too friendly with the scilons in Birmingham but if the CPS do decide to investigate they can do a forensic check not just on their computers but the email host servers for the evidence based on the emails provided. emails don't disappear.

    Stay away from the crack, very bad for you. ;D (I'm trying to be funny I know you didn't mean crack cocaine). I'll get my coat...
  24. AnonyVix Member

    Oh I think most of the system world wide is a bit strapped. Miscavige is the only one with all the cash and if he gives any out he expects more in return. A regular loan shark.
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  25. AnonyVix Member

    That would be trespass though. Hacking is forced entry like breaking and entering. A computer readily accessible to the public via a regular internet connection is like a public park, walking in the bushes is not normal but it's by no means illegal - unless you're offering to show kids you puppies. ;) That would be my argument.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    They would totally touch it, especialyl if it involves the last name Gaiman. After all, Neil is a very famous and prolific writer. And even if he is not really inside the Church anymore, anything concerning the illegal activities of his family members makes it more interesting for the public to read.
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  27. AnonyVix Member

    Text in red is juicy.

    AFAIK a person going in to bankruptcy whether voluntarily or forcibly is not allowed to treat one creditor above any other. In fact they should list all their creditors to their administrator who will decide who gets what if anything. Knowingly not declaring a debt in order to pay it back after the bankruptcy is cleared is probably an offence. A bankruptcy can take up to 18 months to be cleared but is usually 12, unless you're name is Graham Berry in which case it never does, I digress.

    This should be reported to his other creditors. There should be public documents if Graham (the subject of this email not Graham Berry) has declared bankruptcy.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Take from: Search Birmingham, all courts, Surname: Doggart First name: Graham


    Forename Surname Date Of
    Birth Court Number Start
    Date Type

    GRAHAM YEATES DOGGART 23/03/1979 BIR 0001731 24/08/2010 Bankrupt
    SADIE DOGGART 05/11/1979 BIR 0001730 24/08/2010 Bankrupt
  29. Anonymous Member

    Report Requested For : GRAHAM YEATES DOGGART

    Report for Bankruptcy Case

    Individual Details

    Surname DOGGART
    Forename(s) GRAHAM YEATES
    Title Mr
    Gender Male
    Occupation Unemployed
    Date of Birth 23 March 1979
    Last Known Address Apartment 84, 20 Suffolk Street
    West Midlands
    B1 1LY

    Insolvency Case Details

    Court Birmingham County Court
    Type Bankruptcy
    Number 0001731
    Case Year 2010
    Order Date 24 August 2010
    Status Discharged On 24 August 2011
    Case Description GRAHAM YEATES DOGGART of Apartment 84, 20 Suffolk Street,Queensway, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 1LY Occupation -CATERER lately residing at 64 Redhill Road, Northfield,Birmingham, West Midlands, B31 3LD and lately carrying ona business as VIVA Baguette, 8a Ethel Street, Birmingham,West Midlands, B2 4BG.
    Trading Name VIVA BAGUETTE
    Trading Address 8a Ethel Street
    B2 4BG

    Insolvency Service Contact Details
    Insolvency Service Office RTLU Midlands
    Contact Enquiry Desk
    Address Cannon House
    18 Priory Queensway
    United Kingdom
    Post Code B4 6BS - Click Post Code for Map of Office
    (The Insolvency Service is not responsible for the content of external sites.)
    Telephone 0121 698 4000
    (Click here to find the email address for this office.)
  30. CarltonBANKS Member

    It was the eBaums people who walked in the bushes (to use your analogy). I hope they don't go after them or somehow cause the forum to close. They probably can't afford all the legal fees :( I have grave concerns they may try go after the sacred Eric Bauman / eBaums.

    Also, i hope our insider at the Brum "Church" remains undetected. She's so useful.

    what does it mean:
    • 'ack this communication' ?
    • dunning a creditor
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  31. Ack = Acknowledge
  32. new guy Member

    You worry to much bro
  33. AnonyVix Member

    ack = acknowledge.
    dunning no idea. ^^

    eBaums those wags. ^-

    hush now, you'll give away his identity. :D (I only said that because you said she and we both know why you said she, or do we...)
  34. Anonymous Member

    Treating him like a "dunning creditor" means like he was just any creditor demanding his money back.
    Often seen in context, such as "the Scientologist who could not pay his bills was sent several dunning letters from bill collectors."

    Look up that MU like a good Sci now. :)
  35. AnonyVix Member

    By any creditor you mean a "wog" creditor?
  36. Anonymous Member

    eBaums is now owned by a corporation with fairly deep pockets and a penchant for defending their users (notwithstanding family infighting). Iirc they claim common carrier status and safe harbor for DMCA. They've been through this before and starting a war with eBaum's World would be very very very much not in Scientology's best interests. It could even motivate Something Awful and You're The Man Now Dog the chans or adversarial groups to band together again like the February '08 movement.

    eBaums are bastards but CoS will probably not want to go after them. Law enforcement might but if CoS gets involved or puts pressure on them I do not see good things for CoS :)

    tl;dr CoS going after eBaums would be loltastic but not likely
  37. NCSP Member

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  38. xenubarb Member

    Dude, wow...I never heard of this case! THE SCILONS POISONED A WOMAN'S CLAM CHOWDAH! Man, you just can't make this stuff up!
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  39. xenubarb Member

    I want to like you, but I can't. D:
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  40. ...or and reported to the Bankruptcy Trustee.

    Well done email file diggers, good work. Please do carry on.

    Edited to reflect that this should be reported to the BT...they have the legal teeth to deal with it, assuming similarities in Can and Brit law ofc.
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